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8th Aug 2012, 18:29
Bit of fun...smile aviation in china are offering 64,100usd nett per month for cl605 first officers!!! Apply at latestpilotjobs.com. Might be a typo, but you never know...;)

8th Aug 2012, 19:00
No, can't be a typo...just the going rate these days...it's all good :E

8th Aug 2012, 21:38
6'400 is the figure, no need to have a MBA to figure it out! For sure a typo!

Oldschoolflyer, thanks for the fun anyway!

10th Aug 2012, 18:31
For sure a typo!

Are you 100% SURE? :E

10th Aug 2012, 22:26
Nope, it's a typo for sure. First officers get 641,000 Euros a month. More if they fly over time, base flying is 20 hours a month.

In a crazy coincidence, 64,000 RMB (The currency of China), would equal about $10,078 a month, which is the going rate, plus per diem. You pay your apartment and food.
PS contact the company directly, the brokers will take a slice of about 1,500 US a month and give you nothing.

11th Aug 2012, 07:39
Getting better, up from 64,100 to 641,000, I'll have to speak to the boss for a raise. I just knew this job would pay off one day. :rolleyes:

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