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22nd Aug 2012, 20:52
By definition maneuvering speeds protect from stick shaker in current configuration in 15 banks adding a 25 overbank protection.

1-Is there then a reason why FCOM defines Vapp as a maneuvering speed? For sure it's lower than Vstall (or stick shaker) at 40 bank (15+25).

2-Why in HDG lateral mode FD commands 25 bank below maneuvering speeds? I suppose that in a manual flight with no FD an instructor wouldn't be happy to see a guy banking 25 below maneuvering speeds...

all comments appreciated..

Fursty Ferret
22nd Aug 2012, 21:53
Might be completely misinformed here but my understanding is that at and above maneuvering speeds you can manoeuvre up to the limit of +2.5g (+2g in Conf 1 and above). Below these speeds you get whatever the aeroplane is capable of giving and will see bank angle reduce accordingly.

24th Aug 2012, 12:14
My questions was different..

24th Aug 2012, 13:07
Which Airbus are you talking here? No stick shaker on 320/330.

24th Aug 2012, 13:49
There are no stick shakers on any Airbus aircraft these days.

25th Aug 2012, 16:40
From the 320 Series FCOM

The AP /FD Limits bank angle as follows:

15 when the aircraft speed is below the maneuvering speeds (F, S, or Green
Dot speed) -10 kt

Then linear increase to 25 up to maneuvering speeds (F, S, or Green Dot
speed) -3 kt

25 above maneuvering speeds (F, S, or Green Dot speed) -3 kt.

For Engine Out it's the same.

I'm not sure I understand your question. Basically VAPP is manuveur speed in CONF 3 or CONF FULL - why would you want to bank > 25 at this stage? Even on a circling approach (FD's off) you shouldn't bank more than 25...... and VAPP is going to be VLS+5 so, theoretically, at VLS+2 (maneurver-3) you can still get a commanded angle of 25.


25th Aug 2012, 16:54
My airbus had a stickshaker:).

But it computed maneuvering speeds the wrong way, e.g. increasing bank - speeds lowered and v.v., a well known bug, nobody cared for....

29th Aug 2012, 19:37

except in OEI situation HDG lateral mode will lead to bank 25 whatever the speed, try it

29th Aug 2012, 20:02
Where do the 40 bank angle come from?

The max is 30, but you cant see that... The FMS will command to 25 and leave 5 internally for course change while in the turn....

Lord Spandex Masher
29th Aug 2012, 20:45
40 is 25 plus an allowable over bank of 15 degrees which equals your 1.3g manoeuvre limit.

How do you get the 'degree' symbol?!

29th Aug 2012, 21:33
How do you get the 'degree' symbol?! Just Copy & Paste from the previous post. The actual HTML code is ° but this forum will not accept it.

29th Aug 2012, 22:24
Just Copy & Paste from the previous post. The actual HTML code is ° but this forum will not accept it.

I know this is completely off topic, but ALT+167 works just fine --->

29th Aug 2012, 22:44
Can't speak to Apple, but on the MS variants, one conveniently finds all the non-keyboard symbols in the character map applet. On my installation that is located at


30th Aug 2012, 13:47
So nobody has explanation on the hdg mode vs below maneuvering speeds logic?

compressor stall
30th Aug 2012, 14:01
At FL370 at 0.78 if you are in managed NAV you will get 15* in a 90 deg turn. Pull HDG and you get 25*

1st Sep 2012, 15:33
sorry compressor stall,

that's not the point of the topic...