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9th Aug 2012, 11:32
Have you flown cargo?
Have you flown cargo that isn't QUITE what the manifest says?
Have you flown for outfits that are in business when you leave base but pack up and disappear before you get to wherever you are going?
Have you tales that reflect the 'tramping' years of the 60's, 70's and 80's.
WE are looking for you! Whether you have flown a DC3-4,6 7, 8-or a 707 or a CL44, Herc -in fact, anything.
We already have some wonderful stories from former Flying Tigers and from the Sanction-Busters of Rhodesia, but we know that there are lots of stories still to be told-please let us have them. Our email address is
[email protected]
Thanks in advance folks

9th Aug 2012, 15:22
Suggest you contact Southern Air Transport who have flown Hercules and other aircraft, on cargo carrying all over the world, for a very long time. There has to be many stories out there


9th Aug 2012, 16:52
Easter Saturday 1991. Anglo Cargo 1-11. Call from ops (Maggie really) to take the A/C from Luton to Southampton to pick up a load to go to Tirana. We were met by a charming customs officer who said "Good morning captain. I have to warn you that if you take this freight you will be arrested when you return". He obviously knew more than me about it so I instructed the loadmaster not to put it on board until I'd spoken to ops. Maggie said "They won't know where you are going so say you are off to Brindisi and divert to Tirana". I returned empty to Luton.

On the Monday morning I was summonded to the company offices where Customs investigators were doing their thing. It turned out that the shipper had filled the pallets with tear gas and rifles of some sort. The French were somehow involved but were uncontactable on the holiday weekend. Sunday was to be election day in Albania.