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6th Apr 2002, 13:01
Check out this website www.kendravis.com to hear a pilot that writes, sings, and records Aviation Music.

7th Apr 2002, 01:46
But surely everyone knows that the best aviation music is from those ITVV videos :D

7th Apr 2002, 03:36
'Ken’s debut Aviation Music CD released in 1990. This album captures the wonders of flight like no other. His lyrics and music genre breathes life into these unforgotten and powerful feelings of first learning to fly! Includes actual aircraft sound effects!

8 original songs on a 41 minute CD including; Airport Spy • Fly for a Living • Commuter Airline Blues '

He's not a Wannabe he's a Shouldn't be......Jet Blast him

7th Apr 2002, 12:41
And from 1942 or so:

There's a cowboy ridin',
There's a cowboy ridin' through the sky;
There's a Spitfire now, you see,
Where his saddle used to be;
There's a cowboy ridin' through the sky!

Ay - ay - Yippee!
Yippee - Yippee - Ay!
There's a cowboy
Ridin' through the sky.

A deathless lyric, all must agree. I wonder if even Pigboat remembers that one. It may have been been prompted by (a) the RAF Eagle Squadrons or (b) the Hollywood movie (1942) that went by the very name "Eagle Squadron", starring the youthful Robert Stack and the Spitfire II and Vb.

If anyone knows where I can get a copy of the movie on tape or whatever, I'd be grateful to know about it.

7th Apr 2002, 13:53

Sorry, Davaar - lyrics like that get me every time...

7th Apr 2002, 16:09
The best aviation music is performed by the well known duet, Pratt and Whitney.
Davaar, two points. I ain't that old, and even if I recognized those lyrics, I'd deny it!:p

7th Apr 2002, 19:54
The best aviation music is the music playing during the launch of Apollo 13 from the film Apollo 13. if that makes sense

8th Apr 2002, 01:13
And to think I came in here looking for rousing choruses of the great songs of aviation such as "Shackletons Don't Bother Me" mixed with a few patrioitc bursts of "The Dambusters' March" and "633 Squadron" fading out to the jolly refrain of "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines"

Oh well, aviation takes all sorts I suppose... :D

Through difficulties to the cinema

8th Apr 2002, 02:54
Learning To Fly (http://www.cs.umd.edu/~dekhtyar/pfdb/ltf.html)

8th Apr 2002, 06:57
Any music by Ron Goodwin from The Battle Of Britain. Favs include

* BoB theme (from shootin up Heinkels scene to where Spit does that victory roll over the field)

* Final Battle in the Air ("alright Red section here we go....")

* End Title

PS watchin the Spit doin that V.roll brings a bloodey tear to me eye every time I see it!

Kalium Chloride
8th Apr 2002, 09:20
With you on Goodwin's Battle of Britain stuff Slash -- can't beat the opening theme and air battle accompanient.

10th Apr 2002, 12:13
I like the soundtrack from "Memphis Belle" by George Fenton.
Especially the "amazing grace" version.
A good one also : The wonderfull Waldo Pepper.

Oh Dear, I feel a bit of nostalgia

10th Apr 2002, 12:26
What happened to page 1?

Blacksheep, in which case what about "The Flag"?

11th Apr 2002, 02:15
There goes the siren that warns of the air raid
Then comes the sound of the guns sending flak
Out for the scramble we’ve got to get airborne
Got to get up for the coming attack.

Jump in the cockpit and start up the engines
Remove all the wheelblocks
There’s no time to waste
Gathering speed as we head down the runway
Gotta get airborne before it’s too late.

Running, scrambling, flying
Rolling, turning, diving, going in again
Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
Run, live to fly, fly to live, aces high.

Move in to fire at the mainstream of bombers
Let off a sharp burst and then turn away
Roll over, spin round and come in behind them
Move to their blindsides and firing again.

Bandits at 8 O’clock move in behind us
Ten ME-109’s out of the sun
Ascending and turning our spitfires to face them
Heading straight for them I press down my guns.

Rolling, turning, diving
Rolling, turning, diving, going in again
Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
Run, live to fly, fly to live, aces high.

Aces High - Iron Maiden

I forgot to add that I do not want to offend anyone with those lyrics since it refers to the Battle of Britain.

11th Apr 2002, 02:35
Don't know the words ORAC, but if you hum the tune I'll play backing for you...:)

Through difficulties to the cinema

11th Apr 2002, 05:02
Anyone got the full words to the "Flag" to post?

"For tonight we march against england........."

13th Apr 2002, 06:19
Über den Wolken fühl ich mich zu Haus
ich suche mir hier oben die schönsten Plätze aus
ich weiß es ist gemein
doch die Welt ist viel zu klein
also laßt euch bombardiern, bombardiern

Ich bin Bomberpilot ich bringe Euch den Tod
ich bin Bomberpilot, Bomberpilot

10 000 Meter hoch, schneller als der Schall
schaue ich meinen Bomben nach und warte auf den Knall
verwüsten und zerstören
ist alles was ich kann
und seh ich was, was mir gefällt
fang ich zu bomben an

Ich bin Bomberpilot ich bringe Euch den Tod
ich bin Bomberpilot, Bomberpilot

13th Apr 2002, 07:57
Just downloaded that Aces High. I think I.Maiden shouldve played that one as a ballad huh?

16th Apr 2002, 03:05
... and what's next? Performance by the Spice Girls ?

:D :D :D :rolleyes: