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Me Myself
29th Aug 2012, 20:32
I've just been sent Richard de Crespigny's book about QF 32 events.
It makes quite an interesting read from my uninformed point of view.
Anyone caring to comment ?

29th Aug 2012, 22:17
I'm sure it will make a good fire starter.

29th Aug 2012, 22:27
Me Myself, it's ricecrispies, not de Cresoigny.

29th Aug 2012, 23:06
An excellent read.Thoughrally enjoyed it.

29th Aug 2012, 23:33


30th Aug 2012, 00:08
Damn you IsDon, stuckinthemiddle, skipper1981 and Keg.
The 1hr45m of silence after Me Myself's initial post was
So sweet. Why did you have to.................

30th Aug 2012, 00:15
Once you get past all of the crap in the opening chapters where he gives himself a huge pat on the back for being so awesome, it's an interesting read.

Sounds like he would have been the world's best F111 pilot, but decided he was too good for it anyway...

Wine Glass
30th Aug 2012, 00:24
I won't be reading the book after listening to him on Richard Fidler's Conversation.
He comes across as insufferably self absorbed and melodramatic (e.g. Winjeel spin...spare me).
I usually am an avid reader of this sort of stuff, however a little more Sullenburger-esque humility and reserve might have gone a long way.
Prepared to be flamed, accused of tall poppy slashing etc, but I certainly am not the only one who has come to the same conclusion!

Flak jacket zipped, helmet donned. Fire away.

Capt Chambo
30th Aug 2012, 01:44
I won't be reading the book after listening to him on Richard Fidler's Conversation.

I listened to the same show and feel as you do Wine Glass.

I started listening to the show and thought R de C was pitching his story about right for both the aviation professionals and the non aviation listeners. I then became conscious as to how often he praised the other crew members, in particular the multi-lingual senior cabin attendant (I am not sure of the correct title on a QANTAS aeroplane), and felt that this was to counter criticism that in previous interviews, it had been all about R de C with not enough credit given to the rest of the crew.

However what really turned me off, was when he said something along the lines that ".... the passengers were safe as they had the world's best pilots at the controls...".

That not withstanding I think the whole crew did a marvellous job.

30th Aug 2012, 01:50
Sorry Nigel, couldn't help myself. :}

From: Evans, William WGCDR
Subject: Your Captain Speaking

Yes, 'twas I with him that day in the Winjeel. A little over-dramatised perhaps, but that's essentially what happened. However, what he neglected to mention was that the sortie mission was spinning, for which he had been adequately prepared. It wasn't like I just decided to get him into a spin for the heck of it on a nice sunny day.

:ok: .

30th Aug 2012, 02:22
So noone's picked up on the Keg's photo.....but I'll comment....nice one!! I'm always surprised at how many people don't know the difference between fiction and non-fiction. :D

Old but not bold
30th Aug 2012, 02:54
The greatest pilot in history, who said so? He did. Time to do away with CRM and move to single Pilot ATP ops.

30th Aug 2012, 04:10
This is part of the review from Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/QF32-ebook/product-reviews/B007KTLQ5W/ref=sr_cr_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addOneStar&showViewpoints=0)

I am an awesome pilot.
I have a regal name.
I am an awesome pilot.
I relate some boring history about my boring life.
I am an awesome pilot.
I flew a plane that had a problem.
I am an awesome pilot.
I finally landed the plane with the help of my crew.
I am an awesome pilot.
I relate some boring engine information.
I am an awesome pilot.
I reproduce some passenger emails declaring I am an awesome pilot.
I am an awesome pilot.

It is probably an interesting read, however to have to put up with the constant reminder of how awesome, god-like he is is a turn off.

30th Aug 2012, 05:50
For every action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force.

Flying is like golf - just when you think you have it mastered it will bite you on the arse.

Skygod or not, he has put a lot of pressure on himself now to be a high achiever. Every line flight, every sim check etc

I like the no names who know better than to "champion the cause".

30th Aug 2012, 05:56
Quite sad really.

Sir Richard Champion de Crespigny had more than ample opportunity to be remembered as a Chesley Sullenburger. Instead he will be remembered as the ego that has no equal.

He has done himself, his company, and his profession a disservice with his blatant self promotion.

What a tosser.