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7th Apr 2002, 22:21
Music Quiz 13

a. Questions posted today.
b. Original Artist preferred. Cover versions may be accepted, however.
c. Judges decision final.
d. If any doubts, see rule d!
e. For Lyrics – 2 points for title or artist, 5 if you get both. For trivia, 1 point (but some will allow a bonus point for additional information) For song of the week, 1 point per question unless advised.
f. No editing posts.

(For everyone’s enjoyment, please don’t post until you have a significant number of answers. Note that the new software only shows the last edit. SO Rule f is now in force.)

Lyrics Questions (Note – clue is first line or lines of the song)

1. “When the lights go down in a California town”
2. “I’ve been up and down”
3. “Many years since I was here”
4. “She broke down and let me in”
5. “Have I a hope of half a change”
6. “I thought love was only true in fairytales”
7. “Oh your giving me the fever tonight”
8. “Have you been brokenhearted once or twice”
9. “I’d say it was the right time”
10. “Phone rings baby cries”
11. “If ever you’ve got rain in your heart”
12. “If you change your mind I’m the first in line”
13. “Come out Virginia don’t let me wait”
14. “You got me runnin’ goin’ out of my mind”
15. “Dreaming I must be dreaming”

Song of the Week - Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot


1. What lake sings?
2. What time did the main hatchway cave in?
3. Where was the ship coming from?
4. Going to?
5. What time did the cook first comment?
6. What did he say?
7. Where is the Maritime Sailors Cathedral?
8. What are the islands and bays for?
9. What month does it turn gloomy?
10. How much did the cargo weigh?


a. Who was Susanne in James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”
b. How long were the fins on Greased Lightning?
c. Who is on the Wanderer’s left arm? And on his right? A Bonus point each for – Who is he dating tonight? And Who is on his chest?
d. What do city girls seem to find out early? Bonus for title and artist
e. When is Jimmy going to San Francisco?
f. What cartoon character was immortalised by the Royal Guardsman?
g. What rock group’s first album showed the Hindenburg disaster on its cover?
h. What song was Paul Simon inspired to write after eating a Chinese chicken and egg dish?
i. What Ray Peterson sob song told how Tom died when he flipped his car in a race?
j. What were the little boxes on the hillside made of, according to Malvina Reynolds?

Kenny Carter
7th Apr 2002, 22:31
1... Gold by?
6... Im a believer - Monkeys/ Neil Diamond
13... Only the good die young by Billy Joel

6.. too rough to feed ya
9.. November

a... Girlfriend?
d...Take it easy - Eagles
g... Led Zeppelin

Cheers KC

Jet Dragon
7th Apr 2002, 22:39
Lyrics :
12 Take a Chance on Me - ABBA
13 Only the Good Die young - Billy Joel


C. Jo/Mary/Janie/Rosie
d. How to open doors with Just A smile - Lyin Eyes - Eagles
h. Mother & Child Reunion
i. Tell Laura I Love Her
j. Ticky Tacky



7th Apr 2002, 23:00
Well, song of the week to start.
1...Lake Superior
2...Seven PM
3...Back from some mill in Wisconsin
6...Fellas, it's too rough to feed ya..
10..26,000 tons

7th Apr 2002, 23:00
1. Gold-John Stewart
2. Always Come Back To Your Love-Samantha Mumba
10. Trisha Yearwood XXX and OOOs
13. Only The Good Die Young-Billy Joel
15. I just fall in love with you-Dusty Springfield

1. Lake Superior
3. Wisconsin?
4. Cleveland
5. suppertime!
6. "It's too rough to feed you fellows"
7. Detroit
8. sportsmen
(what a song!)

That's all for now!
(sigh, I wish my quiz had worked out, would have been fun!)

7th Apr 2002, 23:01
Damn! Pigboat, why couldn't you wait just one minute!

Scran, what are the rules for this sort of thing?
:eek: :D :eek: :D :D :D

7th Apr 2002, 23:09
Well SFly, I'd normally go by time of post, but you managed to both get that exactly the same as well!!!

Afraid that if his post "appears" before yours, technically he gets in first.

However, seeing the time is tied, I'm in a good mood (and Pigboat had an advantage being a Canadian!) I'll give both of you points.

(Please make your cheque payable to Scran's Musical Extravagana's Pty Ltd!!:D )

(PS - This is assuming, of course, you have the answers correct!):p

Jet Dragon
7th Apr 2002, 23:51

f - Snoopy - in Snoopy vs the Red Baron ???


8th Apr 2002, 00:08
scran, you want that in northern pesos?

Just for the helluvit:
1...Gold/Stevie Nicks
3...New York Groove/Kiss
4...Never Going Back Again/Fleetwood Mac
8...Never Marry a Railroad Man/?
10..The Hardest Time/Los Lobos??
15..I Just Fall In Love Again/Dusty Springfield

(Actually, the Fitz was downbound to Detroit. I think Gordie used Cleveland because it rhymed) :)

8th Apr 2002, 00:38
Damn Late again.....

11...Run to me - The Bee Gees

Jolly Hockeysticks
8th Apr 2002, 03:46
My efforts so far....

