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7th Sep 2012, 05:11
Is that a sign that the industry is picking up ?

7th Sep 2012, 23:29
A few going to or have left for Network and Jetstar plus anticipated growth

8th Sep 2012, 03:01
How much are they paying and what are the requirements?

Also which base?

Capn Bloggs
8th Sep 2012, 03:47
Want to come back, do ya Iccy? http://www.smilies.our-local.co.uk/index_files/rofl3.gif

Capn Bloggs
8th Sep 2012, 05:59
Yes, it's still there, A380...ON MY RIGHT! :}

Jack Ranga
8th Sep 2012, 07:15

Capn Bloggs
8th Sep 2012, 13:45
Seek (http://www.seek.com.au/Job/bae-146-first-officers/in/perth-perth/23060969) and you shall find...

Note Iccy your 200 seminole command time will not sit well with the 1000 jet command requirement! :}

9th Sep 2012, 01:26
Can anyone operating the 146's in Adelaide please PM me. I'm interested in returning home to Adelaide as an FO and would love to know what it's like to work on the 146's in Adelaide- i.e conditions/lifestyle/pay/time to command etc.
Thanks in advance,


9th Sep 2012, 06:26
Very good overall EBA just about to be voted up

$153940 for a Captain and $84667 for a first year F0, $93262 for second year

9th Sep 2012, 08:02
Thanks 2020. Are the pilots generally happy there? Lastly (I know, how long is a piece of string) until expected command?

9th Sep 2012, 09:44
Seeing as the ever moving cobham goal posts have surprisingly moved again, unless you have 1000+ hours jet command; no upgrade for you :=

9th Sep 2012, 11:17
travelator, don't confuse the direct entry command requirements with the requirements for an FO upgrade.

9th Sep 2012, 11:50
Are the pilots generally happy there?

Yes! Great bunch of guys and girls. Management fair and approachable

When the new EBA gets voted up its going to be a pretty hard gig to beat.

Minimums for command as advertised however there is always going to be

people get command under the minimum requirements.

Great Captains only too willing to help FO's with their professional development

9th Sep 2012, 14:47
Don't get your hopes up. DEC's were management positions. They seem to have enough of them for now.

9th Sep 2012, 16:12
Fantastic. Thank you for the replies, gents. If I go for it, i'd be applying for FO position. I assume they still upgrade internally after some time on the 146 without the 1000 hrs jet command?
Certainly sounds like a lot of night time flying, quite an adjustment.

9th Sep 2012, 22:02
Thanks Aerocat. Seeing as the positions advertised are external only and no internal upgrades offered, one can easily assume that this is the latest command requirement. Are there no 146 FOs that meet the "blue tail" adjusted upgrade requirements? Plenty of 717 FOs that meet them (without the charter adjustment of course)

10th Sep 2012, 00:05
Well I don't know what hours the other FOs have. I know that some of the FOs who've been hired in the last couple of years don't meet some of the contract requirements for command. 2000 hours multi command is required for PiC on one of the contracts. I think there are also time on type requirements which is a sticking point for a 717 FO wanting the left seat of a 146. Anyway, if there are 717 FOs who are getting knocked back and want to know why, they should probably ring the Regional HFO.

10th Sep 2012, 03:23
Guys who have under the requirements for command but who obviously have

been accessed as suitable for command have been upgraded regardless.

They can only fly on certain contracts where the requirements are less than

the minimums advertised. ie Night Freight ex ADL where there is no

minimum requirement. I would say this will be the case in the future as

a lot of older Captain's retire

10th Sep 2012, 06:04
Thanks everybody. You've been very helpful :ok:

10th Sep 2012, 12:18
2020, yes you are right that there are some options for those who don't meet the contract experience requirements, but that presumably makes rostering more difficult and I doubt the company want too many capts who are restricted to a certain contract. I'm also unsure whether there are many options other than the freight, and there are already a couple of freighter only capts.