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29th Aug 2012, 21:23
Although the official announcement is about to start. The initial release shows a profit.

Reporting Season : Air NZ Profit Beats Expectations... | Stuff.co.nz (http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/7577528/Air-NZ-profit-beats-expectations)

29th Aug 2012, 23:09
Share price up over 8% already. No doubt it will settle back down but good news nonetheless.

Eastwest Loco
30th Aug 2012, 13:15
A good result indeed considering their Trans Tasman fare regime with seat only, seat plus baggage, seat plus baggage and meals etc etc which is a nightmare to book, and must also cause a great deal of extra work onboard the aeroplane being a huge sheet anchor.

As one who sells them, it sucks. The GDS systems cannot deliniate between for instance which "Q" class you are selling. Is it the Works package or the Works Deluxe which is as good it gets on the narrow bodies on Shark Patrol in the absence J class?

You can sell the correct class subset for the Works Deluxe only to find out at ticketing that you can't have it as Works Deluxe which is a totally different product because there is only one of the two seats you require for a 2 person booking left in the compartment. The help desk staff member I got hold of had absolutely no idea of the basic workings of an IPARS system so no joy there. Sales got me through it though and all worked out. Took a hell of a lot of time for a very little return.

Good operation and excellent client reaction, but for God's sake keep Maaaaaahketing and Operations/IT seperate NZ.

You will do even better next year.

Best all


30th Aug 2012, 19:50
Fyfe is right though! Auckland International Airports profits up by 40%!! And still they're putting their prices up..what price gouging!

30th Aug 2012, 21:15
Auckland International Airports profits up by 40%!! And still they're putting their prices up..what price gouging!

Dick Turpin would be proud of them......Thieves

I heard a while back that ARA? wanted to build a railway line from the city out to Auckland Airport. What a really good idea. I thought it was very innovative especially coming from an Auckland authority. However AIAL blocked it. Why? Car parking is a very good earner for them.

2nd Sep 2012, 07:20
Well there's loads of land out at Whenuapai and a brand new runway, the sooner the show gets on the road there the better.

2nd Sep 2012, 10:32
Board of Directors - Auckland Airport (http://www.aucklandairport.co.nz/Corporate/ManagementAndGovernance/BoardOfDirectors.aspx)

Well here is one board member not in it for the money, he is in it for the greater good of the travelling passengers!!

Managing an outstanding company, Auckland Airport’s board of directors and executive team focus on ensuring the company is managed at the
highest strategic level. They work to realise the company’s long-term corporate objectives, as it continuously strives to become the world’s most outstanding and welcoming airport.

As New Zealand’s busiest airport, we are one of our country’s largest infrastructure assets and one of the biggest employers in the Greater Auckland region.

Board of directors

Brett Godfrey BCom, ACA
Brett Godfrey has had a 20 year career in aviation, initially holding finance positions in small airlines, then moving to flag carriers and culminating in establishing and leading the Virgin Blue Airlines Group. He conceptualised, established and led Virgin Blue, Australia’s second largest airline, as chief executive for its first 10 years. Under Brett’s leadership, Virgin Blue successfully navigated through such hazards as 9/11, the Bali bombings and, more recently, the global financial crisis. Now the Group employs 6,000 people, operates four airlines, including new long-haul premium carrier V Australia, all up carrying 20 million ‘guests’ per annum. Brett and his team have changed the face of aviation in Virgin Blue’s region and in so doing made air travel accessible to a great many more people.
He has been awarded the Australian Centenary Medal for his service to tourism and aviation, was recognised as the Australian Chief Executive of the Year by the Customer Service Institute of Australia, and the Outstanding Chartered Accountant in Business, by the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

2nd Sep 2012, 12:31
I used to travel long-haul to NZ (business) with onward
usually to Napier connected to the long haul so that I could
change if the incoming was early or late. Obviously I paid extra for this convenience. I gave up with this as I always
had extreme arguments with checkin who could not understand
my booking class. Somewhere I have a letter from Air NZ
explaining that it is company policy that checkin staff do not
understand the rules, and in my experience neither do the
supervisors. If the staff now don't understand new booking
rules, that seems designed into the system.