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10th Sep 2012, 20:05
Qantas is expected to launch a daily non-stop service between Perth and Auckland as benefits of last week's alliance deal with Emirates start to emerge.

It will also begin a complimentary chauffeur service in April for international business and first class passengers to align its offerings with Emirates.

Qantas last Thursday announced a 10-year partnership with Emirates, the world's biggest international airline.

A key plank of the alliance is dropping Singapore for Dubai as Qantas' hub for all European flights.

As well as the announced code-share routes, the alliance is expected to deliver a host of new routes that become possible thanks to the combined scale of the two airlines.

A Qantas spokesman confirmed yesterday the carrier was looking at the feasibility of a non-stop route to Auckland.

The service would be a code-share with Emirates and would link with inbound Emirates flights from Dubai.

The new service would put Qantas head-to-head with Air New Zealand, which has upgraded its daily Perth to Auckland service to a Boeing 777.

The launch of a free chauffeur service is the first of a number of initiatives to align Qantas and Emirates.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said the service would be one of the many new benefits to provide a consistent, world-class customer experience.

"We know this door-to-door service will be very well received and it's a prime example of the kind of benefits customers can expect from the new partnership," Mr Joyce said.

The limousine service would also be available for domestic legs from Perth connecting to international flights to the US via Sydney or Melbourne. Passengers would also be taken to their hotels at their destination.

Qantas and Emirates will today apply for approval of the deal by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Industry sources suggest it will be approved because of significant consumer benefits and the parlous state of Qantas' international operations.

10th Sep 2012, 22:04
I know Emirates are not allowed to operate into some countries like Canada and some countries have limited the amount of flights Emirates can do per week. Maybe Qantas could operate an A380 to Dubai to Vancouver/Toronto or an A380 to Dubai to Mumbai on behalf of Emirates?

Im probably dreaming too much :rolleyes:

Mstr Caution
10th Sep 2012, 22:31
The problem with Qantas has been the self inflicted "orange fever" they've been suffering the last 8 years.

The question has been asked for a long time. Why not compete with ANZ on the Perth - Auckland route. Why not compete on product offering regarding transport to/from their homes or hotels.

It's taken the deal with EK to get QF to focus on the premium market.

10th Sep 2012, 23:49
Pull-up.....Emirates already run Dubai direct Toronto(their only Canadian destination)

Goat Whisperer
11th Sep 2012, 00:36
If they want to run PER-AKL why not just extend the existing EK 777 service from Dubai? It can be done within the existing fifth freedom rights and te 777 would be less payload limited than East Coast non stop flights.

And by avoiding using QF metal they can keep with the mainline strategy of atrophy.

Toruk Macto
11th Sep 2012, 00:52
Qantas will need to get permission of Emerites first !

A. Le Rhone
11th Sep 2012, 01:24
"Growing Already"!
I'm a big advocate for the Glass Half Full approach to life but I reckon perhaps that's a little bit of an overstatement???

FFG 02
11th Sep 2012, 02:29
A. Le Rhone

I'm a big advocate for the Glass Half Full approach to life but....

Were you at the shindig?

Only the best bubbles for Qantas-Emirates A-list (http://www.theage.com.au/business/only-the-best-bubbles-for-qantasemirates-alist-20120910-25ods.html)

CBD's deep-cover operatives are just beginning to emerge from their slumbers following the knees-up held on Thursday to celebrate the marriage of Qantas and Emirates.
Last week the Flying Kangaroo kicked long-time beau British Airways to the kerb, instead promising the Middle Eastern carrier they would be bestest friends forever (or at least until something better comes along).
Guests at the cocktail party, held at the Park Hyatt in Sydney and hosted by Qantas boss Alan Joyce and Emirates head Tim Clark, stuck their noses into a trough of top-notch nosh prepared by celebrity chef Neil Perry, who was spotted hand-making canapes.
Those getting into the party spirit included Icehouse frontman Iva Davies, TV host Richard Wilkins (and his ''permatan''), Crown PR guru Ann Peacock, local Emirates boss Barry Brown and the managing director of the teetering Nine Network, Jeffrey Browne.
One of the big mysteries of the evening is how Eddie ''Everywhere'' McGuire managed to host the night, despite being the host of a breakfast radio show and a tonight show on TV and running a media company during the day.
Also puzzling was talk from some of the more loquacious of the legion of lawyers present that the roots of the ''Qantamates'' deal lie further back in time than the three or four months the two airlines have been said to have been locked in talks.
The idea may first have been floated as much as 15 months ago, some said. But the biggest enigma lay within the goodie bag handed out to the needy throng.
Guests got travel guides, a passport folder and a bottle of bubbly - and not just any old plonk, but Taittinger's 2000 vintage Comtes de Champagne, which fetches $320 to $350 a bottle.
So who paid for all this largesse?
''It was a joint venture,'' a Qantas spokeswoman said. ''Both Emirates and Qantas contributed to that goodie bag.''

Read more: Only the best bubbles for Qantas-Emirates A-list (http://www.theage.com.au/business/only-the-best-bubbles-for-qantasemirates-alist-20120910-25ods.html#ixzz267m2I6qT)

11th Sep 2012, 03:10
The Irish always celebrate the death of someone or something with much merriment and joy
Qantas R.I.P

11th Sep 2012, 03:42
Right, even if it does happen numerically it might replace the PER-SIN which is gone. What about the ADL-SIN, BNE-SIN, SYD-FRA etc.?

Growing - I don't think so!:{

Bypass ratio
11th Sep 2012, 04:17
I think you'll find EK are interested in flying Dubai direct Auckland...

11th Sep 2012, 05:51
I think you'll find EK are interested in flying Dubai direct Auckland...

You reckon bypass? at the moment I'd have thought only the 200LR would have the legs, particularly summertime out of DXB, similar sector to DXB-IAH on the way back I reckon....you think AKL would produce a decent enough yield? I'm not so sure.
Would suit me though....2 days on the farm with the shotgun and quad bike....might even get current on the 180 again :}

11th Sep 2012, 07:33
The Qantas Wake
The Irish always celebrate the death of someone or something with much merriment and joy
Qantas R.I.P

Reminds me of the Irish joke:
What's the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish wake?

Answer; One less drunk!:}