3. New York Groove - Kiss/ Ace Frehley
4. Never Going Back Again - Fleetwood Mac
8. Never Marry A Railroad Man - Shocking Blue
9. Playing With The Boys - Kenny Loggins
10. XXX's And OOO's (An American Girl) - Trisha Yearwood
14. Don't Bring Me Down - ELO
15. I Just Fall In Love Again - Anne Murray

b. thirty inches
g. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin 1


Jolly Hockeysticks
8th Apr 2002, 04:15
A few more

2. Sure Know Something - Kiss
5. Oh Babe (What Would You Say) - Hurricane Smith
7. Fire And Ice - Pat Benatar


8th Apr 2002, 04:32
Going well gang. STill a couple of opportunities there. Like a and e.

One or two might need a little more info. Will post a summary tomorrow AM of what's left and the scores.


8th Apr 2002, 06:55
Damn, too late again!

a: Susanne was his friend who died in a plane crash. He wrote to her but didn't know where to send the letter.

e: Summertime

Jolly Hockeysticks
8th Apr 2002, 07:13
a. Susanne was a close friend of Taylor when he was in a mental institution at the age of 17. She committed suicide.


8th Apr 2002, 07:30


1. Gold – John Stewart – Kenny/SFly
2. Sure Know Something – Kiss - Jolly
3. New York Groove - Ace Fearnley - Pigboat/Jolly
4. Never Going Back Again - Fleetwood Mac - Pigboat
5. Oh Babe What Would You Say - Hurricane Smith - Jolly
6. I’m A Believer - The Monkees - Kenny
7. Fire and Ice - Pat Benetar - Jolly
8. Never Marry A Railroad Man - Shocking Blue – Pigboat/Jolly
9. Playing With the Boys - Kenny Loggins - Jolly
10. XXX’s and OOO’s – Trisha Yearwood - SFly
11. Run to Me – Bee Gees - Cooda
12. Take a Chance on Me – Abba – Jet Dragon
13. Only the Good Die Young – Billy Joel - Kenny
14. Don’t Bring Me Down – ELO - Jolly
15. I Just Fall in Love Again – Anne Murray - SFly

Song of the Week Answers

1. “Superior sings” – Pigboat/Sfly
2. “At seven pm a main hatchway caved in” - Pigboat
3. “Coming back from some mill in Wisconsin” - Pigboat/Sfly
4. “Left fully loaded for Cleveland” - Pigboat/Sfly
5. “When suppertime came the old cook came on deck” - Pigboat/Sfly
6. “Saying fellas it’s too rough to feed ya” - Kenny
7. “in a musty old hall in Detroit they prayed, in the Maritime Sailors Cathedral” - Pigboat/Sfly
8. “The islands and bays are for sportsmen” - Pigboat/Sfly
9. November - Kenny
10. “With a load of iron ore 26,000 tons more than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty” - Pigboat

Trivia Answers

a. An inmate at the sanatorium where James was admitted for a time - Jolly
b. “and 30 inch fins, oh yeah” – Greased Lightning – Grease cast - Jolly
c. “Now there’s xxxxx an my left arm, there’s Mary on my right, and Janie is the girl that I’m dating tonight”, “I tear open my shirt and I got Rosie on my chest” – The Wanderer - JD - I'll give you 3 - first name?
d. “How to open doors with just a smile” – Lyin’ Eyes – The Eagles – Jet Dragon
f. Snoopy – “Snoopy and the Red Baron” – Jet Dragon
g. Led Zepplin’s - Kenny
h. Mother and Child Reunion – Jet Dragon
i. Tell Laura I Love Her – Jet Dragon
j. Ticky-tacky – Jet Dragon

OK - Still looking for the first name in c (I got a different one Jet) and e. Jolly, just snuck in with a as I was doing the scoring.

So Far:

Jolly - 31
SFly - 18
Pigboat - 17
Kenny - 15
Jet Dragon - 13
Cooda - 5

ORAC sends me his answers via e-mail - and scored 29.

Jolly, keep this scoring up and you might have to e-mail me too!!

So, any takers for e?:p :p

Jolly Hockeysticks
8th Apr 2002, 08:03
I thought JD had answered the Wanderer one - obviously I didn't read it properly.

It was Flo on the left.


Jolly Hockeysticks
8th Apr 2002, 11:54
Just a try for e.

Come Monday - Jimmy Buffett


The Mistress
8th Apr 2002, 12:35
This is the third time I've found the whole thing done and dusted before I even got chance to see the questions! Any chance of a mid-week supplementary quiz Scran?

The M
Scran Fan :)

8th Apr 2002, 22:24

Flo it is. JD had Jo.

Now, re the other one, well........it might be that song, but read the question:rolleyes: :confused:

Mistress........I'll see how I do.....starting to run out of questions on my list.......Will try for Wed......;)

8th Apr 2002, 23:48
Scran, just to take a shot at e.
Jimmy's going to San Francisco for the Labour Day show, so he'd be going upon Sunday night.:D
(Labour Day being the first Monday in September)

9th Apr 2002, 00:18
Pigboat -

“Headin’ up to San Francisco, for the Labour Day weekend show” – Come Monday – Jimmy Buffett

The Labour Day Weekend Show being what I was after.

:D :D :D :D