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2nd Sep 2012, 08:00
Gents, anybody using the app crew alert from Boeing? I've just stumbled upon it and it seems to be a very powerful tool for fatigue management. Trouble is Log Ten Pro has got an export function for this app but when I try to run the export it says no app found for this export. Anybody cares to help out? :ok:

18th Jul 2015, 05:29
I'm looking into this as well now.

Has anyone got any recent experience with this app?

anson harris
18th Jul 2015, 08:29
I used the app for a couple of years when I worked for a company that didn't care whether I was nearly dead from fatigue or not. It's pretty useful and interesting if you can load your roster into it.
I found that the best and most reliable method of getting my flights in was from Roster Buster (which requires a subscription). There were occasional issues but I found that the Crew Alert support people were pretty good at sorting them out. Have you tried emailing them for a solution?
To be perfectly honest, now that I am no longer on Roster Buster, I have pretty much given up using Crew Alert as it has taught me what I need to know about how my body sleeps. The most useful aspect of it is that it very accurately predicted when I was unlikely to be able to sleep before a trip - so instead of lying in bed becoming frustrated I didn't even bother trying.

Flying Wild
18th Jul 2015, 10:46
Used in conjunction with a sleep tracking app such as sleep cycle, I've found it works very well at predicting tiredness levels ahead so that one can mitigate against it.

18th Jul 2015, 12:55
Seems like no-one needs a NASA doctor opionionating that rosters are NOT fatiguing even though the guys were too tired to read his report. I wonder what these app's would say about certain EU rosters.

19th Jul 2015, 00:17
Anson and Flying,

Thanks for your thoughts.

To clarify a bit, can (or does) the app essentially "predict" fatiguing patterns? For example, would the app say: "Hey, this 3 day pattern that starts tomorrow is going to be a killer, unless you manage 8 hours sleep this afternoon, ideally between 1300 and 2100"? (Not possible, normally, I know).