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pants on fire...
4th Apr 2002, 02:59
I saw this clever little game here the other day where you change the letters in a word, to transform it into a new word.

I have never played it before, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. I'm sure someone here knows how to do this properly and will be able to help me out.

Change Moritz Suter to Morris Sewer in as few moves as possible.

Here's how I did it in 9. Can anyone do it better? Am I doing this right?

Please take the time to post your vote on the poll above. Vote for as many criteria as you wish!

Moritz Suter
Moritz Saint
Saint Michael
Marks & Spencer
Skid Marks
Marky Mark
Market Day
Morris Dance
Morris Seven
Morris Sewer

4th Apr 2002, 08:25
Moritz Suter


pants on fire...
4th Apr 2002, 19:15
Hmmm. Looks like I missed the method for playing this game.:(

Flintstone seems to demonstrate a much more direct method than mine.

The poll confirms that I am not really on top of this game.

But on the other hand, maybe the rating proves I am!:D

Plus a view to reply ratio of 186:1 (excluding my reply, which is really only a cheap method of placing the topic at the top again) is pretty good - isn't it? ;)

4th Apr 2002, 20:13
Pants on Fire,

What's MS ever done to you? You seem a little miffed for some reason

5th Apr 2002, 04:44
If you don't like the pr!ck just ignore him, I do.

5th Apr 2002, 06:40
I suppose because it might be that Morris was so totaly up your nose obnoxious in it's initial grand appearence that there was a reaction to it. The reaction is obviously dying down in direct proportion to the initial insulting entrance and how far up the nasel passage the first impact took it.

Pretty darn far Morris!

Moritz Suter
5th Apr 2002, 15:33
One shouldn't place anything smaller than one's elbow in one's nostril, my dear Mr. Paterbrat, and if you think my past efforts have been offensive (although I can't imagine why), just wait 'till you see how inspired I've become after a couple of days in London. The juices are a flowin'!

Better dip the talon into your seemingly bottomless pit of invective now, Hemorrhoid Huggy, because you'll surely adore the new information I've unearthed on Baden Powell. (thank you Public Records Office).:D


pants on fire...
5th Apr 2002, 20:45
Good question 5mo. Morris Sewer has never at any time done anything to me, and I assure you, never will! ;)

His/her/it's sole intent is to provoke a response based upon deliberately inflammatory subject matter designed to insult and offend as many as humanly possible.

Mine on the other hand, has only one singular target!:)

Oh, and miffed? Not in the least.

This is the best play-thing in ages! :D

5th Apr 2002, 21:16

Sorry not to enter into the spirit of the thing. I meant to try but came over all 'can't be bothered' and thought "Aaahh, fuggit".

It's a condtion I find myself succumbing to whenever the idiot in question is involved. Not worth the energy.

Let's play something else.

5th Apr 2002, 21:19
Polite Morris I will grant you. Mr Paterbrat even. I thank you for the courtesy.

An elbow? I do believe that you intended to attempt to thrust a not inconsiderable mass far exceeding the humble proportion of a mere elbow, up the collective nostrils of Ppruners en masse. With some fair degree of sucess I may add. Your venomous bile, which you take great pride in, is quite corrosive. Sadly though, it goes just a touch beyond mere baiting which one expects and even participates in with some degree of camraderie albeit a little ascerbic at times.

You, for me, descend a little too far below the belt, your choice of subject matter a little too preoccupied with the slightly deeper recesses of the human frame. There is a touch of something darker in your various preoccupations than most, on the forum.

Unsettling to some , it arouses an almost instinctive reaction in others. I must confess I used to wonder at the sometimes almost rabid responses that the Guv used to get, I now understand them a little more clearly having experienced a similar emotion.

You so obviously delight in provoking such a reaction. Seek it rather too avidly I would say, but then who am I to judge. I have always been of the opinion that the commonly defined limits of normality are spaned on either side by grey areas greater still, in all of us, where lie the true and hidden boundaries. I wonder at distance apart those boundaries might be in the MS that graces us with it's presence?

Now, no doubt you will delight us all with some savoury titbit you have dredged and trawled for in amonst the slime. You were about to say?

Moritz Suter
6th Apr 2002, 22:35
My Dear Mr. Paterbrat,

You, too often I fear, write what you think. This is an area both in which I caution you, and one which offers an insight into the question you pose of me. I sense in you, Sir, the makings of a great writer. If only you were homosexual, I would suggest you had a novel in you.

I'll leave you now, since it's bedtime after all, with a little snippet I found inspiring after viewing Trevor Macdonald's truly astonishing private interview with President Monkey at the White House, which aired on ITV television just last evening.

One's own moral journey can only begin when one's conscience is woken.



pants on fire...
7th Apr 2002, 14:53
Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate the correct method Flintsone. Maybe you could review this attempt:

Moritz Suter
Morris Sewer

Is this more in line with the concept of this game? :D

Certainly seems much easier and to the point! :p

9th Apr 2002, 22:01
Ah Morris, you are too kind, a novel you say. And all it requires is my becoming gay. I fear not since I have neither the inclination nor the desire, though I do see that you seem quite obsessed by the state, quite what that signifies of you however I would not care to say.

Writing what I think: well not to put too oblique a twist on it I had fondly imagined that most normal people attempt to put their thoughts down in as coherent a manner as they are able, but it would seem I have gone sadly astray somewhere along this line of reasoning, according to you that is.

My conscience is indeed awake, and it is true, troubles me from time to time, for I do claim a place in the human condition, imperfect at the best of times. But pray tell, beneath what dark cold deep Alpine tarn lies your's. Lying like some Kraken of old no doubt, awaiting some future mythic event to awaken it, so that it might slowly rise, seize you, and allow you to claim your place amongst humanity once more.