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4th Apr 2002, 13:09
Something the other day reminded me of the ridiculous rituals that we had to go through as children.

Like Sunday Lunch. Now, I've got no objection to families eating together, and certainly not to the Sunday Roast. Neither have I anything against home-grown vegetables.
No, I'm referring to the business where, if we had fresh vegetables from the garden, we absolutely had to have the same conversation about how much better they taste than ones from the shops. For at least five or ten minutes - and woe betide anyone who didn't make the obligatory yummy noises.

Then there was the milk. Not for us a milk bottle on the table. Oh no, you had to pour it into a little jug. After the meal the claggy milk remains would go back in the bottle and the jug would add to the washing up. But at least we were spared the shame of a naked bottle on the table !

And the most baffling of all: last thing at night we had to "set the table" ready for breakfast in the morning.....

I mean why ?

What's wrong with getting up, flinging some flakes in a bowl and shoving milk on 'em straight out of the bottle (oh no! not the milk bottle! :eek: ) :confused:

The more you think about it, the more things you remember that no-one would think of doing these days.
These just happen to be mealtime related, but I'm sure you can think of plenty of others...

5th Apr 2002, 01:25
Leaving the house on a winters morning without your vest on under your shirt spelt instant death. Vests are OK in cotton, but I'm talking about those hairy, itchy woollen things.

Having survived the dangerous journey through the icy wastes and arrived safely at school, every Friday was sports afternoon when we all divided into teams and played football. Unless the weather was'inclement'. So what the hell is 'inclement weather?' - I don't recall a single time that the weather was declared to be too bad for sports afternoon. And it was no use telling the sports teacher what Gran said about the link between pneumonia and not wearing your vest.

Children should be seen and not heard. Then I was in trouble for not telling them that the shed was on fire. I tried, honest I really tried!

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