View Full Version : Where is the best place you have EVER been to.?

4th Apr 2002, 12:19
Just thinking about when i was in Ireland a few years ago in a house on the edge of Lough Derg.
The view from the room was stunning, huge wooden framed windows that slid open to reveal a beautiful flowered lawn leading to a small wooden pontoon where a small rowing boat was berthed. Beyond that was the lough itself, narrow at first then spreading out as far as the eye could see, banked by gorgeous trees either side.
It was so peaceful. Nothing to be heard at all. The house was about a good mile and a half away from the nearest road surrounded by acres of woodland. The view of the mist in the evening and first thing in the morning was just something i wont forget in a hurry.
I remember sitting there with a beer and my best mates thinking how good it was. That has to be one of the best feelgood moments i have ever had.
Anyway, back to reality, where is your best/fave place you have ever been.????

4th Apr 2002, 12:29
Have to say I loved Zurich when I went there last Sept.

Clean, uncluttered - much better transport system than here in UK.

Excellent boating on lake!! :cool: But watch out for idiots in powerboats!! :eek:

Love the continental system of cafes - much more civilised to sit at table and wait for waiter :cool: IMHO, rather than our English scrum at the bar.... :eek:

Quite more than UK, but even the cheap Lager than me and Hagbard had was noticeably better than UK product!!!

Local peeps did seem a bit uptight though!! :D

4th Apr 2002, 12:46
The Queens Castle in Bangkok.

And on a serious note Sydney in Australia is a beautiful city, Northern Thailand is spectacular, Pangkor Laut in Malaysia is idyllic, in fact there are any number of wonderful places in the world and each enjoyable for a different reason.

4th Apr 2002, 12:49

4th Apr 2002, 13:11
Oslo in the summertime. Great city, take the ferry out to the islands in Oslofjord early evening, wine, picnic etc. wonderful

4th Apr 2002, 13:15
Alberta, Canada. :cool:
Jasper, to be precise. In the Rockies. In the spring, just before the real thaw sets in.
Too many beautiful views to describe and the friendliest people as well.

4th Apr 2002, 13:15
Quite a few spring to mind:

New Mexico..
Bourbon Street....
New York City........

.... a few thousand feet agl .....

..... and in the arms of a certain young lady..... :D

In fact, the whole Planet Earth is pretty damned cool when you think about it ! :cool:

4th Apr 2002, 13:16
I am not telling you her name.;)

4th Apr 2002, 15:10
Palm Beach, Sydney, an early morning summer surf.

Cook Hwy, Cairns, on the Ducati

Playing in the snow in Scotland. (Never really seen it before)

Airborne. :D

Sunset over Roebuck Bay, Broome. (esp a with a wet season thundery near by)

4th Apr 2002, 15:15

Sorry, this is JB after all!!

4th Apr 2002, 15:44
Sir_Lurkalot... you beat me to it!

Anyone who has known me for more than about 5 minutes will know that Canada, and especially the Rockies around Jasper, is my all time favourite place. The views, the people, the food, the beer... heaven! The water in the lakes is that amazing deap aquamarine colour, the snow is the variety that looks like the tops of clouds, and and and..... oooh someone stop me!!!

4th Apr 2002, 18:32
Prague, Winter, snow and a really crisp dryness, my companion bought a big Russian fur hat, in spite of her anti-fur tendencies..."Fc*k it TK, my ears are cold" lol
She looked like a little snow mouse, very blonde and beautiful
Always remember that, sometimes, I wish you could trap a memory of a particular place in a little glass jar, and look at it forever.

(needing a drink)

tony draper
4th Apr 2002, 18:35
The planet Clarion, all the ladies have four front botties

4th Apr 2002, 18:50
From what I've heard, OB adn I have both been here> I dunno about him, but I loved it.....
Benalmadena, Spain. There's Benalmadena Costa, a little place on the Western edge of the huge Torremolinos beach, with its own beautiful marina, and the Sunset Beach Club marks the end of the beach to the West (careful if you go there, beyond the Sunset Beach is a nudist cove, open to both sexes :eek: ) The whole place is crowded, with those apartment blocks, but the place is quieter then Torro.

And up in the mountains, is Benalmadena. Bliss. Lovely little square in the middle, up the street a church with balcony looking out across the med, luvvvverly. We visited on a Sunday, so the place was near deserted. Anyone considering proposing to their significant other, this is a great place to do it!

*sigh* I'll go back, someday.......

4th Apr 2002, 19:00
The Abu Dhabi Hilton beach club, with the sun just touching the horizon....

Over Paris at night....

Anchorage in the summer - I walked every day around the Lake Hood seaplane base. That's what Heaven will be like.

And finally, believe it or not, the Florida panhandle, from Panama City to Gulfport, Mississippi. Sugary beaches, cheap resorts and tan, "uncomplicated" redneck girls. That's what Heaven will be like on Saturdays.....

(edited for spelling)

4th Apr 2002, 19:43
Best I-want-this-moment-to-last place : At the top of Grouse Mountain on a summer evening, sitting and watching as the sun goes down and the shimmering lights come on all over Vancouver. Beautiful.

The most-beautiful-women-in-one-place place : Copenhagen, or alternatively anywhere in Sweden.

Best surreal-moment-I-have-enjoyed-in-a-place-of-great-history place : Scrumping apples from trees inside the walls of the Kremlin, Moscow

4th Apr 2002, 20:59
Was at a wedding at the IceHotel in Northern Sweden over the weekend.
Now that was amazing........!

4th Apr 2002, 21:21
During Desert Storm, the Al-Bandar resort in Bahrain.

Water skiing on the Red Sea, young women scantily clad,
drinks .... :D

Ahhhhh.... I liked it there.

bubba zanetti
5th Apr 2002, 01:35
Hornby Island, British Columbia ... heaven ... but don't go there I want it to myself....

5th Apr 2002, 01:40
The top of St Mary's Peak in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia - absolutely magical.


henry crun
5th Apr 2002, 03:00
The bottom of a deep valley, sitting beside my campfire with the sound from nearby of a deep pure river rushing over a stoney bed.
The water is so clear it's almost as if there is none there.

A gentle breeze is rippling the tussock grass, birds are singing in the trees, and I'm contemplating which part of the river I shall fish that day for rainbow trout. Maybe I will catch one of the many that are around the 15lb mark.

I'm many many miles from the nearest person and the peace and tranquility is almost overwhelming.
It's magical place but I'm not going to tell you the location because I love it as it is, virtually undisturbed by human hand.

Travelling Toolbox
5th Apr 2002, 03:42
Sitting on a sand dune (what else??) with "she who must be obeyed" watching the sun set into the Indian Ocean.

Most surreal: sitting in the cockpit of a Boston bomber in 65 feet of water off Port Moresby.

Um, Mr Draper, how do I get to Clarion please? Sounds like a planet of opportunities!! :D :D

Hersham Boy
5th Apr 2002, 08:34
Camping on the beach with 15 other friends on Fraser Island, off the Queensland Coast, on New Year's Eve/New Years Day 2000.

'Kin magic!


5th Apr 2002, 09:36
Henry Crun Give us a clue.? What country at least.. :)

Travelling Toolbox Excellent signature....made me smile quite a bit this morning. :D

5th Apr 2002, 10:28
Yosamite National Park, California - stunning scenery, simply stunning.

Interlaken, Switzerland - as above.

San Francisco - great place, good restaurants and a wonderful bay.

Millenium Stadium - on the (very) occasional days that Wales win, Heaven on earth.

Flip Flop Flyer
5th Apr 2002, 11:42
Helsinki in summer; the babe factor is so high it's off the scales.

Western Crete; nice people, fine beaches, good food and plenty of "oppertunities".

Copenhagen in summer; almost as good as Helsinki, with the added bonus that one can communicate with the babes.

New York, for the sights and sounds and the feeling of being in a city that never sleeps.

The Austrian Alps, 'cause I love to ski and the austrians are a very kind bunch, good food and good beer.

Bali, even greener in real life. Tranquility ...

7th Apr 2002, 21:05
I've been to loadsa places, but three that come to mind are :

Okavango Delta, Botswana ........ peace, quiet .... wonderful safari
Cairns, Australia ...... nice and warm, great swimming (barrier reef)
Hong Kong ...... the food !

But which one did I like best :

Very difficult, but probably Cairns .....

Would be Okavango Delta if it weren't for the malaria risk.

Niaga Dessip
7th Apr 2002, 21:29
Best city: Perth W.A.

For solitude: Remote beaches of Western Australia near Albany, at dawn;
also the Western Isles of Scotland


8th Apr 2002, 00:01
Drunk in Key West at sunset.

8th Apr 2002, 00:13
RW-1 Bahrain by the Red Sea? don't think so, try the Arabian/Persian Gulf.

You wouldn't be a navigator by any chance, would you?!:D

Bandit *bob*
8th Apr 2002, 00:49
Up on the "Peak", Hong Kong, as the sun sets watching the place light up.

Mediterranean sunrise after a hard (but good ) night out clubbing.

Flying down the Florida Keys, heading for lunch.


Bob :p