View Full Version : A340 600 Visit to Heathrow

southern duel
7th Apr 2002, 11:51
Just to let you folks know that the A340 600 will be at LHR tomorrow for a quick visit. Due in at 09.00x and departing at 11.00z.

Its a big beast and will probably park on stand M32. (Might just fit !!)

Hope its a better landing then its last visit into Heathrow.
Had the old heart beating ten to the dozen.

happy flying


7th Apr 2002, 17:30
I believe it's going on a proving flight to Hong Kong, then Los Angeles and back to London for Virgin/Airbus.

7th Apr 2002, 20:26
She fits on the Kilo stands as well, its doing many of the VS destinations on a whistle stop tour!!

8th Apr 2002, 08:26
She's a monster had a good look at her at the last DXB airshow and also saw the flight display. It must be a job taxiing that thing around the ramp, lt's endless.

8th Apr 2002, 15:06
Pilot was a bit hesitant when I gave him 'right on the inner' after vacating 09L, but he did it.

The tail looked a long way out after he parked on M32


Dropp the Pilot
8th Apr 2002, 15:16
What's the big deal? How much longer can it be than my current ride (74 meters) which fits without any drama into Heathrow every day at 1145.

Same old Airbus tiny-screened-overswitched-exciteable ECAMed garbage.....

8th Apr 2002, 16:52
I hear its due in at LGW Saturday morning.

Should be interesting in the turns since the taxiway fillet program was halted.


Engine overtemp
8th Apr 2002, 17:37
So what is your current ride Dropp the Pilot ? The B747-400 is 70.7m long compared with the A340-600 which is 75.30m .
(Both figures taken from the manufacturers websites):D

8th Apr 2002, 18:05
Guessing Dropp flies the 773.

There are a number of turns the A346 cannot make; we're shortly closing some taxiway blocks to allow more fillets to be laid.


El Grifo
8th Apr 2002, 18:10
Southern Duel, Interested by your reaction to your witnessing the arrival of the A340 600, very cool

"Hope its a better landing then its last visit into Heathrow.
Had the old heart beating ten to the dozen".

Unlike you when I observed the landing, I was extremely excited,

My heart was beating 14 to the dozen :rolleyes:

Pedantically yours!!!!! :)

8th Apr 2002, 19:47
So, Dropp the Pilot, flown it have we? That's how we know it's a piece of garbage? That would mean that you have either test flown it for an airline, or you're a test pilot for Airbus, then?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, some Lufty people I spoke to are expecting it to go to them within the next couple of weeks. Anybody know if (and when) it's due in FRA or MUC when it's finished with VIR, and where it's going to go for DLH? Stateside, perhaps? Would love to see the wee beasty.

9th Apr 2002, 00:21
I bet it will not fit on T2 at EGCC.:p