View Full Version : The Scroll Bar on the Right hand side of the screen ...

4th Apr 2002, 16:04
Quite an interesting color for the scroll bar.

I believe the Office of Homeland Security was going to use that as one of the threat conditions: beige. Meaning a "really big" threat of terrorist activity.

Just one above threat condition Toupe...

4th Apr 2002, 16:08
Yeah... how come you Yanks get the dangerous sounding "Defcon", and we get the rather mincing "Bikini Alert"?!

You want it when?
4th Apr 2002, 16:27
Slightly non PC. and I may have said it before...

YWIW senior used to drop iron / nuke bombs for the Queens air force. When questioned once which he preferred he replied "Oh the Nukes - 'cos I didn't have to be so careful where I let them land" My sisters "Save-The-Ant" mob were rather horrified...

I laughed.