View Full Version : "Doodlebug Summer" ITV 7th April

5th Apr 2002, 10:54
This programme has just been completed, and the first of six goes out on 7th April at 18:15 on ITV.

In the THIRD of the series. I am told by the producer that the great 'Bee' Beamont appears at length. No doubt to relate the facts that the "Newchurch Wing", which he commanded, alone destroyed 638! Out of the total destruction by fighters of 1772 from June to September 1944. A mark of courage if ever there was one.

Should be worth watching - to say the least.

5th Apr 2002, 22:23
Any news on when "Doodlebug Summer" will be shown in the Granada or Central ITV Regions ?

13th Apr 2002, 13:56
I used to watch them when I was a kid in Kent. Saw a Tempest blow one up with cannon fire right over Tonbridge marshalling yards. First time I was ever aware of Doodlebugs was when it was lunch break at school and heard this thing tearing along around 2000 ft sounding like a chain-saw at high power. More followed later and saw one tip over when its fuel cut-out and went straight into a big house on side of a hill two miles from our school.
More frightening was the V2. First you knew of them was a gigantic explosion out of nowhere, followed a few seconds later by rushing noise which signalled its arrival - but a bit late.

14th Apr 2002, 03:52
For a history of the V1 & V2 developement and campaign - plus the intelligence war against them led by Dr. R.V. Jones - try to find a copy of "The Mare's Nest" by David Irving.

If you're ever training in Wichita, Kansas, don't miss the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson only about an hour away. It has both a V1 and a V2 (A4) on display and doesn't pull the punches about Camp Dora. It also has some incredible US & Soviet space hardware as well.