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9th Sep 2012, 06:18
Did a Dash 8 bound Launceston have to make an unscheduled return to YMML yesterday. Pax reporting "silence!" from both engines and lights out.

Capt Claret
9th Sep 2012, 06:54
Ah, the old DH8 stealth mode. Real frugal on fuel I hear! :oh:

not having a dig at you flywatcher, more the "we climbed vertically an' I thort I wuz gonna die" brigade.

9th Sep 2012, 20:14
Incident: Sunstate DH8D near Melbourne on Sep 8th 2012, engine shut down in flight (http://avherald.com/h?article=4559d6b9&opt=0)

9th Sep 2012, 21:03
Another PEC failure?

10th Sep 2012, 01:16
A bit early for speculation 'conehead - maybe not even due to an a/c defect?!?

10th Sep 2012, 03:30
A bit early for speculation 'conehead - maybe not even due to an a/c defect?!?

You have to guard those condition levers when you come back to 850, AUPC bites quick.

10th Sep 2012, 05:27

The Green Goblin
10th Sep 2012, 06:47
Being reported as a dual engine overspeed on crikey from a Qantas media statement.

That's some pretty serious brown stuff if true!

11th Sep 2012, 02:01
Was it Q400 or 300 with the engine problems?
How many in flight engine shut downs have there been now on the Q400?
(Just what you would want, with aircraft that had a history of known gear and hydraulic faults.)
I heard of few now, but unsure of the count?
Was it because of overspeed?
If so it was this was happening 4 to 5 years ago.
Why is it still happening, what are the managers doing about it?
Or do they still just tell lies to their bosses and shoot from the hip?

11th Sep 2012, 03:37
tarmacrat is certainly asking a few questions...suspect a reporter? :E In this particular incident it was a Q400 (although the Classics have had their speight of engine coughs too). As to the exact number, not too sure. The prop overspeed appears to be the case from the information I've been given. There was a PEC caution light (whether it was one or two again not sure).

The Q400 has pretty much everything run by computer and diagnostic systems. Should it spit the dummy, it will certainly let you know about it!

Reasons for the amount that the Company has experienced I suppose could be a myriad of different possibilities. The most obvious is the EXTREME lack of engineering support out of some ports, especially Brisbane. During the LAMEs EBA 'dispute' the Company decided to cut off their nose to spite their own face and effectively close down the Brisbane engineering base. This mind you is the biggest Dash base in Australia. A certain manager (PL), has since 'persued other interests within the business' as a result of this complete disaster which the current (new) management have suggested to have cost them A LOT.

What are the managers doing about it? Surprisingly a bit. JG is aware of the lack of infrastructure and is underway in building up the support required. However you can't disagree that it's too little too late by removing all that knowledge that the engineers had when they were effectively sacked.

And the pilot group are being exposed to more single engine scenarios in their sims :}
Curious that the cabin was 'silent' with a suspected DOUBLE prop overspeed, either the NVS was working really well or some pax are telling porkies. A prop that has oversped isn't exactly quiet, let alone both props going tango uniform! :bored:

Hope that helps, more contributions warmly welcomed...

Fuel-Off :ok:

11th Sep 2012, 06:35
A prop that has oversped isn't exactly quiet, let alone both props going tango uniform!

Unless it was selected to feather first and the computers kicked in....

11th Sep 2012, 07:02
My experience bd is that if both props go to Start/Feather, the AUPC kicks in pretty quickly, any silence would be short lived! But I can see your point about one engine in feather, but in this case if it were indeed a double prop overspeed and one subsequently shut down, the other would certainly be screaming loudly enough to interrupt any silence!

Fuel-Off :ok:

11th Sep 2012, 09:46
I think the double prop o/s was the result of aupc stepping in, not the other way round. Either way, it'd probably require a change of underpants!