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7th Apr 2002, 04:32
I was originally going to put this on spuddy's OzBash thread but then realised that thread is mailnly about sex and booze. God forbid anyone should think I had any anything to do with either or both of those dreadful activities ... or indeed with anyone who indulged themselves in same. I mean, I'm sure everyone knows we were very well behaved all the time and drank nothing more dangerous that tea, coffee and soft drinks. ;)

Anyway, my personal thanks are definitely due to ...

Binos ... for organising the best bash in the entire history of PPRuNe Bashes. For arranging accommodation, T shirt orders, money collecting and the thousand and one other sorting and fixing things that go with an event of this magnitude. Love ya heaps, Binos, great job - actually better than great.

GoGirl and Disco Stu ... also known as the First Lord and Lady of Keilor ... for opening their home and their hearts to anyone and everyone. For providing food and shelter to tired and emotional OzBashers on a moment's notice ... or no notice at all ... and for not turning a hair to find everyone still there in the morning. For limitless taxi runs, endless patience and the large cartons of panadol and alka seltzer discreetly stacked in the corner. You two are just the best and there's no way we could have done it without you.

OzExpat ... for all those photographs - a permanent reminder of the fun we had - and the endless hours sitting in front of the computer in order to post them when you should have been p*ssing it up with the rest of us. For dreaming up captions that had us nearly wetting ourselves and for discreetly editing "the evidence" with the well-used phrase, "Nahhhh, that one's got a bit of red-eye" ... even where no eyes were actually visible.

John Eacott ... for giving three OzBashers an afternoon to remember. Absolute magic and an extremely generous gesture. That was my first helicopter flight and I have the photo and the cap for souvenirs. "Standing still" at 1500 feet took a little getting used to but it just took my breath away. "Thank you" just doesn't cover it!

.... to BSB for the official OzBash notepads, four of which are sitting on my desk, one of which will never be used.

... to all the guys for happily co-operating in the official T-shirt donning ceremony.

... to Coconuts for being the happiest, craziest, most lovable person in the history of the universe.

And to EVERYONE for making Friday a birthday to remember, for the lovely cake (yummmmmmmmmm) and for signing my teddy bear. He sits on my desk to remind me of a very special day.

I've only been gone a day and I miss you all already. We have to do this again ... we HAVE to do this again.

Big big big hugs to everyone.

(Heads in direction of kitchen for a cup of coffee and a little cry.)

7th Apr 2002, 06:52
And to you, my dear, lovely Blue Diamond, for creating that absolutely fan-bloodey-tastic T-shirt in the first place! I agree wholeheartedly with what Kaptin M said ... you should consider starting up a screen-printing business! :)

I can't say enough about the generous hospitality provided so willingly by Go Girl and Disco Stu! Thankfully, Bluey has already covered it, but somehow it still doesn't seem like enough.

Hope someone managed to drink out the last couple of GT tinnies that I absent-mindedly left behind... thanks for the Easter chockie GG - it was delicious! :) This was the same GG who collected me from Melbourne Airport and immediately thrust a cold GT tinnie in me hand! What a welcome that was!

the wizard of auz
7th Apr 2002, 08:04
well my special thanx goes to *insert drum roll here* EVERYONE that had anything to do with OZBASH 2000.
I had a great time doing what I normally do, but with all these fun people.

7th Apr 2002, 10:29
My thanks to Disco Stu, GoGirl and Binos for organising, and to everyone who attended...to whom I owe my apologies for having to bail out early when work reared its ugly head.

All of you made it memorable and I agree, we simply must, absolutely must, do this all again! Perhaps next time, we get Captain Danny to appear as well...hangovers of the magnitude Wiz of Auz can construct are simply too large for one man to handle on his own!:D

OzExpat, the piccies are simply superb.

Thanks again all you crazy Ppruners! I loved it!

Feeton Terrafirma
7th Apr 2002, 13:16
After Blue's excellent post above there is very little left to say. Binos, GG, Blue, BSB, thank you so much for your wonderful efforts toward a top event. It is a MUST DO AGAIN event especially as I had to bail early and missed out on meeting a few late arrivals like Foxy & Capt. M.

Oz mate, Official Photographer, thanks for the memories which I'm putting on to a CD.


7th Apr 2002, 16:30
*wipes a small tear from her eye*

Will it ever be the same if ... I mean when you do it again? It has been my lifetime ambition for the last few months to attend the OzBash, but alas fame and fortune (the lack of both) prevented me from doing so. :(

I think my dear grandpapa Binos and GG, and everyone else involved, did a fantastic job... and I hope you now have the inspiration to repeat it all at a future date when yours truly can join in. :)

8th Apr 2002, 00:26
Gawd, Aerbabe ... that was only the practice run. Mind you, we did a pretty fair job with about 90% of the participants approaching terminal incapacity by only day 2. :D

So.... what sort of times of the year are you likely to be available??? Can you take holidays when you like???

And are you ready to be carried on to your return aircraft on a stretcher????

:D ;) :cool: :eek:

8th Apr 2002, 06:43
Ummm... did we go thru a time warp in Melbourne, or did it only happen to Wiz after all that booze ... and etc.?:D Last time I checked me T-shirt, it quite clearly said "Ozbash 2002 not 2000.:eek:

Feeton mate, bloodey good to meet you after all this time! Well do I recall the Chat of old, when I'd enter to find Feeton The Couch and tell him about that BRAND NEW COUCH!:D

I had an idea that GG might have been planning to produce a CD of all the photos, but I could be wrong. It wooden be the first time for that, of course ... that "honour" occurred when I had to share an apartment with Wiz !:p

Anyway, yeah, this was only the trial run for the real thing. My liver hasn't been talking to me in the last few days, but reckon I can persuade it to get in practice for the real thing, next year -- maybe in Perth, if Bluey is still game enough to organise it!;)

Maybe now would be a good time to start letting us all know the best time of year for yas all. That way, all views can be taken into account and then be summarily dismissed...:D

8th Apr 2002, 08:51
Reads through last few posts and takes a deep breath ....

Takes another even deeper breath and dives in head first ....

O.K. you guys .........


I hereby undertake to organise the next OzBash which is proposed to be held in Perth, Western Australia, on or about September of 2003.


Starts to shake uncontrollably and runs to kitchen for soothing cup of coffee and a handful of Prozac. Oh, Gawd ... what have I DONE?????

the wizard of auz
8th Apr 2002, 13:30
Thanx OZEX mate.

8th Apr 2002, 13:51
Reading back over this thread, I see that I've been most remiss in failing to mention the contributions that helped to make this bash the supreme liver function test of the century to date. So, I shall tarry no longer...

Blue Sky Baron ... not only did you do a GREAT job with the official Ozbash notepads - which I use continually and fear will exhaust all too soon - but also those absolutely outstanding photographs!:D

Kaptin M ... for allowing us to meet your lovely wife. Then too, for sharing your own photos of the event with us! It was great to meet you mate, especially as I'm pretty sure we've never had an argument on any posts!:D

GoGirl ... your contribution to the success of the bash will remain in the annals of history forever! Your photo contributions were fantastic too!:)

Binos ... well, what can be said about this bloke that won't land me in gaol?:eek: Ya did a massive job mate and Bluey will be hard-pressed to surpass it. Tho I'm sure she will!:D

Now then, as for YOU Blue ... wot on earth are you on? Do you really understand wot you just let yerself in for?:eek: Such a brave soul...:D

Okay fellow Prooners, let's be havin ya! All being well with me liver, I will be there!!

8th Apr 2002, 13:54
Blue, I shall put that in my diary - will be just about time for another visit to Oz.

Day 0
GG and I got up bright and early (bloody cold it was too) to meet Wiz at the airport at 0-dark hundred. Had a few drinks, had some more drinks

Day 1
Got up not so early.

Well, that's as far as I've got with the PIREP, but I'm working on it.

8th Apr 2002, 15:49
September 2003 sounds good to me! I should hopefully be all finished here, and legally able to add some more letters after my name :cool:

How hot is it there at that time of year? I'm a cold weather babe :p

8th Apr 2002, 16:09
September is a mild month in Oz. That's why the Olympics were held then. Southern cities are coming out of winter, low 20's but occassionally heat waves of around 30 can happen.
Still snow to ski on (Snowy mountains, East coast) and the humidity is still low(ish) up north.

8th Apr 2002, 16:43
September is the most beautiful month of the year in West Oz. The weather is NOT hot (I'm a cold weather person too) and all the wildflowers are in bloom.

Great time of the year for a barbie or two ... or three ...


8th Apr 2002, 16:50
Think you can count me in this time. Would love to go back to all my old haunts. Yes a definite for me.
Velvet Aerbabe and me on the same flight wow!!!!

8th Apr 2002, 20:28
Okay, I'm sold! Sounds fantastic! Reds have you thought about a second career as a weather girl? :D

Rover you're honoured, and don't you forget it ;)

9th Apr 2002, 01:05
O.K. we're looking good so far with a fine selection of the usual reprobates already putting their hands up. I suppose I should do the formal thing and put the proposal up on the bashes thread. So jog along there kiddies and we'll get the basics organised.

Errrr ... does anyone know how long it takes the average liver to recover from an Ozbash??? Will seventeen months be enough??? Will the 2002 attendees be released from hospital / clinic / asylum / convalescent home in time to participate??

Time will tell!!!


9th Apr 2002, 12:21
Just reading over the weather reports and it suddenly dawned on me that September will be bloodey COLD ! I might have to reconsider this whole thing...:eek:

I'm such a wimp when it comes to cold weather ... brrrrrrr:(

9th Apr 2002, 12:25
If your official OzBash 2003 t-shirt doesn't keep you warm, I'm sure the copious amounts of alcohol, and the barbie will! :D

9th Apr 2002, 13:46
Firstly, my apologies for not having made a response to this thread a little earlier...it's still kind of hectic around here, as my Mother and 15 year old sister have joined 'Camp GG', and are taking up residence for the week!!

All this aside, I'm here now, and wanted to add a few words to an already fantastic thread :D

Well, can I begin by saying thanks to kind words that some of you have offered to Stuart and myself.
This experience, for us, has been one to remember for a long time to come...not to mention the cat, who we suspect, has taken residence with the neighbours for the duration of his life :eek:
(In all seriousness, Tipsy really loved you all, especially Bluey, with whom he shares a love of shark-shaped footwear ;) )
It was a pleasure to open our home to all of you who could make it, at some stage, throughout the week. And what was even better, was to see all of you relaxing and enjoying each others company in our home.

I too have a few people I'd like to say thanks to, for the special contributions they made to help the week become the success it was.
Binos I might have said it to you one night during the festivities, but I'm happy to say it again...without you, the OzBash would not have been. You held up OOPS Ops when times were rough for all, and you really had a stack of belief in this from the start. You are a champion, and I thank you :)

You are one of the best chicks I've ever met, and I hope you have success in whatever your future endevours bring, you deserve it so much mate. The T-shirts you designed and created for the ocassion....well, you sorta left me speechless here, and as you know, not easy to do that!! :o Totoally blown away at the proffessionalism of them Bluey, and the one for little sprog was the cutest!!

You provided yet some more 'memorablia' for future reflection, and what's more, you just did it!!! Thank-you sweet man, and for showing some of our guests the finer points of aviation in the shape of a Baron doing circuits over Tiabb and the bay area on a marvellous Sunday afternoon.

For a man who didn't consume any alcohol, you sure left a LOT of beer in my fridge!!! HELP!!! oh, and thanks mate :p

If a picture says a thousands words, my friend, you have completed your first novel, and it's a Best Seller!!
So long as we fed you prawns, oysters and g+t's, you'd plug away at caption after caption for the official OzBash Piccies....don't know how you managed it, but a magnificent display of determination and passion for the task at hand :cool:
You are just as ace as I thought you be, stay cool babe.

In many ways, all of you made a special contribution... Wiz we shall discuss you later :p ... and some of you actually travelled quite long distances to attend.

I think it was mentioned earlier, or on another thread entirely, but the Furthest Distance Travelled, would have to go to Velvet and as the only UK contingent, I'd say she has coped fairly well with the conditions she's been faced with here in Oz thus far!
Thanks for the effort and all of your help behind the scenes :)

And to Kaptin, Mrs and Sprog M who travelled from Asia for the event.

The local contingent would have to be Bluey Gaunty and Wiz, all of whom came in from the West, only to be sent packing a few days later...Humungous effort, given that it was Easter.

If I've not mentioned anyone specifically, don't be offended, I'm still sifting through the remains of my brain for the really juicy bits!!!!!

There is one other person who I'd like to say thanks to, and who, unfortunately is unwell tonight.
My partner in crime and life, Stu
You have put up with it all, and you still want to marry me!!!

These memories will be great, thanks everyone.


the wizard of auz
10th Apr 2002, 08:14
UM, before you get to me GG, I forgot to offer payment for the picture that stu dropped:D .Sorry, it was booze induced memory loss.
Drop me an SMS or an email and I'll fix it up.;)
(grovel grovel crawl crawl)

10th Apr 2002, 13:45
Didja win Lotto Wiz? Ya'd need it, ya know! :D

17th Apr 2002, 05:28
lots have been said by the participants and i concur wholeheartedly......it was brilliant.....gotta have another one and thanks to u bluey for the offer of organising the next one...as long as i have half a liver i will be there.....


:) :cool: :D

18th Apr 2002, 09:28
Come on Velvet - let's have the PIREP - after all you were there for 3 weeks.