View Full Version : Manual hold entry OCKHAM Airbus

14th Aug 2012, 08:58

Any other operators doing a manual entry into the Ockham hold as the box seems to make a mess of it. My airline issued an FCI a few years ago as the computed entry infringes on Gatwicks airspace surely airbus have a fix by now ?

15th Aug 2012, 09:11
Nope - Just leave it in NAV for us - Whats the actual issue?

15th Aug 2012, 12:27

Our nav computed entry arrival ock 2f takes too much of a turn south before turning inbound to ock apparently Gatwick have being giving out that's what management have said I don't buy it though any thoughts

16th Aug 2012, 00:53
Hold entry for us doesn't normally go any further south than the normal hold. I'm guessing that even A321 you are constraining it to 220kt max...Allowing the 321 to do what speed it likes can leave it a little 'wide'... You could always try a hold entry based on half min legs and change to 1 min legs when inbound after the entry?