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Aero Mad
10th Sep 2012, 19:29
Hi all,

I am currently starting out on a book about Aurigny (for a 44 year old airline, isn't it surprising that no-one has written one already), probably for publication in summer 2013 to celebrate the 45th anniversary. Just posting here to ask for your stories/photos/info - anything appreciated, however insignificant you might think it is. If I include then you will of course get fully acknowledged/free copy.

Obviously I've got most of the basic history but it's the stories which really make these things work - there will probably be a chapter devoted to the more amusing (but not libelous ;)) reminiscences/recollections. There is generally less around on the early history so anything you might know is greatly appreciated - but stuff on any period would be great.

PM me for more info or for my email address if you would prefer to use that.

Many thanks,

Aero Mad.

11th Sep 2012, 10:34
Remember watching an Aurigny Trislander as SOU once. The pilot was rather chubby to say the least. On his walkround he reached up and grabbed the wingtip with both hands and violently rocked the entire aircraft for about 20 seconds.

An ex-BA 747 skipper who was offered a job with Aurigny also saw this at SOU at a different time. He did not take the job - thought the Trislander looked a bit "flimsy" after his 747!

Aero Mad
12th Sep 2012, 13:09
Groundloop, thanks for that. You'd think the ex-BA pilot might have taken the job after realising that the Trislander could take the strain of being rocked by a chubby man ;)

13th Sep 2012, 06:28
I was regaled with this anecdote whilst working out of SOU from 1998 to 2001. The Aurigney sales desk was single handedly manned by the owner’s wife (?). As soon as the last passenger had checked in, she hot footed to Airside and became the aircraft boarding manager and as soon as all passengers were on the aircraft, she climbed aboard and became the Cabin Stewardess. :D:D

Aero Mad
13th Sep 2012, 17:19
she climbed aboard and became the Cabin Stewardess.

Really? :)


13th Sep 2012, 17:28
Islander????? Stewardess???? Hmmmmm:=

I may have one or 2 timetables hidden away in a number of suitcases, would these be ok (if I can find them:{)

13th Sep 2012, 17:40
Owners' wife? etc etc. Not so. The closest Aurigny came to having a human owner was Sir Derek Bailey and he bowed out many years before that. Maurice Wyatt 'ran' Aurigny Southampton for much of the 20th century, and before that it was a guy whose name I forget (Mac something) for the moment, but he moved to Alderney and became commercial director - the same time that John Cadoret was Ops Director. Now I could tell you a story like that about another Islander operator called something like North East Airlines that flew from Westerley, Connecticut to Block Island. A real seat of the pants operation. We asked the pilot cum clerk cum owner about a sub load trip. 'Sub Load? he said. 'Never heard of it. But if you want to come for the ride - no problem'.

14th Sep 2012, 06:11

I can only relate what I was told. In fact, it was a fairly widespread story at SOU.

14th Sep 2012, 08:42
Yes, indeed. Fair enough. By the way, Mick McCormack is the name of the other guy who went from Traffic, Southampton to Alderney and became Commercial Director.
No scheduled Aurigny services between the Islands and Southampton have carried cabin staff. In fact, only the Twin Otter ever had more than one crew member on board. There was a period when GR had the contract for moving Southampton FC to its away fixtures. Usually with an ATR and that with cabin crew.

Matt Vinyl
15th Sep 2012, 15:22
I think you may be getting mixed up with the early days of Suckling Airways.
The owner's wife used to sell tickets, make sandwiches and then jump on board as the cabin crew on the Dornier 228. But that was out of Cambridge initially.
I believe she now runs the airline after the sad loss of her husband.

16th Sep 2012, 11:42
Yes - that sounds more like it Matt. Roy and Merlyn Suckling. I remember a couple of very watchable tv documentaries about them and their Dornier. Did they not get absorbed into Highlands and Islands or someone?

17th Sep 2012, 15:03
I flew from Guernsey to Alderney with Mrs B several years ago, and managed to blag the seat behind the (empty) front right on the Trislander. The Capt. was a chubby fellow,scruffy with uncombed hair and bright red cheeks, but very well spoken; he stuffed his hat in the right-hand corner of the windscreen. He then said that as it was the first flight of the day, he would 'have to make a bit of noise' before we departed, and did a power check on each engine, fingers flying over the mag switches. We then took off in very gusty conditions, hand flying all the way at 1000', then a perfect cross wind landing. I thanked him after the flight, and he replied 'mon plaisir!'
Coming back was the opposite, a gentleman of about 60, immaculate uniform, not a silver hair out of place, and shoes so shiny you could see your face in the reflection. AWFUL landing back at Guernsey!
I love Aurigny, and used to read the 'Joey' books endlessly to my youngest son. He is now 21, and working towards his ATPL.

Aero Mad
18th Sep 2012, 11:55
Thanks for the replies. Suckling is indeed now owned by Loganair and has, I gather, been given something of a new lease of life by the move.

18th Sep 2012, 13:36
I remember being in Guernsey waiting for a lunch time flight up to Alderney with a couple of other local passengers when this guy, an Alderney resident, arrived with a very long ladder that he had bought in the sale. The guys on the desk said 'no way - take it to the harbour'. But the pilot, another Alderney man, said 'might be possible if you all help'
To cut a long story short, I sat in row 2 on the right, another passenger in row 3 on the right, and the other two in rows 8 and 9 on the left. We travelled up to ACI - we in rows 2 and 3 clutching the ladder on our left shoulders, and the other two clutching the other end on their right shoulders. Boy, did we hold it tight, but we got there.

Aero Mad
20th Sep 2012, 10:14
Some great stories... keep 'em coming ;)

Aero Mad
29th Jan 2013, 15:53
Book now due for summer 2014 due to other commitments, but progress continues at a good rate. Lots of people have PMed me, keep the contributions coming.