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18th Jul 2012, 16:44
During the service to dedicate/open the Bomber Command Memorial was I just having a funny turn or was the member of the RAG Regiment who opened the door of the Royal Vehicle wearing TWO STRIPES.
I thought only an ARMY Cpl wore them or does the RAF Regiment also wear this insignia and if so what is the same rank in the RAF ??? :confused::confused::ok:

18th Jul 2012, 17:04
I am asuming that you are referring to Lance Cpl and one stripe rather than two which has never been abscent fm RAF ranks. Fm the MOD website.

RAF Regiment Gets Lance Corporal Rank

From the 1 Apr, the RAF Regiment will officially adopt Lance Corporal rank for the first time since they were formed on 1 Feb 1942. The new rank has already benefitted the gunners of No 3 Sqn RAF Regiment, who are presently deployed in Helmand Province to protect Camp Bastion Joint Operating Base; those qualified have been awarded acting rank in the interim period.

The new rank of Lance Corporal will bridge the gap between Senior Aircraftsman (SAC) and Corporal and has been introduced to identify the additional responsibility that a Fire Team Commander has above and beyond those of SAC rank. Previously, a senior SAC could be expected to be a Second-in-Command of a Section, a vehicle commander and control fire support for a Section. The Lance Corporal rank now recognises the extra responsibilities that a Fire Team Commander has and clearly identifies that position within a Section.

A Lance Corporal has a great deal of responsibility in his Fire Team; they can bring a potent blend of firepower to bear. Typically a section will comprise two 4-man fire teams, each armed with a combination of Light Machine Gun (LMG) or General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), Light Support Weapon (LSW) and 2 rifles with Underslung Grenade Launchers (UGL). They will also operate with a Light Anti-Tank weapon and can employ a Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) or Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) when operating from a vehicle.

RAF Wittering's Wg Cdr Mick Smeath, Officer Commanding No 1 RAF Force Protection Wing, currently operating from Bastion Joint Operating Base in Afghanistan, was extremely pleased to see the new rank introduced. He said:

“The award of Lance Corporal rank correctly recognises the additional responsibilities that were previously held by a SAC in the role of Fire Team Commander. This is especially pertinent for my personnel who are commanding Fire Teams while deployed in the complex and challenging environment that is Afghanistan. The responsibility that is associated with defending mission critical air assets should not be underestimated and I am extremely impressed by the way in which those under my command have stepped up to the plate in the new rank.”

Editor: Sqn Ldr (Ret'd) A W Walsh MCO.

18th Jul 2012, 18:55
Tiger Mate,first of all thank you for the very good answer, Secondly I stand corrected I DID MEAN L/CPL:O:O:O