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25th Aug 2012, 21:26
Anonymous telephone threats to dazzle pilots from RAF Leeming with high-powered torches and laser pens have been made to the base.
Threats to dazzle RAF base (http://www.ripongazette.co.uk/news/ripon/threats-to-dazzle-raf-base-s-pilots-with-lasers-1-4866486)

26th Aug 2012, 09:30
Welcome to the world of the police helicopter pilot and the airline pilot at Liverpool. Sadly, this is a fact of life these days......

26th Aug 2012, 10:15
Yep. Been lasered in north Liverpool a few times in a SAR cab.

26th Aug 2012, 11:18
what a shame the military guys can't reciprocate with a blast of something military spec.....

Courtney Mil
26th Aug 2012, 11:19
The police are getting very good at getting these little buggers. Hope they hang them out to dry.

26th Aug 2012, 11:58
Should do what they did to last years rioters and make a bloody good example of them with long custodial sentences - after all, it could be classed as attempted murder :ok:

26th Aug 2012, 13:29
Thankfully, they do sometimes get caught. Here's one incident at Leuchars where they caught the offender
The Courier - Accused shone laser beam at RAF Leuchars Tornado (http://www.thecourier.co.uk/News/Fife/article/4071/accused-shone-laser-beam-at-raf-leuchars-tornado.html)

Courtney Mil
26th Aug 2012, 18:19
'Oh, I didn't know it was so dangerous.' Whining git. Go to jail for a long time.

26th Aug 2012, 20:57
Jailed for four months ...

Courtney Mil
26th Aug 2012, 22:18
Not enough.

26th Aug 2012, 22:44
Laser fired at police helicopter - YouTube

Round these parts, Crown Court and 6 months is the going rate.
Having said that, we have had up to 16 months imprisonment :ok:

Laser Pointer Safety - News of aviation-related incidents, arrests, etc. (http://www.laserpointersafety.com/news/news/aviation-incidents_files/tag-birmingham.php)

Laser pen attacks on civilian commercial aircraft and Police helicopters (http://gmrconsulting.com/aviation/laser-pen-attacks-on-civilian-commercial-aircraft-and-police-helicopters/)

Laser pen attacks on civilian commercial aircraft and Police helicopters
June 13, 2012 by David Norriss

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has recently declared evidence of greatly increased numbers of laser light pen attacks on commercial aircraft which are in the final approach stages to land at UK civil airports. The number of incidents recorded has risen from 20 in 2005 to an alarming 1,909 in 2011. The major city airports outside of the London airports area appear to have been the most affected with annual rates of 107 at Glasgow, 93 at Liverpool and 143 at Birmingham....

RAF...Welcome to the club;

26th Aug 2012, 22:59
..and now you're part of the club, you could always...

Laser pointer kids get shot by ... ;-)


27th Aug 2012, 15:39
yaeh that was not two vids chopped into one at all was it????

good fun though

Dan Gerous
27th Aug 2012, 18:35
Don't paveways ride down a laser beam:E

27th Aug 2012, 19:02
Hello all

The key to getting these buggers in the courts is to educate the local Cops, Police call takers and controlroom staff to deploy to reports asap.
### Plus aircrews reporting them to ATC to alert the Police + other a/c ###

I did a briefing for all my staff (it took two sessions a week for 5 weeks to do them all) after we had a large increase in reports around LGW and LHR. This was with the help of LGW and LHR Aviation Security Teams or 'Manpads' as they are known.

This lead to a better understanding of just how important reports from aircraft crew being 'Lasered' should be taken and thankfully the courts are on side too as highlighted above.

Sadly however its something that is going to be on the increase and with the cheap lasers from overseas geting more and more powerful (20 miles range for under 100 and DIY mods on YouTube) the industry / military will have to look into ways of protecting crews from a mindless few idiots.

Longer jail terms and a visit from an Attack Helie might help too ! ! !


27th Aug 2012, 19:21
Don't paveways ride down a [email protected]<hidden> beam

So all that's needed to sort Joe Scrote, is a hacked multi regioned Paveway (no specific laser code needed) sent on its merry way 'up the beam' which would increase in accuracy the closer it gets due to reducing scatter :ok:

Shame about the neighbours! :uhoh:

27th Aug 2012, 22:30
Drop a blue one, 1000lbs still hurt on the way through you

Milo Minderbinder
27th Aug 2012, 22:42
Just keep one of these in the cab and fire it back

Spyder 3 Arctic Blue Laser Pointer | Wicked Lasers (http://www.wickedlasers.com/arctic)

You'll blind them. You might even set them on fire

28th Aug 2012, 09:12
I have done some work on the laser problem with the CAA recently. CAA is working with civpol on a national awareness/education campaign for the magistrates to ensure there is a common understanding of the problem across the country - some of them just don't get it!

The little darlings with lasers are now turning their attentions to road and rail users too. I suppose it's better than having a paving stone lobbed through your windscreen, but I'm not sure I like the idea of my train driver being dazzled on the approach to signals.

Thanks also for the link, Milo. Most of the problems to date have been with eye-safe lasers. Sadly, some poor sod is going to end up with permanent eye damage as more of the high-power versions are imported via the net. However, police in Lancs (I think) recently did someone for importing them, as they are not legal here.

Bottom line, mil or civilian, you need to report any and all laser attacks, otherwise the scale of the problem will not be apparent to those thinking about beefing up the law. Same advice has gone to the police and MOD from the CAA - it seems it is a regular (daily) event for police helicopters, and most military events were not being reported in parallel to the CAA (but will be now...).

Current reported hotspot for the UK is Glasgow.

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