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5th Apr 2002, 22:13
I think in honor of the new forum layout, we should instigate a game of the great and highly esteemed Mornington Crescent. :)

Following something of a riot in the last game, the contemporary January 2002 Ruling Revisions will be ignored -- please revert to the standard rules.

I'll start:



5th Apr 2002, 22:21
ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Mornington Crescent!!

He starts with Embankment on a Friday??

New one:-

Hyde Park Corner

5th Apr 2002, 23:20
Ahh, Hugmonster, you baffle me.

It is perfectly acceptable to start with Embankment on a Friday . . . it's the Tuesdays you have to watch out for. I think you are confusing Embankment with Canary Wharf perhaps? I was under the impression that on Fridays, the Canary Wharf Opener renders the Covent Garden to Leicester Square move impossible, thereby making the game one hell of a lot harder, and I believe it is this very thing that has made the CWO Forbidden altogether in Mexico (or was it a Central Europe nation?).

I could be wrong.

Anyway, continuing with:

Finsbury Park

An excellent move.


Kalium Chloride
5th Apr 2002, 23:21
HugMonster, you're making life difficult.

Gotta go with the non-controversial Knightsbridge

5th Apr 2002, 23:26
HugMonster, you're making life difficult. Ahhhh - at last I've fulfilled an aim in life! :D

Kennington Oval

5th Apr 2002, 23:54
It's a little risky to say the least but:

Kentish Town

Always wondered why it's 'Kentish'. Does that mean it's not quite Kent?


6th Apr 2002, 00:16
Coney Island Stillwell Av, an awkward but perfectly legitimate move i'll think you will find ;) just in case you were wondering how (http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us/nyct/maps/submap.htm)

6th Apr 2002, 00:20
What is this all about?

6th Apr 2002, 01:18
Yeah....what is this all about? Friday nights are confusing enough.
What happens if I say 'Euston Square'...:(

6th Apr 2002, 01:29
Since the start date was April 2002, the correct first move should have been Stephen Byers and therefore invalidated. Your ticket should not have been punched. Baker Street.

6th Apr 2002, 01:30
A devious but cunning move F3, I will retaliate with Augsburger Strasse

6th Apr 2002, 01:31
Its Sat morning so for a bit of headscratching HENDON ,

6th Apr 2002, 03:19
somewhatconcerned, that's rediculous. Everybody knows that if you happen to be coming from Kentish Town (in the UK), you cannot go direct to Coney Island (in NYC) without a valid passport and travel visa. According to the standard Mornington Crescent rules, you have to mention such things. As you didn't, you miss at least a turn (and that's getting off easy). And anyway, technically you are "working" playing the game, so you'll need a work permit. Which you obviously don't have. I mean I could just have done with it and say 'Orlando Sanford International' right now, but we all have to resist such urges. :rolleyes:

Oh well, it's not your day is it. ;)

Big Red 'L' . . . Yeah but over here in the grand old United States of America, it's still Friday night. So Hendon is a reverse diagonal, which basically ruins all progress made in the last 3 turns, which means I have to recover it with:

Wembley Park

Ahh, I love gradually becoming a Mornington Crescent Superpower.:D


6th Apr 2002, 08:47
SFLY. I think you will find that my move was perfectly legal. I draw your attention to the 'comitties' international agreement (1972 I believe and revised again in 1996).
I will not bore by quoting the lengthy subchapter however it does state that assuming certain conditions are met great distances can be covered as long as the player informs the other players of his reference.
I believe that this ruling was introduced inorder to avoid numereous repitious manoevers accross several games as by that time MC had become relatively wide spread. May I refer you to the start date and the previous moves.
I am sure you are also aware of the penalty for misquotation of the rules however under the circumstances I am willing to let that slip.
Now wether or not you were aware of these rules I'm sure you will agree that Sandford while not entirely impossibe is quite ridiculous and an unfair comparisson, I can only assume that you used it to make a point.
Now had I made an illegal move (which of course I hadn't) we need to consider Big Red L's reverse diagonal of Hendon. It may initialy mean that your original progress had been lost but it also means that fairly rapid progression can be made in the later stages of the game, quite an clever move all things considered.
Maybe your not quite as close to becoming the Mornington Crescent superpower you first thought??

6th Apr 2002, 08:57
Oh dear - we're in nidd already.

There is nothing for it but to transfer the parallel.

And the only parallel that's available is

Birdcage Walk

6th Apr 2002, 09:01

6th Apr 2002, 09:23

WTF indeed TM - Nidd Huggy, on the first Saturday in April; surely not!!!

However, if you insist on these unorthodox moves - London Heathrow

6th Apr 2002, 11:51
That last move was a parallel pass. I'll ignore the implications and play a dual lateral transfer bringing us to:


Now come on fellows, you all know that arguing about the rules violates the spirit of the game. Lets keep on track...

Through difficulties to the cinema

6th Apr 2002, 12:52
Hatton Cross

6th Apr 2002, 13:30
Sorry, i have to dispute the claim to my suggestion. As it WAS Sat morning then my go is surley valid.!!!!!
I thought Time-zones didnt matter anyway unless there has been an amendment somewhere.
Anyway...... From GREENFORD leads me to ANGEL.......
Hold on.....how did you get to Greenford.????? If Greenford is not valid theni will go from Velvets Heathrow to.... BAT AND BALL...(Via Hatton cross of course...)

6th Apr 2002, 13:57
L, do try and keep up, there's a good fellow! ;)

Covent Garden

6th Apr 2002, 14:36
This game has a suspiciously Western bias so I am going to balance it up (but only as it's the first Saturday after Easter) by announcing:


So there

6th Apr 2002, 14:53
somewhat concerned, it was revised in 1995 not '96. But I'll allow the move because it makes the game more challenging.

Anyway, since we're in the East End, we couldn't do better than to take it to:

North Greenwich

It's a bit hard to get out of the Jubilee Line after Barking to Greenwich; be careful all!

6th Apr 2002, 14:58

East India Dock Road

6th Apr 2002, 15:17
One of my favorites:

Tottenham Hale


6th Apr 2002, 15:53
In two shakes of a Lambs tail.


Sorry just couldn't resist Waterloo

6th Apr 2002, 16:01
I'm going to make use of the bilateral-serendipity rule, which leaves me with very few options, but should make things more interesting. This leads me to the obvious choice of:

Warwick Avenue

Take that, suckers!!! :D

6th Apr 2002, 16:17
Well, its just got to be Notting Hill Gate

(MC is just 2 moves away if we dont get stuck in nidd again....careful now)

6th Apr 2002, 16:31
At the risk of spoiling things i'd like to try out the Radcliffe and Turner ruling of 48 (or is it vice verca??)

Anyway, despite their dislike for anywhere Sarf of Vauxhall I offer up


6th Apr 2002, 16:57
Yes, somewhatconcerned, it is in fact the 48 Ruling of Radliffe and Turner. :D

Under the rules we are in, you can't get to Mornington Crescent in 2 moves from Notting Hill Gate unless you are in Spoon or unless you double back to the 3rd place of the entire game.

That didn't happen, so I have to open it out with:



6th Apr 2002, 19:16
Using the curried vaseline convention introduced by Mr Jack in 1873, ill have to swiftly move things along to:


6th Apr 2002, 22:56
Wardour Street

Take that, Mr. C.Q. Cunnington-Smythe! Ha!

6th Apr 2002, 23:08
Why don't we just end the game an' meet in The Punch & Judy pub..... in....

...Covent Garden !!!! :D

Then again..... I don't drink do I? ;)

OK.... I might make an exception!!! http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/contrib/fk/catfly.gif

7th Apr 2002, 01:25
Many a slip twix cup and lip.
There's no place finer than......................
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
wait for it................................................
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....
............................................................ ....


7th Apr 2002, 01:25
The rules keep changing somewhat so is Sunday still 'clockwise' day.?????????
If so, Oxford circus.!!

7th Apr 2002, 01:37
Your confusion is quite understandable for which I must take my share of the blame.
It most likely began when I tried to add an international flavour which threw some of the more traditional players.
You are perfectly correct in assuming Sunday is a clockwise day. In addition I would like to offer my appologies to SFLY for quoting rules that to be fair are rarely used. They always cause controversy and I should have known better:o

Oxford Circus is perfectly legitimate L

7th Apr 2002, 01:47
That's quite alright, swc.
And L, I think Ruislip to Oxford Circus was very clever and useful given the somewhat odd circumstances.

. . . But not as good a move, of course, as the one I am about to make:

Liverpool Street
(One of the finest Mornington Crescent double-passthrough's in existance that is. It gets a bit dated when overused but fortunately that is not the case on this thread.)


7th Apr 2002, 03:35
good move my friend.....next one will be hard now so i will leave it to the master players as i am scared i make the wrong move.!!!!!!

7th Apr 2002, 04:21
One mans 'dated and over used' is another mans 'classic'.
I certainly do not claim to be a master player but as I will be retiring to bed after this I suggest Viscount Biscuits reverse tangent manouver to St Johns Wood

7th Apr 2002, 05:04
Ahh, St John's Wood! I was hoping to get that one in after a Circle Line manouvre but you beat me to it!:o

I suppose my only option here is:

London Bridge

This game's getting warmer! :cool: :eek: :D


7th Apr 2002, 05:52
As it's a get off only station on a Sunday we'll surge up the Northern Line and get to Camden Town

I know it's a risky move but it does draw out the inexperienced as they think they can head immediately toward the haven of MC

Let's see if anybody falls for it :cool:

7th Apr 2002, 08:53

The Boat Race having been done last week, using Mountalban's Paradoxical Tranverse...

Pall Mall

7th Apr 2002, 11:21


7th Apr 2002, 11:46
How about excercising a little river boat shuffle to open up a few direct pass options...Putney Bridge

7th Apr 2002, 12:17
The simpler riposte to which should be


But its Spring and I`m feeling adventurous, so:


7th Apr 2002, 13:09
Barnes Eyot

7th Apr 2002, 14:40

Surprised nobody used it before . . . Loki even backed out of it at the last minute!:confused:
Not the best here though: It blocks out the Jubilee line completely and gives just one point of entry to the Central.

We'll see who are the brains of Mornington Crescent around here pretty soon! ;)


7th Apr 2002, 14:46
Fleet Street via Mansion House (McArdle/Telegraph Convention)

7th Apr 2002, 14:56
Earl's Court

A toughie but no looking back now.


7th Apr 2002, 14:58
2 moves...

The Cut

7th Apr 2002, 21:52
Jerome Bradbeers subterainian transfer takes us to Paddington, but just bearly.

7th Apr 2002, 22:09
1 move...

Queen's Gate Terrace (Off weekend red route)

7th Apr 2002, 22:16
I was so tempted to just go for it, but I realized that it would have been disqualified at that early stage due to the earlier Hammersmith to Fleet Street, then the 4 moves to Queen's Gate.

So I will have to settle for something a little more tamed and with less blood pressure behind it:

King's Cross

It'll require a bit of manouvering now to recover onto the Northern Line.


7th Apr 2002, 22:22
Northern Line not required!

0 moves...

Mornington Crescent!

By the 1909 St. Pancras Supervisory Triangle!!


How about another?

Green Park

7th Apr 2002, 22:27
As the Weekend draws to a close (GMT) I think it's time to play it safe and go with a Ripper of a move to Whitechaple.

7th Apr 2002, 22:32
That damn Triangle amendment! I thought a bit uneasy when I passed up the opportunity. :o

And may I congratulate you all; I believe that the previous game was the longest continuous game on PPRuNe. :cool:

Anyway, here we go then:

Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3


7th Apr 2002, 23:00
Well now it's Monday (GMT) and due to the French ruling we now have to apply gender association making westward travel quite tricky to say the least, I think Ickenham should give the most options. Don't forget nid though!

7th Apr 2002, 23:06
Good God!

The only really logical move from there is Bristol Temple Meads, so I shall go for an illogical move


7th Apr 2002, 23:12
Bassa's A new game.!!!!!! No way is that last one over so quickly. How come it ended that quick?

You lot must of known i would be working all day and night so ended it before i could get in with a chance of winning !!!!!!!
Anyway, this new game better last longer......i remember the last thread, a game going on for weeks on there.......So easy one to go with now... Euston

Next........... :)

7th Apr 2002, 23:16
Don't worry, L, you carry on working - you'll stand as much chance of winning as you do right now! :D hehehe

Lamb's Conduit Street

(always a favourite move of mine)

7th Apr 2002, 23:50
Just for you L Belsize Park should keep this one going at least for a day or two if not more.

8th Apr 2002, 00:06
Well since we're making completely illogical and frankly beginner-style moves :rolleyes:, and we've prolonged the game through swc's Belsize Park, Epping Forest seems completely just to me.

Sometimes the game can be more fun when the rules are just thrown out. :cool:


8th Apr 2002, 00:13
I was only tying to do a guy a favour but if the gloves are off....

<<<<<<<<<<<<<Elephant and Castle>>>>>>>>>>>>>

8th Apr 2002, 00:30
Well if the tensions will insist on rising, then I have no choice but to pull out:

Acton Town
Back at you! :mad: :D :cool: ;)


Gunner B12
8th Apr 2002, 07:25
I have to ask......

Where, if they exist at all, can rules for this be found?

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

8th Apr 2002, 07:26
To calm frayed tempers and bring some sense back to the game I feel I have to invoke the underground / overground interface and give you......


Now please all of you, calm down and make considered moves please ::rolleyes:

8th Apr 2002, 09:48
OK... here's one for you

Wellington Road

8th Apr 2002, 13:51
Wellington Road :confused:

Where did you dig that from? A good blocker move though, so I'll take you up on it, sidestep with a diagonal shift and head off to Woodvale to keep the game going. Mind the Doors!

Through difficulties to the cinema

8th Apr 2002, 14:37
Continuing the diagonal shift i'll add a transverse slip to the home of Marge Simpson.

High Barnet

8th Apr 2002, 14:39

Checks Rule 54 SubSection iii Abridged Version 1984.

Huggy!!!!! Where on earth are you digging up these moves from, you must be distracted by your trip to the big smoke.

You call that a calm move Low&Slow - where did you consider that - Afghan Twist I think.

Still, since it's Monday in Melbourne and I fancy an adventurous and rather risque leap of faith - Putney Bridge.

8th Apr 2002, 16:47
Using a rear side pass takes us to Wapping.

Here's a little known bit of Mornington trivia for you...

The 'rear side pass' was first thought up by a Yorkshire dairy farm worker whilst cutting cheese and he named it 'the cheese cut'.

For many years high class society would turn their noses up at it as it was a manouever widely excercised by the lower classes. After a while though it become adopted right accross society but was renamed 'the rear side pass'.

Apparently the French use it quite alot now.

8th Apr 2002, 20:05
you are all mad.:p

8th Apr 2002, 20:12

I'm still waitin' in the Punch & Judy, in Covent Garden!!!!!! :eek: :p

8th Apr 2002, 20:49
Well, watch out for the Wombles, in.....

8th Apr 2002, 20:56
Gunner B12, the rules of the game will most likely be able to be attained by emailing
I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue (mailto://[email protected]) at BBC Radio 4. (If that doesn't work try this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/comedy/clue.shtml (BBC R4 ISIHAC) ). Tell them you have observed a game and are confused as to the rules, they should set you straight! ;)

Okay, back to the game, and I see today we've gone all serious. So there is nothing better to match the mood than:


(PS, I suggest that the next move be skillfully engineered to pull us out of Croup, meaning it will have to be onto the Waterloo and City line. (;))Unless you like being confined to Zone 5 and therefore making it impossible for anyone to head towards Euston or Mornington Crescent its self :rolleyes: )


9th Apr 2002, 00:06
More Mornington Trivia.

Did you know that the Oestend tripple was the 4th most popular move within the game on a week day in 1982. Now almost no one uses it, indeed over the last two games it hasn't been used once.

Well excercising the Oestend tripple we end up at Hackney Wick . I know it restricts NE zone transfers but it does open up a multitude of other possibilitys providing you avoid Linden.

It's amazing what you find out after a trip to Waterstones:)

9th Apr 2002, 00:30
I am amazed...its serious this one...no end in sight for ages yet......i gotta go with this one now..... Headstone Lane keeping it north for a while should make it a bit easier..... :)

9th Apr 2002, 01:31
Sorry L, but as it is the longest stretch in between major national holidays (meaning of course that there is no reason to linger in the outer 2 zones), and as it is a Monday evening in the USA, and as there have been tie ups in the Centre for obvious reasons, I just can't allow us all to 'keep it North'. In fact, I will have to counter it as best I know how:

Clapham Common

PS, L; I don't believe there is a Headstone Lane. Try to keep on track, eh?:rolleyes:

9th Apr 2002, 02:08
You should be more careful Sfly. April being an off month time is referenced to UTC. in addition
Headstone lane is also legit'. Reference (pdf file) (http://www.thetube.com/content/firstandlast/bakerloo/bakerloo.pdf)
Fortunately you chose one of the 5 available contingency options. I'll rectify it with Circle line Bayswater

9th Apr 2002, 04:11
SFly disqualifies himself for lack of "The Knowledge" eh? Surely everyone knows the operation of the peak hour extensions?

Circle Line removes all direction blocks, so change at Embankment for a dead end at Morden . Get out of that one without a double cross over if you can! Ha ha!

Through difficulties to the cinema

itchy kitchin
9th Apr 2002, 13:31
Its obvious that corporate sponsorship has ruined the spirit of the game... back in 1884, gentlemen used to play the glorious game for its moral merit, but what with all the tube extensions and cross rail links, it has become cheapend to this level.

I'm not one to moan though,

Dollis Hill.
(Yes, its valid, the Metropolitan line no longer stops there)

9th Apr 2002, 15:08
Out of respect for the late Queen Mother, I invoke Rule 33 and declare: Westminster.

9th Apr 2002, 19:17
and keeping with the spirit of rule 33 with a graceful diametric sweep I take us to Pimlico.

9th Apr 2002, 20:18
I disagree with swc and blacksheep. You have both forgotten the now almost-standard interzones offside rule. Headstone to Clapham Common is a completely legitimate and well-placed move. Bayswater to Morden is not. Bayswater is in the Centre of the city (in zone 1). You switched without a care from 1 to 4. Using the 4-Zone offside ruling of October 1999, players may not jump to more than 3 zones unless the player is in Croup or the destination is Euston. Neither of those exceptions apply, so you are both 'disqualified'. However, nobody is disqualified in Mornington Crescent so let's all just get along! The game should be fun and entertaining, not nit-picking. :p

So let's have a nice easy move to:

Piccadilly Circus

Hands Olive Branch to fellow players
Over to you. :)

Conky Joe
9th Apr 2002, 20:45
I wonder that no-one was brave enough to attempt the Torvill triple saucow so popular in the mid-80s. It can be messy so is only usually used once in a game - hupla and off to Temple.

Haven't played this since I was kneehigh to a thingmy! :D


10th Apr 2002, 02:13
SFly, it was you that played the move to Bayswater on the Circle Line . Because the Circle Line circles as it were, the standard interzone offside rule doesn't apply. After all, the Circle Line was built for changing zones! As it is, itchy kitchen correctly got a ticket to Dollis Hill, which in the circumstances was about the only legitimate move. Well done itchy!

Now we're at Temple and can Circle Line round to Kings Cross for a change onto the Northern Line. Unfortunately the next northbound train from there goes direct through to Camden Town without stopping at Mornington Crescent [they always do, that's how the great game began ;)] so I'll stay on the Circle instead and whiz through to Notting Hill Gate.

Through difficulties to the cinema

10th Apr 2002, 12:44
Given it is Wednesday and the Bachman Turner override is operation that takes us neatly to the start of the snake:


10th Apr 2002, 12:59
As the 1967 Perimeter Ruling demands a return toward the centre to allow the game to progress I shall take you with squealing wheels past the former Plague Pits to :


10th Apr 2002, 19:32
Blacksheep, I never moved us to Bayswater. I was trying to bridge a peace in the tensions but you were evidently unwilling to raise to that kind of level. However, I think that the Jubilee Shift Conundrum sufficiently avoids the centre for a bit, so I think it's back to the old:

Edgware Road
PS It seems somebody voted a rating of "1" for this thread!:eek: How anybody could blaspheme the game like that is rediculous and almost heresy. :mad: I say we all vote "5"s to counter such negative energy.

Over to the PPRuNe proletariat.


10th Apr 2002, 21:48
I graciously accept the Olive branch SFLY and as I am now holding wood I think Marylebone is appropriate.

10th Apr 2002, 21:52
Okay, using the reverse-parallel rule I'll take it into deepest St. Pancras.


11th Apr 2002, 03:36
Screeches to a halt, observes SFly down in the bowels of St Pancras and with a moibus overhead loop backs up to Paddington.

11th Apr 2002, 03:56
My apologies SFly, I see it was 'somewhatconcerned' who alighted at Bayswater.

I don't know what inspired Velvet to go from Kings Cross / St. Pancras to Paddington and alight when she could simply have caught the next northbound for two stops to Mornington Crescent; perhaps that was too easy and she just wanted to keep the game going?

Anyway, continuing the Extended Mainline Shuffle with a Reverse Diagonal Shift on Metropolitan to Waterloo, enables me to change onto the Northern Line for Mornington Crescent via Euston and finish the game. Ta Daaaar!!!

New Game start: A Classic opener this - Oxford Circus. Two reverse obliques, a diagonal shift or even the infamous Victoria diversion all possible from here. Which is it to be then?

Through difficulties to the cinema

11th Apr 2002, 05:02
Blacksheep, I'll take one of the reverse oblique options available from here and start winding my way down (accompanied by a sax solo of course)


11th Apr 2002, 15:12
With a southbound transition, 'it's another crazy day' in Piccadilly Circus

11th Apr 2002, 17:51
mad,all mad. you need help.:(

11th Apr 2002, 20:39
I interpret fantom's negativity as the comments a frustrated novice who is taking out that frustration on those that are more skilled than he. I would venture so far as to name him as the PPRuNer who voted this thread a "one". Correct me if I'm wrong? :rolleyes:

Anyway, we've been going to some pretty well-known places in the past 3 moves so I'll diversify it a little by adding:

Dagenham Heathway

Roll on the reverse diagonal. ;)


12th Apr 2002, 03:13
So, its obscurity we're looking for today hey? I'll make a reverse couple to pop down to Gloucester Road (could visit our London office but I'll stay on the Tube), then throw a lateral transfer onto Piccadilly to go looping the loop at Heathrow (we're in aviation right?) before getting down at


neatly avoiding any fuss over the Barksworthy- Sellick cross-zones interservice rule by switching zones in an inbound direction.

Through difficulties to the cinema

Mr Bump
12th Apr 2002, 14:26
A rather nifty and normally unconventional move puts us at Colliers Wood.

Nasty perhaps, but a good move nonetheless.

12th Apr 2002, 19:54
Will have to think about that.

12th Apr 2002, 19:57
If one goes sideways...then just a little down...and a stall turn sort of affair...we can go to Tyburn.


12th Apr 2002, 23:01
My impulse knee-jerk sort of reaction was to jump right to Hatton Cross but upon further thought I decided it was unwise; firstly because we didn't go through Kensington, and second because Hatton Cross almost always involves application of one of the British Airways variations which require players to just continue to Heathrow T's 1,2,3 without stopping. Unfair but it depends where you are going.

So more appropriate to this game is:

Finchley Road

A classic; never loses it's freshness.


12th Apr 2002, 23:22
In that case, I propose the classic 'Straight' close-coupled 'yaw' move from here to:


Hugh De Payen
13th Apr 2002, 00:54
So if we expedite a backtrack at this point, we'll straighten things out when we arrive at Hampton Wick !

13th Apr 2002, 02:36
Well since we're 'off' diagonals, I think we could intensify the situation with:

Liverpool Street

I must admit, Liverpool Street is one of my absoulte favorite moves; always a pleasure.


Hugh De Payen
13th Apr 2002, 02:58
Dont care too much for the Sloane Rangers so I'll head on six stops on the district line to Blackfriars.

13th Apr 2002, 12:26
I'll offer up a cheeky little District Line sprint with a north bound hop over (actually, it's more like a hoppette) to Hammersmith

13th Apr 2002, 14:21
One of the more frenzied moves available to me from Hammersmith:

Notting Hill Gate

That one goes by pretty quickly; you have to keep on your feet!


Hugh De Payen
13th Apr 2002, 20:27
Under the open channel convention it now permits the use of EU stations within a given dimension. Therefore, I make my move, swiftly I may add to Gare du Nord in gay Paris.

Au Revoir!

13th Apr 2002, 22:29
Too gay.

Place Pigalle

(I once was importuned there by a young thing in pink hotpants, so it retains a special place in my affections)! ;)

Hugh De Payen
13th Apr 2002, 22:39
You can part with far too much money in that district hug , and therefore i'll traverse to the station Stalingrad .

14th Apr 2002, 12:04
Using the new capitalist/communist common link and throw a parabola up and slide down into :


Stands poised at the subway exit searching for armed pilots.....:D

14th Apr 2002, 12:20
Continuing the "Places I have been importuned" theme...

Times Square

Then via Aer Lingus to:-

FitzWilliam Square, Dublin

14th Apr 2002, 17:14
I'm afraid I can't be a party to any of this foreign/wierd rubbish (:rolleyes: )so I will give you all a nice, traditional, straight:


PS Congratulations to 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue' reaching 30! I missed a large portion of the programme but no doubt it was great!


14th Apr 2002, 18:00
Continuing the theme of simplicity, i'll make a nice little after diner move to

14th Apr 2002, 18:04
Enough of that... now for a fiendishly complex one...

South Wharf Road

(N.B. It's taxis and Paddington Station vehicles only! hehehe! :D)

14th Apr 2002, 22:44
Using the traditional Gyratory System / Public Transport Reform Rules (as mentioned in the official Mornington handbook I believe), there's nothing to it but to give you:

Hanger Lane

I challenge someone to pull us off the Central and onto Northern to get near the goal. Just try it.

SFly (Who knows full well that it is impossible due to the London Bridge Convention of 1973 where the world's MC leaders decreed an almost-standard set of rules. Which were promptly ignored . . .)


14th Apr 2002, 22:52
Sorry, but it HAS, just HAS to be Portland Bill :D
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

14th Apr 2002, 23:01
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sfly - and I thought my late great aunt (may she RIP) was a devious player... My congratulations! ;)

Such a route is, of course, not required, since if you accept the 1973 Conventions, you take a left-handed semiquadrant to

Baker Street

If, on the other hand, you ignore the aforesaid Convention, you are forced into a double parallel with transverse sectoring. Now, let's see where that ends up... Ah yes!

Baker Street

Herrings, my dear chap, Herrings

(Phew - spent several minutes pondering that one)

14th Apr 2002, 23:07
Well, a pox on your lack of spatial imagination sirrah.. I propose a sojourn to Waterloo.... a quick Eurostar to Brussels an S-Bahn to Leipzig, wherein, to conceal myself upon a piece of U-Bahn rolling stock, being exported to the Central Station of the Son of the Eternal light, Pyongyang North Korea. However, I may be scuppered for the return journey, as I understand the leccy only comes on for the great leaders birthday.....


15th Apr 2002, 01:18
Ahh, Hugmonster, I'm afraid I am going to have to accept your first one there, no going back on what you said: Baker Street it is then.

So remembering the double parallel rule (the revised 1999 edition rather than the previous 1987) which states that there is no backtracking west of the Goldhawk Road vertical segment (look at any tube map; you'll see it) for the remaining duration, there is nothing to it but to proceed via an interesting and quite unique double fault (diagonal) lineshift along the Northern to:

King's Cross

It doesn't get much better than that.


Sliding member
15th Apr 2002, 01:38
Using atechnique pioneered by the late great Ted Moult we find ourselves taking a tetrahedral leap then a quazi-torroidal shuffle to Barking (by the spider). Now then...............

15th Apr 2002, 04:52
Ted Moult should have stuck to gardening with his tetrahedral claptrap but Barking would be an appropriate destination for him.

Now, today is Sunday [at least it still is in Barking] so I can take advantage of the lack of other patrons blocking the stairways to use the Hammersmith and City for a reverse lateral zone interface shuffle to Baker street, switching to a nifty diagonal pull performed at Wembley Park by switching back to good old boring Neasden A single Zone change while inwards bound. Very crafty but Sunday is Sunday so all is forgiven eh?

BTW SFly, Ptuuhii!!! I SPIT on the 1999 convention! Who the hell invited the French for crying out loud? :p

Through difficulties to the cinema

15th Apr 2002, 12:28
Seeing as it's my birthday I'll take a 45 degree slanting run for a night out in:


15th Apr 2002, 12:56
Acton Town?

Acton Town???

All you rank amateurs with your fancy moves... Pah!

Where were you when Cortley-Carruthers took a then little-known idiosyncracy of the then Prince of Wales and turned it into one of the greatest mental challenges? Huh? Not even your fathers were then gleams in THEIR fathers' eyes.

Pipsqueaks. Johnny-Come-Latelys.

And how come this tirade?

Because the simplest Victorian Convention takes us straight to

Mornington Crescent.

I feel sorry for SFly - after all the excellent moves he put up, all the hard work laying a subtle trail, all is for nothing.

Ah well. Sic Biscuitus Disintegrat, as they say (or maybe they don't.)

Ted Moult, for heavens' sake. Didn't even know the first thing about double-glazing. He wouldn't even know his Madras from his Elba.

How about another?

It's Spring. The weather's beautiful.

Kensington Gardens

15th Apr 2002, 14:17
all mad,the lot of you.:(

15th Apr 2002, 21:26
Hugmonster, I take it I'm not included in the 'Pipsqueaks' . . . I was of course merely attempting to prolong the game!! :o Kind of seems pointless now. I suppose I shall begin now a more agressive strategy:

And while we're into gardens:

Island Gardens

SFly :eek: :cool:

15th Apr 2002, 21:32
Then Shepards Bush it shall be.

I'll give him amatures and pipsqueeks...grrrr.....mumble....phhh

16th Apr 2002, 09:20
With all these 'gardens' and 'bushes' its more like Gardeners World than a game of Mornington Crescent. Away with Ted Moult (and the Frenchy Poos too!) Lets do the old 'east-west shuffle' through Holborn to Park Royal and visit the Guinness brewery. :p

And no cheating. You can't get out of there without doing a bi-lateral excursion that includes Rayners Lane. (Unless you use the discreditred and wimpy 1999 "French" convention that is!)

Through difficulties to the cinema

16th Apr 2002, 21:16
I would just like everyone to note that my "1999 Revised edition" of the double parallel rule, (which was incidentally originally conceived in 1987), used to bring us to King's Cross several posts ago in the last game, has no relation to the (seemingly fictitious) "1999 French Convention" put forward by Hugh de payen which, as you will all note, I condemed and denounced forcefully for being beyond the appropriety (and reputation) limits of the game.

So please take note instead of using forceful behavior, etc. :rolleyes:

Now, back to the game:

St James's Park



16th Apr 2002, 21:49
Aha! But that opens the door to the double-blind Connex convention and allows me to play...

Beckenham Junction

16th Apr 2002, 21:54
They're at it again...

St. John's Wood

16th Apr 2002, 22:37
Tottenham Hale
"From St. John's Wood?" I hear you say. Well of course! Haven't forgotten the oft-misinterpreted Clapham Common Decree after the delays of 1994 have you? And if you have, I bet you were thinking of continuing on to Hyde Park Corner! Well think again chum! Hyde Park is cut off due to the Knightsbridge Parallel Exception! You can try it if you like, but be warned, you won't like the outcome . . . . . .:eek: :cool: ;)

:) :) But I will.:D :D

16th Apr 2002, 22:45
SFly, I've come to the conclusion that the "F" in your handle is an erroneous misprint of an insertion... ;)

It's midweek, the canal is open...

Little Venice. (Watch out for Camden Lock)

17th Apr 2002, 01:32
Mid week it is which means Mr Fothergyles thrupple shuffle (circa 1892) will take us to Gallions Reach

17th Apr 2002, 02:02
Well thank you HM, it's nice to be appreciated . . .:D

Hmmm, let's see. Almost midweek where I type from, and one of the all time Mornington Crescent favorites for Tuesday evenings:

Ealing Common

A bit of Mornington Crescent trivia for you all: In the 1930s and before, the game was concentrated very much on the East End, just a tad west, and basically in the centre of the map. The Blitz's continual strategic bombing of those areas led Mornington Crescent fanciers to seek safer climes, so the game's major moves began to spread outwards and westwards. This popular exodus to the shelter of safer areas had some drawbacks: games went on for incredibly long amounts of times, up to months, because to make the leap to Mornington Crescent, the players had to break the cover they had in the West and in the outskirts and take a massive risk in a quick move to Mornington Crescent. Only the most advanced, brave, and skilled players (including, it is alleged, the Queen Mother and Winston Churchill themselves) dared to take the risk, prolonging games.

Amazing, yet true.


17th Apr 2002, 05:33
Her Majesty played under the pseudonym Harriet Molesworthy and was the inventor of the Mile End double crossover. Winston Churchill amused himself by playing under his own name - no-one believed it was really him. He had some smart moves credited too, but only the Westminster barter remains in common use today.

Just to shift us away from the westerly regions of Ealing I'll play an East London under pass re-doubled and emerge at Canada Water

Through difficulties to the cinema

17th Apr 2002, 19:20
Interesting, blacksheep.

Taking it next to good old:


17th Apr 2002, 22:13
Good god!!!!! I thought I'd missed the train. Well done chaps for starting another game.

Now let me see............. there is a rare and seldom used ploy that originated way back in Roman times during early versions of when the game was played.

Using the Carthage Syndrome I can zip you at the speed of light to....


Take that!!

18th Apr 2002, 18:42
Could probably slip in Kensington

18th Apr 2002, 19:51
mad,the lot of you.:confused:

18th Apr 2002, 20:58
You probably could, if you didn't watch your step! :D

Northfields Avenue

18th Apr 2002, 23:10
Not on a very sure footing for this next one; kind of a risk but life is for the living eh?

So . . . . White City

Ahh, Now I've gone through with it I feel a little more confident in it. :cool:


18th Apr 2002, 23:33
but White City opens up the 'Metropolitan Sprint' to


Requiring a non-standard end of line turn around!!!:D

Aaron G. Stryngge
19th Apr 2002, 00:36
and we're back at Cockfosters.

Heard during the blackout:-
"Is this Cockfosters?"
"No, it's mine"

19th Apr 2002, 01:25
Cockfosters eh? Where the great Australian Beer originated no doubt :D

Well I'm taking us off to Camden Town - so near and yet so far.

You can't finish on a one-stop move due to the Carboli Prerogative, ratified during the 1981 convocation at the Barbican. So, now we're as far away from Mornington Crescent as it is possible to be, what bold move are we going to come up with next? :p

Mind the Doors!

Through difficulties to the cinema

19th Apr 2002, 22:44
Ongar and I'm not changing my mind.

19th Apr 2002, 23:01
Wasn't there a headline in a local newspaper when Local Authority Librarians there went on strike:-


Sorry, but there's nothing for it.

It's time for:-

(Are you ready for this, Flaps?)

Primrose Hill

19th Apr 2002, 23:26
Primrose Hill? Primrose Hill?!?!:eek: :mad: :eek:

Are you out of your mind? And I thought I was taking a risk going to White City! Primrose Hill! Whew!

Well I'm a little disoriented now we've been taken on that little excursion . . . very interesting it was too. I don't trust my judgment at this point but here goes anyway:

Seven Sisters

"Huh! Primrose Hill. I'll give them a Primrose Hill . . . "

19th Apr 2002, 23:36
Trust me SFly - there is madness in my method...

All together now...

Hendon neath the lamplight, by the barrack gate, darling I remember the way you used to wait...

20th Apr 2002, 00:28
HM, after calming down from the initial shock of the Primrose Hill move, I considered that maybe, just maybe, you may have been going for the very interesting but little-known Canada / North Cross Junction (Circle Line Zones 1 and 2 naturally) Maneuvre, which I happened to have run across in my travels about a year ago. I won't go into details, (there are too damn few secrets in the world of Mornington Crescent as it is); but from Seven Sisters, a move to Edgware Road or Marble Arch would have seemingly put us into Croup (which is of course complete anarchy) and an attentive player could have nipped to Euston and then almost certainly to Mornington Crescent while nobody was paying much attention (trying to come out with all their appendeges still in place no doubt).

However, Hendon puts a spanner in those works. What are you getting at? And why? Unless . . . . no. You couldn't be slowly working on the 1985 King's Cross Amendment Option could you? And why? . . .

I suppose I should throw caution to the wind:

Notting Hill Gate

Just barely able to make that one: its a Northern Line move next!


20th Apr 2002, 01:22
Well if HM is working on the 1985 King's Cross Amendment Option, this will scupper his plans

Camden Town

No set moves out of this one, you'll have to think on your toes for the next few moves at least (insert evil villain laugh here).

20th Apr 2002, 04:34
Well, after 4 pages that's me finally out of nid. And just to celebrate:


(Using the Fairport Covention)

20th Apr 2002, 09:58
Fairlop! SFly, NOW do you see what I was doing? ;)

Will you or shall I?

20th Apr 2002, 12:06
you can say that again.

20th Apr 2002, 14:04
Right! That's done it! Calm Down! I'm pulling the game back together and calling a time out for overnight maintenance at the depot in

West Ruislip

That'll get rid of the over-excitement and give us some breathing space to recover our composure.

Whatever were you thinking of Huggy, playing the Fotheringay Bluff at this stage? A very successful bluff though, I congratulate you on your perspicacity ;)

Through difficulties to the cinema

20th Apr 2002, 15:05
It was no bluff! You played right into his hands! West Ruislip is the biggest giveaway after Fairlop there is if you remember the 1991 Tottenham Diversion (and what a tournament that was)!

Which is why I have jumped on the Northern Line with a very smug look on my face and . . . any time now . . . we're slowing down . . . darkness is getting lighter (why do they put windows on these things anyway?) . . . here it comes! . . .

Mornington Crescent

A very well played game by all of us! --Well, most anyway.

How about a new one?

I'll start with a random opener:
Tottenham Hale


20th Apr 2002, 21:53
Picking up on the capital letter of that opening move leads us to the T in Boston (BA, 3 flights per day) and that most harmonious of stops:


20th Apr 2002, 23:13
WTG SFly! I knew you'd spot it!

What a team we'd make!

OK - time to do a little thinking, so I shall play a Philpott Precautionary.

Uxbridge Road

21st Apr 2002, 01:12
HM, just imagine it. What an alliance that would be! Taking the Mornington Crescent genre by storm, one station at a time . . . :cool: We'd crush the opposition! But alas, it would probably be overruled by government regulators. Oh well! :D

Anyway, back to the game. The Uxbridge Convention, regrettably out of use on Saturday evenings such as this, would've been wonderful; so I shall have to use a contingency. . . and I know just the one: the Ruislip-Neasden (You pronounce the 'hyphen' by the way)2nd revision, popularized in the '78 Europe Tournament, which takes us to:

Golder's Green


22nd Apr 2002, 21:37
Hackney Marshes (just outside the Dive Shop, just down the road from the Mountain Rescue Centre)

22nd Apr 2002, 23:56
Ahh, HM, the everglades of London!

Continuing: Marble Arch

(reverse double shift to those interested)


24th Apr 2002, 03:49
Continuing the theme a rearward slip takes us to


24th Apr 2002, 10:41
Never did like those reverse slips. I prefer the parallels and tangentials (had trouble not typing tangenitals there ;)) so from Queensbury, let's have

St. Catherine's Dock

24th Apr 2002, 20:16
After deliberation, I have decided to use the Brighton Handicap (though the Waterloo Strategy was a close second). The lateral shift can be used to box opponents out of the game. At this time, two or more players are out of nip by the way so Nobody can declare Tooting Bec and overrule it until someone can make the correct move.

I have taken this drastic measure to spicen up the game a bit. Should keep you all on your toes! ;)

Under the new variation; Epping Forest (Epping to you and I):eek: :)


24th Apr 2002, 20:50
Queen's Gate Mews


25th Apr 2002, 01:55
I will resist the move to Mudchute despite the Brighton Handicap and instead change gear and go for the Alan Titmarsh autumn/spring manoevre to Turnham Green. You might have to think about that one............................................oh you have, ok, i'll get my coat then:confused:

25th Apr 2002, 02:11
swc, seems OK to me; unless of course we take the Whetstone Alternating Variant, which of course puts Turnham Green and all similar straight into Spoon.

So to bring this situation back to a peak of sorts, I'll open it out with Regent Park.

You know, we could do with some young talent in this game: Keep it going; Let's keep it at the top of the first JB page eh?

Oh, and NO NID for the NEXT TWO MOVES!!!!
(gasp!) What will we do!?:confused: :eek: :D


25th Apr 2002, 03:15
and of course Regents Street lends itself nicely to Earls Court

25th Apr 2002, 04:28
An out of commission phone line kept me out of PPRuNe for a few days so I couldn't comment on SFly's escape move from West Ruislip where he completely forgot that after overnight maintenance at the depot the trains are delivered back to where they came from. He should not therefore have been able to dash off to Mornington Crescent quite so blithely... but I digress, that game is now over and there have been some interesting moves in this new one.

No Nids for two moves eh? And we're at Regent Street with Turnham and all the other Greens in spoon?

Now, when I visit the Royal Institute of Navigation I can never decide whether to use Kensington High Street or Knightsbridge but I do know that while Piccadilly Circus is at one end of Regents Street and Oxford Circus is at the other there is certainly nothing in between! SFly is having us on and I'm calling his bluff.

Walking north up Regents Street to Oxford Circus I'll do a Victorian reverse crossover through the Oval and emerge at Mile End

Meanwhile, SFly is in the sin bin for four moves for inventing imaginary stations. (and don't think I didn't notice 'Uxbridge Road' Huggy, I was just off-line thats all)

Through difficulties to the cinema

25th Apr 2002, 09:24
Canning Town Flyover

25th Apr 2002, 10:23
Cheeky!! :D

You are awful, but I like you!! :p

Through difficulties to the cinema

25th Apr 2002, 20:10
While I dislike internal bickering whilst playing the game I must rush to my own defense as it were. Blacksheep seems to be on a 'shoot down SFly' rampage so:

There was nothing wrong with the previous Mornington Crescent win; and there have been several moves since in which no one has complained. Hugmonster managed to set things up where somewhatconcerned was in Nid in Camden Town, pom suggested Fairlop and what followed was a completely legitimate and (if I do say so myself) quite an impressive sprint to Mornington Crescent.

SFly is not in the 'sin bin' by any means. Everybody else cleverly realized that it was just a Freudian slip on my part and that I meant Regent Park. In fact, I have now edited it just for you.

And who are you to talk then Blacksheep? I never said a word when you went to Morden, completely ignoring the Marble Arch Convention which disallowed it. I was completely quiet when you whizzed us through Notting Hill Gate when it was completely wild and should have been overruled.

I try to get along in the game because bickering is no fun. You ignored my general Olive Branch (made for this very reason) in the past and have made false accusations. Let's just be adult and get on with it? PPRuNe truce?

Now that that's taken care of; I'll reverse it to:

St. Pancras

One of the more convenient moves.

Hugh De Payen
25th Apr 2002, 22:07
Halving the District Line and blocking the Northern Line Edgeware branch should put a spanner in the works of many players ideas. The only way I can do this is with a curving loop switch to Tottenham Court Road but this risks being drawn into an elliptical progression which may put me out of the game.

We wait!

26th Apr 2002, 01:14
No worries with elliptical progression, in cases like this I prefer to move the game forwards rather than go for an entrapment move.
My love of things old and nautical leaves me with the obvious choice of

Cutty Sark . Shiver me timbers....

26th Apr 2002, 01:18

Are Northern Line stations wild? :confused:

26th Apr 2002, 01:26
Absolutely livid!:D

26th Apr 2002, 01:31
A rampaging sheep? :eek: How tickled I am by that one so yes, truce it is SFly. :)

Northern Line Stations are never wild Huggy, but just for you lets stop at Angel

Through difficulties to the cinema

26th Apr 2002, 01:32
I love it when you feed a line and someone picks straight up on it!

In that case, it explains why King's Cross! :D :D :D

So we shall have to assay a (sadly rare) direct orthogonal with:-

Paddington :eek:

26th Apr 2002, 02:50
I wish dearly that the orthogonal to Paddington was more popular; it's so scenic on a rainy day. But then, so is the move to Mornington Crescent, and that's very popular.

Heh heh, a simple diagonal use of the Poplar Convention, passing through Charing Cross, nothing more.

I say, that was fun (despite the jokes)

How about another?

St. John's Wood


Hugh De Payen
26th Apr 2002, 02:50
I could really confuse the game here by performing a overhand shuffle on the Northern and Central Lines, however, I dont want to put quadrant 4 completely out of reach. A half strile to Camden Town is all I can manage.

26th Apr 2002, 05:23
Hey diddle diddle there's dwile in the middle. Through Sheperds Bush to Hammersmith [or 'Ammersmiff as it is colloquially known.] Quadrant Four is back in Spoon and alls well again.

Mind the doors!

THrough difficulties to the cinema

Hugh De Payen
26th Apr 2002, 06:20
Well you little monkey Blacksheep ,

After playing that very defensively, I think it's time to hurry the game up.

Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3 should do the trick as it puts me in a strong position with a choice of 6 moves next time (including a triple shunt through the district line).

Others PPruners contemplating this game should take note of the prevalence of such pyschological gambits being played here, even if IMCRB does not approve. Toodle pip Blacksheep.

27th Apr 2002, 02:00
If it's speed your after i'll use a passive advance to the Barbican

Good place. bad beer!

Hugh De Payen
27th Apr 2002, 03:35
Must control somewhatconcerned turn of speed, i'll move on to Euston. Ah dammit! So close! Foiled at the last by an obvious half piked twist and a Thrompton's Err.

27th Apr 2002, 22:53
I may have but the one tactic, but you do keep leaving yourselves completely open to it. Playing Euston opens up the possibility of a Victoria castling which then allows a leap to Connex Metro and....

Bromley South

Beat that, suckers...:p :p :p :p

Hugh De Payen
27th Apr 2002, 23:21
My deepest thanks Foghorn for the boost - I am now gaining centrifugal acceleration and by winging out to Chesham I can initiate an antidote to your elliptical progression, thereby putting you and the rest in spoon.

Ziiippppppadeeeeee doodaar ziipppppade hey.

28th Apr 2002, 18:35
Tottenham Hale

Best when heading North.
Unfortunately we are not.


30th Apr 2002, 02:04
A turnham twist to the parallel diametric takes us to Tooting Bec. Don't get delayed at Oval

30th Apr 2002, 05:41
North bound on the Northern Line eh?
Very sly, that is! I'll resist that sign encouraging one to 'report this post to a moderator' (and what would the pink writing lady do, pray? Put us all in Threep perchance? Ha!) and whip us off at Stockwell and thence via a Revised Morden Loop to Neasden

John Major should have come from Neasden, its so, er, grey and ordinary there....

Through difficulties to the cinema

30th Apr 2002, 23:29
Neasden eh? The first and last letters lead me inexorably to play:

Canning Town

(Lord Naresborough's variation, 1932/33 conference)

1st May 2002, 01:11
Ahh, the '33 conference!!! An ominous year by all accounts . . . never did like that variation for some reason.

Anyway, onward.
Instead of working back from the current position slowly by going around the edge as it were, I have decided, after much speculation, to employ the now quite famous Junkin Alternative Variation, which will take us to:

White City in one easy step.


1st May 2002, 13:35
and the logical extension of that, as all Rushton (RIP) fans will know, is:-

Russell Square

1st May 2002, 20:00
Sigh HM, one of his best. RIP. :(

Now most people are aware that White City to Russell Square is an unusual move and therefore cannot return it very quickly. But several years back I happened to come across a very tricky variation (it may have been on PPRuNe now that I think of it), that was Hammersmith-White City-Russell Square. It took an embarrassing (and quite long) pause for thought and some intense sweating but I came back with something that amazed even myself, and that I was quite satisfied with and it is . . .


And you all thought I would go for East Putney! Hah, beginner's stuff!!! :D ;)


1st May 2002, 22:38
SFly, I think that may have been the Goldman-Sachs game of 1982, during the Sunday Times World Championships played (if my memory serves me correctly) at the Hurlingham Club.

What a shame you didn't watch further! ;) :eek: :rolleyes:

Sachs (sitting South) played a blinder of a move in:-

Leinster Mews

1st May 2002, 22:47
Come now HM, that's not a station!

Never a dull moment in Mornington Crescent!
Thinks: Now then, SFly, how do you reply to a non-existant station? You could have another non-existent one, so you could lash back with Manchester Airport T1, T3. But then that would put the other players at a disadvantage. No, no, no; no sense mucking with the game. Yes, go for the real one you just thought of, which is:


PS That's Knightsbridge to Ongar (so because you ignore HM's move), which is one of the best moves in the game.

And I'm out of Spoon!


1st May 2002, 22:58
Ah! One of the most common misconceptions about the game. The fashion for playing the stations-only variant is only a relatively late development. I believe it was started by a certain wireless station (callsign 2LO), later called the Home Programme, wishing to curtail games in order to fit them into the programming schedule.

I mean - come on - think about it, man! How many stations do you suppose George III had to play with? After all, he'd lost his Marble Arch in the first place! :D

So Leinster Mews stands, you lose a turn, suffer a dropped ball (they can treat that at St. Mary's, Paddington) or is it drop a turn and lose a ball? which leaves me wide open to:-


For those watching in black and white, the pink ball is behind the green

How about a new start with...


2nd May 2002, 01:28
Bl00d3y Mornington Crescent Mr H M. I've sloged my guts out only for you to take the glory!!and don't think I have forgotten you Mr SFly!!
No more Mr Nice Guy.

Stick Preston Road in ya pipe!!!

edited coz slooged doesn't sound rite

2nd May 2002, 02:41
Hugmonster, I believe it is very arrogant of you to think I should 'miss a turn' just because I play a civilized version of the game instead of your depraved 'variant'. Where were you when blacksheep got me for 'Regent Street'!!!! No station there buddy!

No, I don't approve of that at all and furthermore I shall, (Just as the USA did not recognize the Soviet Union until 1933), not recognize your previous win as valid and shall take swc's move as a continuation from Ongar.

And so I shall use the best move available to me, which is obviously Notting Hill Gate

Happy swc?
Just because HM is a fine player of the Game does not automatically give him the liberty to make up rules as he sees fit. Heavens, my own ability is drastically underestimated . . . .

And that's what we call foreshadowing!!!

;) :eek: ;) :eek: ;)

2nd May 2002, 05:38
Now, now chaps! Lets stay Ladies and Gentlemanly and remember that Mornington Crescent is a quintessentially British game, where the true objective is not so much to arrive at Mornington Crescent as to have fun getting there. [A bit like sex, where orgasm, nice as it may be, should be postponed as long as possible.]

Goodness me, look what the Australians did to Cricket :eek:
We certainly don't want the thinking man's game turned into a mere sporting competition, do we?

Now to continue the game, employing the Lindburgh convention from Notting Hill Gate gets us onto the District Line whence we may Scrimp hogwise to Tower Hill and dump any traitors where they belong!

Mind the Doors!

Through difficulties to the cinema

2nd May 2002, 10:03
Warren Street ;)

2nd May 2002, 14:39
Oh Huggy! I expect you're good at Bridge too eh? ;)

Through difficulties to the cinema

2nd May 2002, 21:50
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Right, so from Tower Hill . . . .

I say we couldn't do better than to utilize the Nash Convention which allows the after-parallel superseding moves and so I give to you all:

Goodge Street

Always was intrigued by that move.

2nd May 2002, 21:52
Blacksheep, I have to confess that I am a total addict of Bridge. Good guess! :)

Which having been said...



2nd May 2002, 22:13
Ahh, nice having the old HM back in the game!
Did you know I have moved 50 times in this thread?!?:eek:
I must enjoy the game a lot. That's the only reason. I'm not addicted; honest! :D

Now then, the second Knightsbridge in a short amount of time can only precipitate:

Marble Arch


2nd May 2002, 22:14
Hyde Park Corner (hehehe!)

2nd May 2002, 22:23
*saunters in on his stroll around Jet Blast*

Hmmm, and here's me considering college in London, among other places. This Mornington Crescent game might clinch it, as I might go do it for real! :D

*walks towards door to leave, but stops, and yells "Paddington!" over his shoulder before exiting rapidly*

2nd May 2002, 22:34
nosefirst, are you insinuating that we don't?

Anyway, Hyde Park Corner (snickers lightly) to Paddington eh?

Well I shall continue my original plan of action and go for:

Holland Park


2nd May 2002, 22:35


2nd May 2002, 22:43
I have watched this game all day and cannot believe that no one has yet noticed that the date and month added together make 7!

Sssooo, Boys and Girls, the Gregorian sideral is allowed and off we go to:-


(I love it when a plan comes together)

2nd May 2002, 22:52
Very cunning Hugmonster, especially as you dip in to make a move and then hide yourself to avoid the repercussions!

Hitting it close to home then (not mine, I'm speaking figuratively):

Gloucester Road


2nd May 2002, 22:53
High Street Kensington...

2nd May 2002, 23:08
Notting Hill Gate
An interesting course of events . . . ;)
Should we take it right or straight ahead HM? Both are about the same length.


3rd May 2002, 01:38
Well i've recovered from my hissy fit and gathered up the toys I threw out of my pram and just to show there are no hard feelings...


3rd May 2002, 01:56
The absence of your balancing nature has been noted in the last few moves, swc. The whole Italian thing seems to have gone to HM's head and he went on a non-station tangent. However, he has adopted a new technique (see if you can guess what it is).

So following the aforesaid technique:


3rd May 2002, 09:52
Nice to be unpredictable on occasions... ;)

Park Drive South

3rd May 2002, 13:49
Now you're being silly Huggy.

Just for that, its Cockfosters for a jug of Australian lemonade... :D

Through difficulties to the cinema

3rd May 2002, 22:24
Edgware Road no less.


3rd May 2002, 22:26
loonies, the lot of you.:confused:

3rd May 2002, 22:29
Got that right, fantom! :)

Edgeware Road, the man says...


Maida Vale

3rd May 2002, 22:36
I still say he's a frustrated amateur. As you can see, all it takes is practice!

And speaking of practice, you get a lot of 'thinking time' when you go from Maida Vale to:

"Epping bleedin' forest" (Rodney Trotter quote I believe)

I always liked passing this station, especially southbound; in much the same way as Tottenham Hale is a pleasure when evacuating the area.;)


3rd May 2002, 22:40
"And why did you fall over in the middle of the street?"
"There's something wrong with my legs"
"Oh? What's that?"
"They won't walk past pubs"

Yeading BR

3rd May 2002, 23:13
I take it you mean Northolt, HM.

And if indeed that is a correct implication, then Uxbridge is the move that will follow.


3rd May 2002, 23:17

And we're off to Cockfosters again! ;)

3rd May 2002, 23:22
Gor blimey that's getting popular in this game!!!!
Completely strategic, I take it. :rolleyes: ;)

Now then, continuing with my vertical integration strategy (just one of my recent ideas while playing the game), I take us to:

Ealing Broadway


4th May 2002, 20:50
ok but I was trying to avoid this - not having played for some years.

if I recall, the 'coreolis conundrum' allows a lateral shift and two places up or down so:



4th May 2002, 21:19
You see! Now that wasn't so hard was it?
Not a bad move really either.

The famous last moments of a certain captain . . .
"Arr matey, I likes Mornington Crescent. Make yer move,"
"Aye aye, Gallions Reach,"
"You puts a spanner in my Multilateral Shift Campaign!"
"OK boys, start the mutiny . . ."

Dubloon by dubloon.

4th May 2002, 21:56
If you like shivering timbers, then it really has to be

Wood Green

4th May 2002, 22:03
Keeping with the nautical theme of late (I will start an aeronautical one if necessary shortly . . .) I shall move us to:

Cutty Sark

It's amended on the map as "For Maritime Greenwich". I am deeply distressed by this as Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3 on the maps bear no caption stating its relation to an airport, and that's just favoritism if you ask me.

Travelers and Mornington Crescent newcomers will surely get confused.


4th May 2002, 22:05
Reverse triangulation you cheating swine!

4th May 2002, 22:29
Perfectly legitimate, perfectly legitimate.

I'll clean it up with

Sudbury Hill

SFlySFlySFly SFlySFly

5th May 2002, 02:12
we got there in around aboot manner....Canada Water

5th May 2002, 02:51
Well done all to coming to the defense of the game on the other thread.

The Junkin Variation again I'm afraid. It's alright at times, but when the pressure is on it is not as enjoyable. However, it is necessary about this time in the game, when Canada Water has been employed in a westerly direction . . .

And I don't mean the holiday destination.


5th May 2002, 02:53
Ah yes! Canada Water, the only way to make Aussie beer taste worse!

I think its time to take a turn to the East or BestEnd as some know it and use the little used Tickencote Advantage to whip us off to Tottenham Hale

Through difficulties to the cinema

5th May 2002, 02:58
And it's off to Hatton Cross where everybody knows your name, but you can't hear them saying it due to the close proximity of a certain large international airport.


pax anglia
5th May 2002, 11:03
I've been biding my time before making my move.....but "Cometh the Hour,Cometh the Man".
I intend to invoke "Bradshaw's Faint",a rarely used device which can only be legitimately played within six weeks of the introduction of the new timetable.Those amongst you of a sceptical disposition may care to consult the minutes of the 1938 Vancouver Conference which ratified the move.Please bear in mind that under Bradshaw's Faint Rules, Harrow & Wealdstone is Wild. So without further ado.....

Chalfont & Latimer

5th May 2002, 14:32
Well worth the way for you, pax anglia!
And a very odd station-bundle too!

One of the least used moves in the entire game (partially because its daft no doubt)--Chalfont & Latimer to:

"Yes chums it does exist!"
"Prove it."
"Just look at this map here www.thetube.com!"


5th May 2002, 14:41
In my extremely vague experience of this game, I think that Rickmansworth would be a counted move towards MC. What kind of move would that be?

5th May 2002, 14:53
depends where you're coming from. If you're coming from, say, the Thames-side stations, it would have to be a Junkin longreach. If you are coming from the Northeast area then it would employ the Nash Convention, while the more southerly directions are usually indirect diagonals.

But if you are in anything more than half-Nid (that includes Spoon) than it changes things entirely.


6th May 2002, 04:15
nfet, hope this clears things up.

Rickmansworth to Burntoak

is a double over parrallax. This covers many combinations of moves including 'moves to the parrallel', 'forward diagonals', transverse slips and Nidd evasion. Once this is understood all other MC options become clear.

8th May 2002, 14:21
Leading us nicely into a counter-traverse, three times doubled, back Sarf-East to 'Ammersmiff

or Hammersmith as it is known to the gentry...

All Eastbounds are in spoon and Ealing Broadway is wild leaving a very interesting position.

Mind the Doors!

Through difficulties to the cinema

8th May 2002, 15:00
I'll invoke the implict differentation rule, and say Putney

8th May 2002, 21:28

nose's post was not a move: it was a question. using 'Unclear,Live Player Decides' I choose to ignore it and take us back to...(I realise this will be a disappointment to some)..

West Harrow


8th May 2002, 22:04
West Harrow? (The refuge of the desperate.)

Thence (through an antipodean worm-hole invoking the Statute of Westminster Space/Time Continuum) to

Circular Quay! (for a ferry ride to Manly & the beach!)
(simple game this..)

8th May 2002, 23:45
Circular Quay?

I believe that puts you in spoon. At the risk of being boxed, but applying the ICAO unilateral rights rule, as amended by the Chicago Convention, an eliptical jump to:

Terminal 1. Ha!

9th May 2002, 00:06
I find it hard to believe that any rule containing the term "Space time continuum" can be found in the MC handbook but then, who made me an expert? "Time countdown amendment" perhaps?

By the way, pom, that's "Terminals 1, 2, 3". Who's in spoon now eh?

So a simple reverse Nid shift takes us to:

Latimer Road


9th May 2002, 17:03



9th May 2002, 18:52
Using a northbound double crossover and parallel hop (latimers 1984 ruling) takes us to Archway. Don't travel east unless you can traverse the 'gap'.

9th May 2002, 20:52
Elephant & Castle

Guess which rule I employed for that one???
(2 points and Nid exemption for 3 days for the winner!)


pax anglia
9th May 2002, 21:05

I have a sneaking suspicion you played Brunel's Cantilever there,
(Rule 27(b) Valparaiso Conference 1921 Refers).Under this rule as I understand it, parallels are conventional but diagonals are reversed.Novices frequently get this confused with Brunel's Suspension where of course parallels are reversed but diagonals are conventional.
So,having thought this one through,I'll go for....