View Full Version : What underwear do you have on ?

The Nr Fairy
6th Apr 2002, 21:02
In the vein of other threads, all piggy-backing off the original "Watch" thread, I wondered if anyone was wearing any particularly distinctive / memorable / sentimentally valued underwear.

Any takers ?

6th Apr 2002, 22:03
I'll let Moritz provide his/her/its answer first...

6th Apr 2002, 22:15
Undervear? Bitte, was ist mit diese undervear?

6th Apr 2002, 22:18
Nr, for info on mine you'll have to ask Madam Syn - she checked it out last bash...

6th Apr 2002, 22:48

Moritz Suter
6th Apr 2002, 23:16
Why none, of course.

...none at all...


7th Apr 2002, 01:05
To all males and possibly Mr Suter, sorry I'm unsure of your gender.
I have recently heard that the oh so comfy boxer shorts or commando style can have serious draw backs later on in life. The lack of support in the southern region can cause excessive 'danglage'. This leads me to believe that briefs may be the answer if you wish to avoid having something which resembles a plucked turkey hanging between your legs.:o

7th Apr 2002, 03:20
Awwwwwww not again!!!!!

What is it with you lot???

Ya obsessed with knix!!!!

1. To wanna know what brand we've got on is ridiculous.......

2. To assume that we actually wear any..........

..well !!!!!!!!! http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/contrib/fk/catfly.gif

Tartan Gannet
7th Apr 2002, 08:19
A fair if somewhat strange question, so a straight answer.

A pair of black cotton Speedo briefs. I also have these in other colours and plain white. Nice and comfy and snug and practical, keeps the gonads in due bonds, (I cant stand boxers). Now before anyone comments that tight underpants can lead to sterility, GOOD! I have had a vasectomy anyway so that just aint an issue (if you pardon the pun)


:D :D :D :D

Now in these days of equality, what about some answers from the ladies????????;) ;) ;)

7th Apr 2002, 08:33
Brite....thought you were gonna let the secret out there!!!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

The Nut Behind The Wheel
7th Apr 2002, 10:49
My Sunday night specials

A hairy covering over a wrinkly, un-ironed, un-used offering!:cool:

7th Apr 2002, 11:08
I'm not wearing any , but Belgian Beauty is wearing black leather knickers at the mo and she's waiting for me in the bedroom , so I've gotta gooooooooo !!!!!

7th Apr 2002, 11:12
Techie...... Nooooooooooo..... my secret's safe with me!! ;)

They'll see.....they'll see.......

..definitely MAYBE!!!!

hahaha..... I'm laffin soooooo much!!! http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/contrib/fk/catfly.gif

PS: Nr Fairy... Wot knix u wearin' then??? :rolleyes: :eek:

the wizard of auz
7th Apr 2002, 11:33
Just the normal old jocks.....but I can get em off quick. :D

Tartan Gannet
7th Apr 2002, 16:53
Why do I get a mental picture of Velvet in a pair of pale blue Sloggis? :D :D ;)

7th Apr 2002, 18:00
Who knows TG.... you been on the black stuff again? ;)

7th Apr 2002, 18:28
Whats underwear?????;)

7th Apr 2002, 22:10
Boxers....... Black and Silk, they are a present, the giver of the present is here now, and is eagerly awaiting the first fashion show, so I have to go

Tony :D

7th Apr 2002, 22:10
Can't wait for Slasher to find this thread ...:D :D :D

7th Apr 2002, 22:20
Erm - ATCBabe, sweetie, gorgeous - you gonna be at the GatBash? ;)

8th Apr 2002, 02:11
Orange-checked boxers (med) from Old Navy ...

8th Apr 2002, 12:18
From Red Dwarf, when Kryten is praising Lister for being an all-round good guy:

He even helps me out with my laundry duties by turning his underwear inside out, thus extending its wear life by a full two weeks :eek:


8th Apr 2002, 13:15
Clats. Us sheep always wear clats.

Except after a good dip or a shearing, but being a Pommy sheep I try to avoid those particular events.

Through difficulties to the cinema

8th Apr 2002, 15:51
as all english men should, I wear black speedo type slips - with extra rough sandpaper on the inside.

8th Apr 2002, 16:01
I reckon a much more interesting question is:

"Whose underwear do you have on ?"

8th Apr 2002, 17:07

You ol' smoothie!!!! You know I'll be there as always.

See you there ;) :eek:

Babe xx

The Nr Fairy
9th Apr 2002, 03:20
I'm quite surprised.

I actually kicked off the thread because I thought others following on from Tricky's "Watch" thread which were too similar needed putting down.

I chose underwear because it seemed the silliest thing to write, off the top of my head. Never thought people would take me seriously !

Tartan Gannet
9th Apr 2002, 08:14
Nr Fairy. These threads pose a question. Is it possible to discover anything deeper about a person from the watch they wear, the car they drive, the type of pen they write with, or even the type and style of knickers they wear? Many gurus of course state this to be the case. To my mind this is pseudo science similar to phrenology and hand writing analysis as a means to determine a person's character.

Anyway, one dictum is proven by this thread. Ask a question, no matter who extraordinary, and someone will give you a straight answer. :)

Bird Strike
9th Apr 2002, 12:09
A pair of fairy lacy YSL panties.

And to answer Grainger, they're MINE, not my mother's or grandmother's.

9th Apr 2002, 16:27
Ask me again at the Gatbash....;)

B Sousa
10th Apr 2002, 01:26
NOMEX.......It had better be Nomex .......Otherwise your not a real Helicopter Pilot.

Sliding member
13th Apr 2002, 02:24
Something that puzzles me about underwear is why is the colour white used, especially with wimmin, stick with black it'll get you through a few days. And nylon......