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13th Aug 2012, 13:32
Hi everyone just wondering if someone could maybe let me know the following,
I understand at least for the CFM series you advance thrust to 50% check positive engine response before advancing to either FLEX or TOGA as required. The IAE series as I'm aware has a totally different ECAM display with regard to engine thrust settings, how far do IAE variants advance thrust to before either advancing to FLEX or TOGA as required?

Thanks! :)

13th Aug 2012, 13:37
Set 1.1 EPR instead (but the E/WD still shows N1 mind you...)

13th Aug 2012, 17:45
We set 1.05 EPR before calling "stable" then advancing to MCT/FLEX. N1 is still shown though.....

(LHR A320 operator thats going to disappear soon)

13th Aug 2012, 19:09
(but the E/WD still shows N1 mind you...) "the E/WD also shows N1" is more accurate...

Airbus SOP is 1.05 EPR (which is approximately 50%N1) .. and no "stable" call..

13th Aug 2012, 21:01
I would say 1.05 EPR corresponds to approximately 47% N1, but still for IAE engines according to Airbus you have to look only for the 1.05 EPR.

14th Aug 2012, 10:59
1.05 EPR is correct. This corresponds with the lever being next to the "T" on the housing but you will soon get used to it without actually looking at it.