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3rd Apr 2002, 16:41
For me, it has to be Dr Strangelove!!! :cool:

...or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb :eek:

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here.....this is the War Room!!!!!!

Eet iss verry seemple, mien fhurrer!!! All that is required is the will and an enourmous bank of Compuuuuters!!!! :eek:


Over to you - only one Film permitted!!!

3rd Apr 2002, 16:45
You can probably guess..... :D

3rd Apr 2002, 16:47
Only one?

Darn it.

In that case, it has to be "Some Like It Hot"

3rd Apr 2002, 17:07
Bladerunner - Director's cut.

3rd Apr 2002, 20:06
Gotta be:

"From Russia With Love"

Classic Connery, before he really got into the sterotypical bond (Guns gadgets girls) haunting soundtrack (can't remember who sang it, sounds like maybe Sinatra) Back when he was not saving the world, just getting one over on those dastardly commies!


Love it

Evening Star
3rd Apr 2002, 20:10
Take your choice from here:


Just the site to waste many a happy hour.

3rd Apr 2002, 20:25
I'm with swashplate on this one. Dr Strangelove was a work of genius. Every moment of it.


3rd Apr 2002, 20:48
Dr Strangelove is an absolute classic.

For a bit of chilled out fun The Big Lebowski is hard to beat - I know it isn't exactly the most sophisticated humour in the world but it always makes me laugh.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest has got to be up there.

3rd Apr 2002, 20:58
Since Redsnail already got there with Bladerunner, I'll go with my second choice - "The Life of Brian".

3rd Apr 2002, 21:03
"Dr. Strangelove" would, certainly, be among my top 10.

The bit that gets me evey time is Peter Sellers as the diffident, ineffectual RAF Liaison Officer wanting change for the phone from the Coke Machine, and the Marine, finally persuaded to shoot the coin box out, saying before he does so:-

"If you're wrong about all this, you know what's gonna happen don't you?"
"You're gonna have to answer to the Coca Cola Company".

The other bit, of course, is Slim Pickens riding the bomb down...

Big Tudor
3rd Apr 2002, 21:13
Got to be Trainspotting. The everyday life of simple Edinburgh folk.

Choose your future. Choose life.

3rd Apr 2002, 21:17
It's got to be "Arsenic and Old Lace".

Still creases me up every time Teddy draws his sabre, blows his bugle and charges up the stairs. Oh, and Peter Lorre - sheer genius.

3rd Apr 2002, 21:33
Oh darn it - yes, Cas - that's an excellent one as well. Cary Grant saying to the old ladies "This is getting to be a very bad habit"!!!

Also "Bringing Up Baby" - Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn out in the garden at night singing "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby" to the leopard up on the roof...

Destry Rides Again
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
The Wrong Arm of the Law
Passport to Pimlico
The Cruel Sea
Sleepless in Seattle

3rd Apr 2002, 21:33
If it's only one, then for me it's The Shawshank Redemption - great script and superb acting.

3rd Apr 2002, 21:47
Just remembered Withnail and I , English movie making at its best.

Camberwell carrot anyone?


3rd Apr 2002, 22:19
Now you're asking.........

Can't limit myself to one film.... so in the following order (I think)

1. Godfather Part II
2. Godfather Part I
3. Goodfellas
4. Apocalypse now
5. Withnail & I
6. Scarface
8. Star Wars

Coppola is a genius! Haven't seen Dr Strangelove......or Clockwork Orange, another Kubrick classic.

Captain Rodders
3rd Apr 2002, 22:34
I know you will think I'm strange but for reminding me of when I was young-

Gregory's Girl

CR - sad and old

3rd Apr 2002, 22:41
Soz.... I can't just pick one......

Shawshank Redemption

Midnight Express

Life of Brian

The Green Mile

Schindlers List http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/whinging.gif


brown trousers
3rd Apr 2002, 22:54
I'll forgo the Debbie does Dallas film this time in favour for .......

...... Platoon :rolleyes:

A Comfy Chair
3rd Apr 2002, 22:58
Yeah, Dr. Strangelove is certainly up there...

Along with Schindlers List, and

DEFINATLY most things with CARRY ON in front of them ;-)

3rd Apr 2002, 23:05
1. Trainspotting
2. Dr Strangelove
3. Delicatessen
4. Apocalypse Now
5. 2001 A Space Odyssey
6!. The Big Lebowski

I really recommend Delicatessen (Jeunet et Caro, 1991 - I can't believe it was 11 years ago) - wonderful piece of surrealism with some amazing slapstick and set pieces involving a bathroom filling with water, great romance too...Best on big screen with good sound (aren't they all I suppose)

3rd Apr 2002, 23:10
People have mentioned the Shawshank Redemption, and quite rightly too. It is by far the best film created by the hand of man.

However, second is possibly Memento, staring Guy Pearce (from Neighbours!)

I won’t give away the plot (it’s that kind of film) but it is shown back to front. The filming obviously runs forwards but the basic layout has the last chapter first and first last, so the end of each section was the start of the previous. Confused? It is all done really well. See it.

For a real, turn brain off but top class ‘feel good’ film watch City Slickers. Simple, childish, but superb.

Jet Dragon
3rd Apr 2002, 23:29
"The Castle" - one of the funniest movies ever.

"White Christmas" - Bing at his best

"Pale Rider" - classic Clint




4th Apr 2002, 00:01
Has to be the best western ever made...

Once Upon a Time in the West. - Sergio Leone

Edited for: who did that to my spellin?

4th Apr 2002, 03:20
THE RIGHT STUFF, darnit......

"They say there's a demon, that lives in the sky....." Hackneyed, stereotypical, one hour too long, but the BEST DAMN film ever made. Saw it twice in two days when I was 18, and there and then decided to become a pilot.

That one scene, where Sam Shepard as Yeager rides a horse up to the X-1, sitting there refueling, shrieking and steam billowing out - I love it!

4th Apr 2002, 03:29
633 Squadron!!!

The images of those Mosquitoes roaring low over the ocean and down that Fjord to the theme from the movie!!!!!!

4th Apr 2002, 03:32
I'm with the Shawshank crowd on this one.
After that the most recent film version of the book 'Of Mice and Men'. Big feeling of dejavu for me as it was almost as I had pictured it when I read the book several years previous.
Wish they would do a film based on Cannery Row, or was it Sweet Thursday. Can never remember the title as I lent the book to someone years ago and never got it back.

Travelling Toolbox
4th Apr 2002, 03:46
Got to agree Shawshank is a great movie. For shear tension and understatement - "Das Boot" ( The Boat.) Can't remember who played the lead, but a gripping book and quite reasonable film as told from the German side. The favourite Brit equivalent would be "Above us the waves" I guess (Is there a theme emerging here?):)

Capt Vegemite
4th Apr 2002, 04:41
The WB cartoon where Porky an Sylvester stay in a haunted house overnight.
Near shat meself laughing.

4th Apr 2002, 04:44
If I can only list one film then it is -

Dr. Strangeglove

although many of y'all will think it a comedy film for me it is/was a reality film since I lived some parts of it.

Since I can't mention any other films, I won't say anything about:

Chariots of Fire (the music was outstanding and it is Scots)
On the Beach (Ava Gardner, et al and great music again)
Apocalypse Now (I thought everyone loved that smell in the AM)

oh well - dAAvid

4th Apr 2002, 08:52
Top Gun.

Absolutely no doubt about it. It's one of the few films I own on video, and one of the few videos I ever watch over and over again. It's got planes, action, romance, tragedy, Kelly McGillis (or Tom Cruise for the female PPRuNers out there), and a corny storyline - what more could you want???


Hersham Boy
4th Apr 2002, 09:03
Caddyshack - funniest film ever made.

4th Apr 2002, 09:31
Lead in "Das Boot" was Jürgen Prochnow.

4th Apr 2002, 11:06

Quentin Tarantino described Top Gun as “the ultimate gay fantasy movie”. ;)

Disturbing, as I kind of like it. However, it is definitely not the best ever film, as it is beaten by it’s own spoof, Hot Shots.

4th Apr 2002, 11:53
Sorry Mr. Swashplate, it’ll have to be a top five:

The Wages of Fear - possibly the best film ever made
Apocalypse Now - harrowing & unforgettable
The Godfather Part II - awesome performance by Al Pacino
Unforgiven - Clint Eastwood v Gene Hackman. Nuff said
Airplane - definitely the best film ever made ;)

4th Apr 2002, 12:01
Go on then, you can have more than one!!! :rolleyes:

My favourite film is about the only one I can watch again and again without the attention wandering. But I suppose some of you may have more than one film that fits this rule........

4th Apr 2002, 13:26
If I can have a second one - "The Princess Bride".

- "Inconceivable!!"

4th Apr 2002, 13:39

With you on the Princess Bride

Hes only MOSTLY dead
Hello, my name in Inego Montoya, you killed my father - Prepare to die!!

And I also agree with the Shawshank Crowd
I almost agree with Reddo but I prefer the original Blade Runner (although I own and regularly watch both)

However my list would be

A Bridge Too Far - just look at the cast list!!
A Company of Wolves
The Fellowship of the Ring
In Which We Serve - Noel Coward at his finest
The Sting

Cant separate them

4th Apr 2002, 14:47
Oh - and I HAVE to add "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels"

"You come back with a grow bag under one arm and a totally wasted girl under the other, now what are people going to think? I mean, you don't exactly look like your average horti-f***cking-culturalist, do you?"

"Please can everyone stop getting shot for a moment?"

"It's a deal - it's a steal - it's the sale of the f***ing century. In fact - f*** it - I think I'll keep 'em myself"

"So Hatchet Harry beat him to death with a 9" black rubber dildo - and everyone reckoned that, with Hatchet Harry, that was a relatively pleasant way to go"

"It's been emotional" (from Vinny Jones, who has been dead-pan all the way through)

4th Apr 2002, 14:48
Shawshank is ok , Sunday afternoon with a hangover kinda flick, but it's gotta be..
Full Metal Jacket
Yes I had loads of Action Men

4th Apr 2002, 14:58
The Right Stuff...tres American, but none the less very re-watchable (yes, I just made up that word)

Top Gun for the laughs <--my hubby calls this a chick flick (all those butt shots of Tom in his tighty-whities). Damned if I could ever get him to sit and watch this with me, but he isn't into jets so he must be forgiven :D

Airplane. If I ever see this movie for sale in a video store I will buy it. And I don't own movies. :)

Hersham Boy
4th Apr 2002, 15:09
ORAC - what are your thoughts on "Mawwiadge"?

Since we're breaking the rules, I can't believe I left out The Italian Job (Alright, Charlie.... yeah, alright Charlie!" and Blade Runner (NOT the Director's cut) (I'll tell you about my mother....!)


4th Apr 2002, 15:20
Did you say yes?
Then it doesn't count!

You want it when?
4th Apr 2002, 15:29
Oh goody top five films...

Top Gun - planes, fast planes and booms
Always - planes & Holly Hunter (OK therapy needed)
Scent of a Woman - Hoo-Harr
Kellys Heros - Don't hit me with those negative waves...
American Grafitti - Cars, lovely cars.

4th Apr 2002, 15:49
Sure is interesting that Citizen Kane has not been mentioned. Have to agree that Apocalypse Now and 2001 A Space Odyssey are in the running.

Yet, the most important movie to me is the one I saw alone and unassisted, as a pre-pubescent teenager, mid-afternoon, on a black and white TV, whilst all the olds were elsewhere.

That movie said to me that there was a big wide world out there beyond Disney, Mary Poppins and Brigadoon. Beyond the ABC news, the Ponderosa and Des the Weatherman.

Dr Strangelove.

4th Apr 2002, 15:54
Yay... Top Gun!
Tom Cruise really pisses me off, Kelly whatserface isn't much to look at... but hurrah... lots of flying scenes, a corny love story, great music, and that bit at the end with the credits when the jet ****s up the barrel roll. What more could you ask for?

Shooting Fish I could watch over and over. A great English film, with an equally great soundtrack.

And if I need a good cry then it has to be Truly Madly Deeply (thanks to the PPRuNer who sent me this on tape... I owe you a drink!)

One day when I finally have some time to spare I'm going to sit and watch all the classics I've never seen:
Breakfast at Tiffany's, Casablanca, Some Like it Hot, Citizen Kane, and the Muppets do Manhattan. :D :D

4th Apr 2002, 15:56
I saw Airplane II DVD in Tesco's the other day. I dare say Airplane should be available.

4th Apr 2002, 15:59
How about "Debbie does Dallas" and "Debbie does Dallas again"
Oh and not forgetting Linda Lovelace and "Deep Throat"

Serious films must be "Shawshank Rebellion" and another from the same Director "The Green Mile"

4th Apr 2002, 16:01
Defo Lock stock
Northern Facking Monkeys!

Green Mile

Worst Film= Final Destination Utter cheese!:rolleyes:

4th Apr 2002, 16:26
Oh go on then.

Debbie does Dallas & Frigging in the Rigging (a nautical tale by all accounts).;)

4th Apr 2002, 17:28
Well, since we're now allowed more than one:

I'll certainly go along with Shawshank and Always <sniff !>

... plus a few that haven't been mentioned yet:

- Blazing Saddles
- Local Hero
- LA Confidential
- Alien

4th Apr 2002, 17:50
I'd have to nominate " The Black Stallion " for #1 movie.
Blazing Saddles also a good one!


4th Apr 2002, 18:15
mmmmmmmmm- not in order of preference...

Alien II - Directors cut..... "Absoloootely Positively state-of-the-badass-art (Yep, Mike Biehn getting typecast again, how many films has he played a Navy Seal in now?)

A Bridge too Far - Just f*****g magnificent

Field of Dreams - It makes me weep , sorry self-confessed wuss-boy

Sleepless in Seattle - Cos i'm a sucker for happy endings that almost never make it.

The Battle of Britain - Some fine acting and some dam' fine aeroplanes

Tora 3 - Pearl Harbour by Disney isn't even fit to have the steam off its' ****

The Magnificent 7 - Proper Geezer Film

Raiders of the Lost Ark -politically correct? I don't think so

The Odd Angry Shot - The only decent Bryan Brown film ever.

Tony :0)

4th Apr 2002, 18:17
forgot the Best Black and White ever.... A toss up between..

"They were expendable", "It's a wonderful life" and "The best days of our lives"

4th Apr 2002, 18:19

How can you list Alien without first paying tribute to it's clear superior, Aliens. Few sequels are better than the original but with more guns, explosions and evil nasties, and still employing the same level of suspense, Aliens rules the sci-fi action genre.

And can someone please explain to me the appeal of 2001 Space Odyssey. Just seemed too quiet and dull for my taste, and any film in which nobody talks for the first 25 minutes is definitely suspect. :confused: :confused:

edited for mild stupidity

4th Apr 2002, 19:09
Toy Story 2 was better than Toy Story. Think I'll add both to my list of favourites!

4th Apr 2002, 19:23
Suspense versus splattery, chaps.

Anyway, what happened to the molecular acid ? Couple of drops of it just about dissolved the whole ship and yet here we are splattering Alien guts all over the shop....

2001 is an obscure Bavarian art movie. You forgot the 25 minutes in the middle where we get some paint swirling in a bucket and strangely coloured close-ups of someone's left eye :confused:

4th Apr 2002, 19:54
Suspense is great Grainger, but must at some point be relieved by wonderous special effects Skulduggery. Alien lied, by promising but never really delivering the 'all out carnage' finally produced in the sequel.

This was in many ways repeated to a greater degree in the Blair Witch Project. Not only did it give me motion sickness, but never actually delivered on the suspense that it had created.

It would be interesting to hear what people think is the scariest movie they've seen. :eek: Certainly wouldn't be the BWP mentioned above. I hear the original black and white 'The Haunting' is more than capable of wetting one's knickers.

4th Apr 2002, 20:31
As a very big movie fan, and without any doubt at all,


a film by Luc Besson.

I had the pleasure of seeing a very scratchy print of it on the South Bank some years ago. Very few prints are in existence, and even allowing for the poor quality of the print, it was a deeply impressive experience. This film went on to be re-hashed in Hollywood as 'The Assassin' - which was rubbish, because the French have more talent for cinematography in their little fingers than the yanks will in years. 'No offense'!

4th Apr 2002, 21:18

The song FRWL was sung by Mr. Matt Munro.

I don't have just one favorite, sorry. :(

4th Apr 2002, 21:23
Don't know about scratchy prints. But I have a DVD copy!! Region 1 of course, but that's not a problem - loads of DVDs with NTSC playback in pseudo/PAL if your TV is not NTSC capable.

Just type Nikita in the search box:


4th Apr 2002, 21:33

Thanks. I have a fine VHS copy - it's the cinema prints which are in very short supply, as only 'art-houses' want to run the film. This combination of poor supply and non-existant demand means that Nikita is unlikely to be seen again on british screens. A huge shame, but the world keeps turning.

4th Apr 2002, 21:40
Well, since we're allowed FIVE:

1. Arsenic and Old Lace
2. Any Laurel and Hardy feature (all right, technically that's cheating but what the heck!!)
3. Oh, Mr Porter (did you know that Will Hay has a nebula named afer him? Apparently he was a top-notch amateur astronomer of international repute.)
4. Seven Samurai (if you haven't seen it, do your utmost to correct the omission)
5. The Fellowship of The Ring (I don't know about you, but I thought the battle scene at the beginning was worth the price of admission alone, plus places like Moria and Orthanc were exactly as I imagined them to be.)

And finally, an honourable mention for that iconoclastic genius Ed Wood and "Plan Nine From Outer Space". And wasn't Martin Landau fantastic as Bela Lugosi in the film "Ed Wood"?

Aren't films brilliant?

4th Apr 2002, 21:53
How can I begin to explain 2001? It just draws me into every time, I find it irresistible.
I think its present day appeal is most deeply to people in the sort of 35-45 group who grew up at a time that made space travel and the space race a big part of the memories of being a kid and school etc.
It is best approached in a shall we say contemplative frame of mind....:D

4th Apr 2002, 23:01
I know i've already posted but who cares.

All time best Shaw Redemption closely followed by Green Mile.
No Brainer catagory has to be Caddyshack (II not as good but still very watchable) along with Airplane (Airplane II although good wasn't quite up to scratch).

Two that I don't think have been mentioned are Lost Boys
Death by stereo great line,
and The Breakfast Club. The best of the brat pack and i'm supprised no one has mentioned it yet.

I can watch those over and over:D

Standard Noise
4th Apr 2002, 23:02
What, only five, aaawwww dad!

1 - Arsenic and old lace
2 - Shawshank Redemption
3 - Life of Bwian
4 - The Italian Job
5 - The Lavender Hill Mob

But a special mention has to go to the Dirty Harry series. Clint Eastwood at his very best.:)

The Greaser
4th Apr 2002, 23:07
Got to be Casablanca, closely followed by American Beauty, Shawshank, and Forrest Gump (yawn).

5th Apr 2002, 01:30

1. Witness
2. Local Hero
3. Lantana
4. Holy Grail
5. Shrek


5th Apr 2002, 12:13
Ah The Green Mile

Not on my list but it is a wonderful film.

I have only seen it once and I will never watch it again if I can help it. I saw it by accident in the USA whilst visiting friends. Be bought the wrong film on Cable TV

It had me completely spellbound from the first time Tom Hanks tries to Pee to the end of the credits.

Magical, but now I have seen it, to see it again would spoil it.

Oh And I cant watch Forrest Gump without floods of tears (I know I know I'm a wimp)

5th Apr 2002, 14:34
The Green Mile - as a big Stephen King fan, I think I'm allowed to say that the book was absolutely terrible!

I shelled out a fortune for each of the parts, rather than waiting until they were combined into one paperback, and as a result I paid twice as much as I needed to for a load of crap! Every time a new part was released, I was hoping that the various threads of the story would be brought together ready for a classic Stephen King ending - and I was let down.

But congrats to the film-makers for cutting out all of the crap, keeping all of the good parts, and making a superb film! Not on my list of all-time greats, but definitely worth seeing.


5th Apr 2002, 22:20
Gawd, only 5?! reggub! Ah well, I'll just have 5 groups then, in no particular order....

1. Top Gun (only kiddin!, it's Air America)
2. Shrek
3. Crimson Tide
4. All the bonds
5. Raiders of the lost Ark

Oh, and I have to put in Maverick somewhere....

6th Apr 2002, 09:13
There's been so many great films over the years, how do you choose? But for me, here are the films I can watch again and again and again!

1. LA Confidential
2. The Usual Suspects - "Keyser Sose!"
3. The Wild Bunch- A brilliant Western
4. The Unforgiven-Ditto
5. Wall Street-a great Stone film, great performance by Michael Douglas
6. Cyrano De Bergarac-with Gerard Depardieu, a brilliant movie and very moving
7. American Beauty-A film for every middle aged man! Brilliant ending with a great speech
8. JFK-Even if it's speculative, it's still very convincing!
9. Godfather 1/2/3
10. Goodfellas
11. Scent of a Woman-Brilliant Pacino performance
12. Dirty Harry

Sorry, I could go on, but that's essentially it for now!

The Nut Behind The Wheel
6th Apr 2002, 10:35
HEAT- Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

De Niro should have smoked that mother at the end- poor forward planning on the part of the director (sequels etc)

And besides which, Pacino sucked:mad:

Long live Neil!!!!!!!

6th Apr 2002, 14:20
Awww, I tried hard to ignore this thread, but what the hell.

Even narrowing it down to 10 is hard, five is painful, and one is impossible, so five it will have to be.

1. Once Were Warriors; the most harrowing film I have ever sat through

2. Field of Dreams; yeah, I know, but it's favourite films, not best films :(

3. The Big Chill

4. (this is where the really painful decisions have to be made)... American Beauty

5. Oh God, I can't do this; only one more???? ummm, errr, ahhhh, Schindl....., no, ummm, Jean de Flore....no hang on, LA Confid....... I've got it, The Wages of Fe.... arrrggghhhhhh, stuff it.....

Taxi Driver


6th Apr 2002, 14:47
Difficult to say. Either:



Winchester '73

6th Apr 2002, 23:11
I think the role of the Captain in "Das Boot" was played by Jurgen Prochnow, but you had to watch the non edited version for true tension.
My choice "Blazing Saddles" - timeless

6th Apr 2002, 23:16
Very good, did you work that out for yourself?


Tartan Gannet
7th Apr 2002, 09:39
1 Godfather Trilogy
2 2001
3 Battle of Britain
4 The Thorn Birds
5 The Cruel Sea
6 Tora, Tora, Tora.
7 The Star Trek Movies (even the first one)

7th Apr 2002, 13:56
TG, I really do want to meet you. Anybody who is so uncaring of others opinions of him that he would put the Thorn Birds in his all time favourites list is somebody I want to buy a drink for. And I mean it.

Huggy, are you over your bad hair day?

7th Apr 2002, 14:07
In no particular order

Highlander - Queen soundtrack

Nikita- as previously said a masterpiece of a French film

Das Boot- The original series in German

Star Trek: The best of both Worlds. (really 2 episodes from the Next Generation)

11th Apr 2002, 09:47
high risk , especially the part where the old DC-3 comes back to save the heroes, the pilot turns on Satisfaction ( Rolling Stones ) and shouts through the open window, here we coooooome !

as a matter of fact i'm going to watch that know

11th Apr 2002, 11:18
Nut behind the wheel,

Agree with your assessment of "Heat", would have been a MUCH better film if they'd had the balls to allow the bad guy to win.

However that firefight in the street is automatically the FIRST thing you reach for when testing any new AV system - amazing!

11th Apr 2002, 11:56
In no particular order.......

Bad Day at Black Rock
Blazing Saddles
Tron (just kidding!)
Airplane I

Flip Flop Flyer
11th Apr 2002, 12:11
2 - Festen (The Party) ... by Thomas Winterberg. First of the dogme movies, fantastic story and acting
3 - Blinkende Lygter (Flashing Lights)... If you thought Trainspotting was funny .....
4 - Grande Bleau (Big Blue) .... Luc Besson classic
5 - The 5th Element .... Besson and Moebius ... mmmm

I hope that # 1 is yet to be made.

12th Apr 2002, 00:06

12th Apr 2002, 00:10
One Movie-Many Categories

Comedy- Animal House
Drama- Philadelphia Story
Wartime Drama- The Battle of the Bulge
Wartime Comedy- (if any such thing) Kelly's Heroes
Arnold Film (Yes, it's its own catagory)- Terminator
Science Fiction- Soylent Green
Crime Story- L.A. Confidential
Love Story- Love Story
Poltical Intrigue- The Contender
Gene Hackman Movie (Again, see Arnold category) The Package

Hugh De Payen
12th Apr 2002, 00:14
Lock, Stock and 2 smoking barrells, purely for the classic one liners!

12th Apr 2002, 00:51
2001 Space Odyssey!

I taped the last segment of Dr. Strangelove with Slim Pickins riding the bomb and watched it over and over and over... :D

The Abyss!

Most recent... Gladiator

12th Apr 2002, 05:08
Sci Fi: Blade Runner (the original release, NOT the director's cut)
Roy: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
Attack ships on fire off the sholder of Orion.
I watched sea beams glitter in the dark near the Tan Hauser Gate.
All those moments will be lost in time
like tears in rain.
Time to die.
Have to admit to being a William Gibson fan scince he redifined sci-fi in the mid eighties with Neorumancer.

Aviation: Top Gun still means a lot, but that is because of some personal history. Still good flying though, and you may scoff about this dated eighties film - but who here has seen it less than three times?? I liked the "Piece of Cake" series more than "Battle of Britain" - even though the history was a bit off.

Maritime: Das Boat, The cruel Sea was OK, but Das Boat was far better - the DVD version with the director's comments is interesting as well.

Land war: The Battle of the Bulge & Kelly's Heroes
"It's a beauootiful tank"
"It's a piece of siht!"

Fantasy: Excalibur
"A king without a sword...

12th Apr 2002, 07:51
Reading all 6 pages in one go it seems that I need to see this Shawshank film.
That's friday night at 40Towers all planned then, thank you. :D

Also spent 5 pages wondering if I am the one who thinks "The Big Chill" is an absolutely wonderful movie........... :(

Binos, I reckon you and I got separated at birth ;)

12th Apr 2002, 08:16
Debbie does Dallas ;)

tony draper
12th Apr 2002, 08:43
One has a great fondness for westerns, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, for best movie, had all the old classic western actors in it, great Dylan sound track.
Sorry Aerobabe, but for the worste movie ever made ,it epitomises the silly brit touchy feely luvie culture has to be Truly madly deeply, yuk ,in spades.
Luvie brit directors make movies to immpress their lovie arty farty shirt lifting friends, not for the puplic, hense they are always sh!te.:rolleyes:

12th Apr 2002, 12:43
Flaps, I have just read this whole thread in one sitting, and if you are using the opinions of the posters, then surely you should watch Debbie does Dallas! (or maybe not.) And as for my favourite, difficult, but probably Lock, stock. It has provided so many great quotes. Enjoy the weekend those of you that are having one.:)

12th Apr 2002, 13:02
Is nobody going to mention "Bad Taste" ?

12th Apr 2002, 15:32
Some good films here, that's for sure. Had forgotten about Soylent Green, a fantastic piece of work.

As an aside, am I the only person who thinks the Shawshank Redemption is possibly the most overrated film of all time?

And while I'm on the subject am I also the only person that thought "Birdsong" by Sebastian Faulks was a load of old pony?

12th Apr 2002, 15:32
Allright, 'ere goes nothing. The ones I keep coming back to again and again, in no particular order at all.

Clockwork Orange
Rumble Fish
Bladerunner, director's cut
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Apocalypse Now
Le Grande Bleu
Drugstore Cowboys
Repo Man
The Quest for the Holy Grail
THX 1138
Battle of Britain
The Outsiders
The Fight Club

Be warned. Once you have spent some time in the editing room, your movie watching will never be the same again!


12th Apr 2002, 15:56

It's possible that even a very good movie can be vastly overrated, and I think you are right in that the Shawshank Redemption fits the bill. Don't get me wrong, I love it, and it was put together in that slick way the Americans have that nobody else really does, but it was no better than 30 other movies I could name, (odd that in comparison nobody on this thread has mentioned Sling Blade or Fargo or A Simple Plan) and I find it rather strange that it is mentioned in the same breath as certain others.

But then, this is a favourite film list, and vive la difference. If it was a greatest film list we would have all the film students and posers proclaiming Citizen Kane's virtues.

But if you really REALLY want the most overrated film of all time, I can't go past Star Wars. Or any of its followups for that matter. Yawn.

Does that make me a luvie, Tony? Perhaps you should have migrated to Australia, old mate. Anybody who watches a subtitled movie out here is a poofter. You'd fit in well, methinks. :)

Edited cos i kept thinking of other movies......

12th Apr 2002, 16:21
I don't mean to hijack the thread here, and most of the converted are probably already familiar with Imdb (the Internet Movie Database), but for general interest, this is the list of the Top 20 films of all time as voted by the great unwashed.

Rank Title
1 Godfather, The (1972) 9.0/10 (52775 votes)
2 Shawshank Redemption, The (1994) 8.9/10 (70146 votes)
3 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The (2001) 8.8/10 (55381 votes)
4 Godfather: Part II, The (1974) 8.8/10 (27688 votes)
5 Schindler's List (1993) 8.7/10 (50430 votes)
6 Citizen Kane (1941) 8.7/10 (30827 votes)
7 Casablanca (1942) 8.7/10 (33822 votes)
8 Shichinin no samurai (1954) 8.7/10 (11826 votes)
9 Star Wars (1977) 8.7/10 (75137 votes)
10 Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Le (2001) 8.6/10 (14755 votes)
11 Memento (2000) 8.6/10 (29879 votes)
12 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) 8.6/10 (30777 votes)
13 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) 8.6/10 (34200 votes)
14 Rear Window (1954) 8.6/10 (19734 votes)
15 Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) 8.6/10 (47910 votes)
16 Usual Suspects, The (1995) 8.6/10 (52960 votes)
17 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) 8.5/10 (56706 votes)
18 Psycho (1960) 8.5/10 (27375 votes)
19 American Beauty (1999) 8.5/10 (55947 votes)
20 Pulp Fiction (1994) 8.5/10 (65024 votes)

The link for the full list (Top 250) is

http://us.imdb.com/top_250_films and for keen students there are some interesting juxtapositions; notice ET stuck just ahead of Groundhog Day for example.

Whoops, I'm being a luvie again... sorry, gang. :rolleyes:

12th Apr 2002, 17:02
Oh my goodness, so many to choose from...
I have to agree with The Princess Bride fans, probably the best movie out there, I laugh every time. Also Its A wonderful Life... Yes, I watch it every Christmas, and yes I cry at the end!

But for true entertainment value it has to be... Plan 9 From Outer Space - voted the worst movie ever made, it is absolute genius because it takes itself so seriously. Wobbly sets, terrible dialogue and even worse acting... brilliant. Ah the 50s B movies, nothing quite like them

oh and I must include Ed Wood also, Johnny Depp's excellent!!

(oops edited for very bad grammar :eek: )

12th Apr 2002, 17:07
‘The Shawshank Redemption’ is not overrated. It was a massive flop at the cinema and deemed to be a complete failure, but as people rented it on video the word got around. It is one of the biggest selling and most rented videos in history, not because of media hype or clever marketing, but simply due to the friendly chain of recommendation that follows its viewing.

There have been many films nominated on this thread, acclaimed for aspects ranging from plot twists to nostalgia, and I agree that generally they are all great films. But not only does ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ posses a top notch story line with subtlety of character and vivid and intense visions of hope, fear and despair, but also has a happy ending second to none. Is that not the ultimate goal for a movie, to leave you feeling better on leaving than when you entered? It is the only film I’ve seen that caused me to inexplicably rise to my feet towards the end.

With no connection to the above rant, has anyone else seen the Joel “cannot usually direct for toffee” Schumacher film, ‘Tigerland’. I would strongly recommend it if you haven’t. One of the best Vietnam films, and thats in some very good company.

13th Apr 2002, 02:11

Are you a girl?

Only kidding! Not that it matters though. A very well argued case for a film you obviously enjoyed. I have to say that the fact that it wasn't a box office success doesn't really convince me in a culture where the millions of people watch WWF and get their news from Rupert Murdoch.......

And I LOVE Starwars.

brain fade
13th Apr 2002, 02:36
There's no contest!
The best film ever is the orig. 'Bladerunner' ie the voiceover version. