View Full Version : Best travel insurance for ID travel ex Oz

hei yu
10th Sep 2012, 10:53
I'm planning to travel from Oz to the US next month and most of the available insurance policies include extras which would not apply to ID travel e.g. cancellation and/or delay insurance.
The companies I've looked at include the major credit card Companies, BUPA (who use CGU) and WorldNomads.

I've also searched the PPRuNe archives without success.

My main concern is medical cover as I am carrying a couple of MEL items and require cover for pre-existing conditions.

Appreciate any recommendations.


10th Sep 2012, 15:18
Hei Yu
Try Australian online travel insurance (http://www.suresave.net.au/)

I have used them for a few years. Very reasonable premium but I have never had to claim - the ultimate test of course!