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pants on fire...
5th Apr 2002, 22:11
I apologize for bringing you here under false pretence, but I am somewhat intrigued as to why individuals might access Morris Sewer's "Oral Sex and England" thread (and others of a similar vein)?

There is absolutely no basis for associating any of the above, unconnected words in any manner (at least that I am aware of). ;)

If you know differently then please feel free to enlighten us. :D

This post in purely of a scientific manner, so we might better understand our readership and their interests. :confused:

Please add your opinion to the poll.

We are also extremely interested in additional poll answers, if we have missed them.

A Comfy Chair
6th Apr 2002, 05:49
The only reason people would access either thread is possibly the reason I am always in JB, and that is because they are looking for a good laugh...

Surely thats what we are all here for innit? :D

And anything with the words "Goat" "Vaseline" and "Bottoms" in it should be entertaining enough... Add Mr/Ms S into the equation and we should be in for a treat ;).

And you never know... someone might produce said photograph ;)

:D :D :D

6th Apr 2002, 08:10
It's the goat I feel sorry for.....

The Nut Behind The Wheel
6th Apr 2002, 09:23
Oh I dunno!
Maybe MS gets off on a goat with a latex mask applying vaseline to his/her/its nether regions before consummating the act:eek:

What I want to know is how the goat ties the ropes with a cloven foot!

Maybe MS knows something that we mere mortals have yet to discover (theme of X-files running)

Oh well, back to the EB (beer for those not of Oz):)

pants on fire...
7th Apr 2002, 15:35
With apologies to Blackadder..........;)

Morris, the master of disguise (for it is he) , "Do you remember the Sound of Music?"

Jet Blasters (in chorus), "Why yes indeed, it's one of our favourites!" ;)

Morris, "Do you remember the lonely goat-herd, high on a hill?"

Jet Blastee's (starting to look worried now), "Er, yes. You don't mean........"

Master Sewer, interjecting "Yes, it was me. All those lonely nights with only my goats for company."

JBer's, backing off noticeably, "You didn't did you; I mean you wouldn't... Oh my God. All those things you...... "

Morris, "What was I supposed to do. Me all alone, high on my hillside, a simple goat-herder, teenage hormones, inquisitive in the ways of bondage, trying to seek my identity..."

JBer's, running at full speed, "Whatever............See ya, AAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh"

Moritz Suter
8th Apr 2002, 08:50
That was Austria, und Ich bin von Die Schweiz!

Besides, goats are not very pretty.


8th Apr 2002, 13:02
They're a darned sight prettier than Camels :eek:

9th Apr 2002, 02:59

"Ich bin von Die Schweiz?"

"von der Schweiz"!

But even in this sense it is still very crap german.

So where are you really from? Huddersfield?

........but then again you probably all knew that anyway....

9th Apr 2002, 10:35
Perfect german:

Ich bin aus der Schweiz. But nobody is perfect, not even M.S. ;)

pants on fire...
10th Apr 2002, 06:22
I defer to the linguistic capabilities of my distinguished colleagues here! ;)

ESG might wish to exercise caution expressing that sentiment around Morris, or he might find himself trussed up in the Sewer's mountain lair! :eek:

Perhaps 'Uddersfield might be better Nt? :) There has of course been some conjecture that Morris Sewer is in fact a 12 year-old girl from Streatham!

Morris is correct, his goat-herding activities took place during his time in Austria. It is hard to get the geographical chronology correct with all that furtive travelling, distant lands, etc.....;)

And Morris - you'd better make sure you're goats never hear you saying they are not very pretty!:eek:

10th Apr 2002, 08:46
Perfekt waere:

"Ich komme aus der Schweiz", oder?

But as you imply above, and as is apparent from other threads on this board, MS is a just a fraud.

And by the way, apologies to anyone from Huddersfield. Actually a very fine place!

16th Apr 2002, 23:05
... well, we always knew how different Swiss German is. Right now, nobody really knows how to write in German. Is it:

Die neue Rechtschreibreform


Immer noch die alte Rechtschreibregel?

It is sad that in Germany people cannot even agree on their own orthography ... :confused: