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Jet Dragon
5th Apr 2002, 03:55
Don't know if this subject has raised it's head before , but what do you consider the be the smartest / ugliest airline colour schemes (does not have to be current)?

For me the best are :

1) British Airways (late 80's-early 90's - ie prior to vomits of the world cls)

2) Air Columbus - gone but not forgotten

3) Air New Zealand - latest cls - simple but effective

:) :) :)

and the worst .....

1) British Airways - vomits of the world (see above)

2) American Airlines - c'mon guys some imagination please

3) United Airlines - flying fogbank cls

:( :( :(

over to you




Hugh Jarse
5th Apr 2002, 06:44

1. British airways Vomits, especially the Japanese one. Looks like somebody was doing a graffiti job on the tail as they pushed back.

I could just picture the bloke falling down the fin with his paint brush screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Any of the 3 QF "City of Redfern/Marrickville/Numbulwar" painted A/C. Give us a break.........

Best? Yet to see any that really impress me.

5th Apr 2002, 06:52
How about Air Canada's new look for their Regionals?


Sharp, clean, interesting, we just won't mention the fact that all that the passenger will see when boarding is....Air Canada azz. :eek:

Big Tudor
5th Apr 2002, 08:41
Best one had to be the old Braniff 'Big Orange' B747's. Not the aircraft to work around when one was suffering from a hangover mind.

Worst, BA as described above.

5th Apr 2002, 09:16
BA White/Dark Blue/Red livery
British World
Ryanair "Jaguar Cars"
USAir new livery

Britannia new livery

5th Apr 2002, 09:55

Definitely the Prime A300...what were you thinking?!

Livery courtesy of Letraset, I reckon.

If that rolled up to my gate when I was off on me hols, I'd be re-booking my ticket on a different airline. If that's "prime" then I don't even wanna hear about "average" and "mediocre"...

Good grief, get a paintbrush HC. I'm sure some of the kids at the local primary school could come up with a logo for you.

5th Apr 2002, 11:16
The worst is definately the new Britannia livery..

5th Apr 2002, 11:44
The Titan Airways "Flying Pizza" is good, imagine the poor bloke in the paint shop when they show him the design!

5th Apr 2002, 14:05
Rumour has it that the Flying Pizza was based on a picture that GW's daughter brought home from school! I have no idea whether there is any truth in it or not...

5th Apr 2002, 14:21
My own Humble opinion (in no particular order)

British Airways (Blue Tail with Speedwing) very dignified, still can't see why they changed it.
Iberia - still looks good and its over 20 years old
Air canada - I like the red maple leaf
BEA - with trhe red square on the tail.

BA Flying Vomit - quite frankly an insult
Britannia - the new light blue one
Delta - I with they would make their mind up
My Travel - ??????? Silly name silly livery

5th Apr 2002, 14:26
Read a critique from an established company specialising in logo design and corporate branding which analysed various efforts in the business world.

It vehemently condemned BA's old livery (blue tail & crest plus speedwing) as being utter tosh. I recall it asking what the hell the speedwing was supposed to signify, and describing the crest on the tail as an eyesore. :D

5th Apr 2002, 14:28
Well they were wrong then weren't they:rolleyes:

5th Apr 2002, 14:36
Considering a company specialising in logo design came up with the current eyesore, I think I'd take any "study" similar companies produce with a pillar of salt...

WHY do companies spend thousands upon thousands for a new livery/branding/logo when the old ones are perfectly good, to produce something that looks like a computer icon (Britannia) or something a five-year old produces in finger-painting class?

5th Apr 2002, 15:16
I'll pass on a worst nomination because there are simply too many which tie for that award. Well no I won't - got to be that Continental 777 !

My best would be Braniff. Not the overall orange 747s which were a tad garish IMO, but the 'ultra' variations. Great colours except maybe the brown, nice pinstripes and a classy, understated title. The previous Flying Colors scheme was attractive too, but not quite so refined.

Standard Noise
5th Apr 2002, 16:57
One of the best has to be the "Nitro" colours - light blue at the front darkening towards the tail, with the earth (if I remember correctly) painted on the tail. Very stylish.

Oh yeah, Royal Jordanian, quite nice too.

5th Apr 2002, 18:08

I like the Virgin`s new colour.

AAA out.

5th Apr 2002, 22:36
Anyone remember Court Line? There was a good paint job!

6th Apr 2002, 01:55
My votes are:

Latest DELTA
current Air Canada
"Old"Orange Canadian Pacific
(no-I'm not Canadian)
Alaska Airlines
New Varig


DX Wombat
6th Apr 2002, 08:32
The old BA always looked smart, the new looks like the aftermath of playgroup paint-fight. Why has Britannia got a towball on its tail? Are they thinking of stuffing more passengers into the cargo hold and towing the luggage behind them? I know they did it in the war with gliders (I've seen some of the films) They could invent a whole new series of fun games such as "Guess which airport/field/river/jungle/desert etc your luggage will arrive in today" "Guess how many pieces will remain intact." :( :eek: :confused: :D

The Nut Behind The Wheel
6th Apr 2002, 10:14
Gulf Air circa 1982.
Never travelled on them- probably don't serve beer, in which case, never want to!:D

6th Apr 2002, 19:26

Old BA (before vomit tails
Quantas Wanaluna (?) dreaming

old old Ba (70's)
American Airlines

As for the BA world tails (or some dumb name) i have no ill feelings, personally i think they should have been variations on British flags but hey thats me

6th Apr 2002, 19:48
Talking about liveries, best is:

Mas Air Cargo (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=058239&WxsIERv=RG91Z2xhcyBEQy04LTcxRg%3D%3D&WdsYXMg=TWFzQWly&QtODMg=TWlhbWkgLSBJbnRlcm5hdGlvbmFsIChNSUEgLyBLTUlBKQ%3D%3D&ERDLTkt=VVNBIC0gRmxvcmlkYQ%3D%3D&ktODMp=QXByaWwgMTk5OQ%3D%3D&WNEb25u=SnVsaW8gQy4gSW5mYW50ZSAtIEF2aWF0aW9uIFBob3RvZ3JhcGh5 IE9mIE1pYW1p&xsIERvdWdsY=Q0MtQ0FY&MgTUQtODMgKE=ICgjNDU5NzAvMzQzKSBBdCBNaWFtaSBJbnRlcm5hdGlvbmF sLiBUaGlzIGFpcmNyYWZ0IChmcm9tIEZhc3QgQWlyKSBjYW4gYmUgc2VlbiB tYWtpbmcgY2FyZ28gcnVucyBmcm9tIE1leGljbyBhbmQgb3RoZXIgcGFydHM gb2YgdGhlIEFtZXJpY2FzIGludG8gVS5TLiBhaXJmaWVsZHMgc3VjaCBhcyB NaWFtaSBhbmQgTG9zIEFuZ2VsZXMu&YXMgTUQtODMgKERD=MjE2&NEb25uZWxs=MTk5OS0xMi0xMQ%3D%3D&static=yes) - unfortunately they already changed it


Hapag Lloyd (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=219638&WxsIERv=Qm9laW5nIDczNy04SzU%3D&WdsYXMg=SGFwYWcgTGxveWQ%3D&QtODMg=TXVuaWNoIC0gRnJhbnotSm9zZWYgU3RyYXVzcyAoTVVDKQ%3D%3D&ERDLTkt=R2VybWFueQ%3D%3D&ktODMp=RmVicnVhcnkgMiwgMjAwMg%3D%3D&WNEb25u=TWFydGluIE11aHI%3D&xsIERvdWdsY=RC1BSEZG&MgTUQtODMgKE=KGNuIDI3OTgwKS4gTmV3IGNvbG9ycyB3aXRoIHdpbmdsZXR z&YXMgTUQtODMgKERD=MzU3&NEb25uZWxs=MjAwMi0wMi0xOA%3D%3D&static=yes) - s**ks but at least TUI now has a corporate identity

6th Apr 2002, 19:59
1. Ryan Jaguar

2. I agree with st87, Court Lines(1970s)

3. Went to the Spain, or was it Austria ? on a Portland 99 pound-week-half board-booked it the day before job about 10/15 years ago with Excalibur Airlines? Purple paint job V.nice, think they went bust.

1. AA

2. BA vom

3. GO

Confirmed Must Ride
10th Apr 2002, 10:16
Continentals 777 has got to be the worst especially when you hear how much the artist earnt from it!!!

One of the best has to be the GF 50 anniversary colours, good striking designs on a selection of their fleet and they serve booze!


10th Apr 2002, 10:45
The worst ever has got to be Olympic. It was BAD what 30 some Years ago? Now it just looks like an antiquated piece of .. I feel like I need tetanus shot every time I see it.
No offence intended.

Edited for the following:

Swiss!! designed by Tyler Brulle (spelling?) making some 3-4 million euros on it looks like some medi-vac to me.

medi-vac (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=224173&WxsIERv=TWNEb25uZWxsIERvdWdsYXMgTUQtMTE%3D&WdsYXMg=U3dpc3MgQWlyIExpbmVz&QtODMg=WnVyaWNoICgtIEtsb3RlbikgKFpSSCAvIExTWkgp&ERDLTkt=U3dpdHplcmxhbmQ%3D&ktODMp=TWFyY2ggMTMsIDIwMDI%3D&WNEb25u=T1NUIEF2aWF0aW9uIFBob3RvZ3JhcGh5&xsIERvdWdsY=SEItSVdD&MgTUQtODMgKE=&YXMgTUQtODMgKERD=MTUyNA%3D%3D&NEb25uZWxs=MjAwMi0wMy0xNg%3D%3D&static=yes)

10th Apr 2002, 11:40
South African for the best aircraft colours ... clean, simple, attractive. And also for the best uniforms ... smart, good design and striking accessories.

Worst? Too many to mention.

THE PIPELINE - the one you want is "Wunala Dreaming" and the other one is "Nalanji Dreaming." Both being particularly beautiful aircraft.

10th Apr 2002, 12:09

Tramsmeridian Air Cargo late 70's. Bare metal with logos & striking orange tail with white 'T'.
Certainly stood out on the ramp! :cool:
(Biased 'cos had some great times there!)

Some of the 'flying advert' schemes look good. As
others have said, Ryanair Jag & some of the
Southwest flying billboards


Gotta agree on the BA vomit & then there's UPS.
S**t brown! :rolleyes: