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8th Aug 2012, 22:42
If there are any Tech's on the forum Is any of the Airbus family or Boeing In today's technology able to do MLS Approaches Thanks In advance From a retired 146 Driver.

9th Aug 2012, 01:16
Some Boeing 744's had this facility, but I don't know if any airlines still have this active. On most 744's, there are 3 small blanking plates just above the smaller nosewheel doors where small yellow antennae can be fitted (or were fitted). Optionally, there was an ILS/MLS switch in the cockpit (some aircraft now have an INOP sticker over the "MLS"). The ILS receivers can have MLS modules.

The MLS approach was entered via the FMC CDU (in a similar fashion to the ILS freq/course).

I believe PANC (Anchorage) used to have an MLS approach.


9th Aug 2012, 01:30
As far as I'm aware Heathrow still has MLS.

9th Aug 2012, 02:06
Have they stopped implementing the MLS? Or is the ILS regarded as good enough for now?

9th Aug 2012, 04:33
ILS is good enough for now, and soon GLS will be as good, but requires only one installation to serve all approaches into one airport. Actually, it mostly is already, there is just the issue of certification for low vis.

9th Aug 2012, 05:42
As far as I'm aware Heathrow still has MLS.

It certainly did last winter, since my Airbus colleagues were using it on occasions.

From what I saw it's use didn't always lead to the improvement in flow rates that we were promised - whether that's down to other operators not being MLS approved, and/or ATC restrictions I do not know. I'm sure someone will be along with chapter and verse later in the day.

Sean Dell
9th Aug 2012, 07:09
I'm pretty sure it is just the BA Airbus that flies the MLS @ LHR - but as unless ATC lines up a few BA a/c consecutively on the approach during LVPs - no improved landing rate will ever occur. However, if that were to occur, the usual suspects would kick off over 'unfairness* etc'.


* unless it's at their home base

9th Aug 2012, 08:35

You pretty much said what I was thinking....:E

So really it's back to the OP's question - apart from LHR is there anywhere else, especially in Europe, that offers MLS approaches in < CAT 1 conditions, and is there any other airline approved to do the same?

10th Aug 2012, 15:19
I would just like to say thank you for all those that replied to my Post T211:D:D:D:D