View Full Version : Searching for old (pre year 2000) Jeppview discs.

25th Aug 2012, 05:23
Hello !

I'm on the hunt for old Jeppview discs with preferably worldwide coverage. By old I mean pre 2002 as this is the oldest one I could get. I'd love to get version 1.0 of this program with pre Y2K database.

I'd like to see how it's was done when I was to small to fly :sad: and also I think that many folks here would like to see old charts for their favorite airports.

Drop me PM or reply in this thread - thank you :)

31st Oct 2015, 02:34
I know I'm about three years after your post but I was wondering if you managed to find any pre 2000 Jepp View CDs. The first ones were introduced by Jepps in 1996 and I would very much like to get hold of any of these early ones, especially 1996, 1997. I'm a retired airline driver and would very much like to find one of these early CDs. Thanks, for anyone else that can help also!
PS. I've got versions from around 2006 - 2007.

16th Aug 2022, 04:51
It's almost 10 years since I posted question and some progress has been made. I manage to get my hands on late 2000 disc which I unlocked for full coverage. If anyone is looking for old chart for his/hers favorite airport from this era just drop me PM.

I'm stil looking for discs from 1996-1999. I'm willing to pay for your help if needed.