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5th Apr 2002, 03:01
Alas it is now April and I've turned the page on my Aeroplane calender. While the Spit PR.XIX is a beautiful aeroplane I had kinda fallen in love with the Fairey Fantome which was the March picture.

I had no idea that Fairey had built such a gorgeous aeroplane. I only had the likes of the Battle, Firefly, Gannet in my mind (OK the Firefly was nice but it wasn't beautiful).

I've had a snout around on the web and found a surprising amount of stuff for an aeroplane that didn't get much beyond prototype stage. Not many pix or stories about it though. Anybody out there in Ppruneland have anything?

What I really need is the telephone number of the genius who could turn Mr. Isaccs ubiquitous biplane into a mini Fantome lookalike :D

Edited to add the pic.

Taken by Charles E. Brown on 6th June 1935


I. M. Esperto
13th Apr 2002, 16:06
I just located a model plan of this. Fellow will mail it to me, he said. It's a 13" P-nut class.

Does anyone make a plastic display model of this beauty?