View Full Version : Starting a budget airline (Paper Exercise)

6th Apr 2002, 10:44
Ok, suppose I want to start a budget airline, operating out of Birmingham Uk, and serving European destinations.....

How would I go about it, what kind of aircraft and how many, how many staff etc, what kind of annual costs can I expect, what authority would I need etc.

Or, if YOU were to start a budget airline, how would YOU go about it, and what do you think you could do, to make it more "special" than it's competitors?

and remember, it's just for fun :)


Kalium Chloride
6th Apr 2002, 12:26
Sure you don't want to do it out of Bristol too? ;)

Standard Noise
6th Apr 2002, 16:43
First of all, pick up the phone and ask your multi millionaire father for a few quid to get started!:D :D :D :D

6th Apr 2002, 19:35
1.Sit down.
2.Open case of Theakstons
3.Drink contents.
4.By the time item 3 is completed, all thoughts of starting an airline should have (thankfully) passed.

If you really want to go through with this, read the 1974 MBA Case study that Fred Smith turned into Fed-ex.

7th Apr 2002, 07:06
Contact The Govnor, I am sure he will be willing to accept a paid contract to provide these things for you.:rolleyes: