View Full Version : Aircobra crash at Biggin June 2001

5th Apr 2002, 12:25
I listened to the radio yesterday and the report had been released about the crash. As I was there I would like to know more.


5th Apr 2002, 12:29
Here y'go, Rex;


5th Apr 2002, 12:51
"From consideration of the evidence and the experience of the pilot, it seems likely that an unknown factor affected the pilot's physical and/or mental performance during the display." = We don't know what happened yet. :(

5th Apr 2002, 17:26
Thanks folks. It was the first accident I had seen and I hope that it is the last



8th Apr 2002, 10:11

Nice to see that someone else has bothered to read the whole report and not got stuck at the "insufficient airspeed" bit.

It seems certain there were factors in this accident for which the AAIB have been unable to find evidence, but obviously felt they should comment on - they clearly don't believe that such an experienced and capable pilot could have made that series of errors unless there was a problem with which even he was not privy. My feelings exactly.

Unfortunately the press and contributors to other forums have not hoisted that aboard and have simply blamed poor old Guy.

A sad loss.

8th Apr 2002, 10:43
I am probably showing my ignorance but I couldn't understand why the AAIB report did not appear to consider the possibility that the ASI was over reading. Is that not a possible explanation?

8th Apr 2002, 12:05
I would have thought (I'm no expert!) that prop RPM and power settings would provide a good clue if the ASI was a problem, plus being familiar on type he would have some "seat of the pants" feeling to whether the aircraft was slow or not.

After going out of control the first time a pilot would have considered the likelihood of a problem and probably got on the the R/T and the ground ASAP. That he didn't, plus the application of pro-spin controls immediately prior to the stalls (which sounds to me like over-controlling while counteracting torque as the aircraft slowed to the stall), indicates some sort of incapacitation IMHO.

Any experts out there confirm these thoughts?

Ever see Guy flying the P-63 in tight formation on Steve Johnson in the P-40 at the Duxford Flying Legends shows? A great pilot...

Tom o'Grady
14th Apr 2002, 02:44
Lets all hope this years season is free of tradgedy.

22nd Apr 2002, 13:51
From the AAIB accident Report:

"......during the Kingcobra's display, a committee member became concerned by the loss of control at the apex of the first rolling climbing manoeuvre. The committee member attempted to contact ATC five times by radio and the Display Director twice by telephone but he was unable to get an answer."

I witnessed this accident and am appalled that even with 2 methods of communication available the observing committee member was unable to contact ATC and halt the display. I do hope that now a fixed line has been established between the two positions future accidents may be prevented.

22nd Apr 2002, 18:43

How do you know for sure a fixed comms link at Biggin Hill between Tower and DD/FCC has been established?? Was it something they decided to do, or were they forced to do it by the CAA?

22nd Apr 2002, 22:59
I think you'll find that your question is essentially answered in the last paragraph of the relevant AAIB report - see link above in the 2nd post on this thread.

28th Apr 2002, 10:06
There is a very good report re the accident in the new edition (JUNE) of the FLYPAST MAG. Hope this will help you.
All The Best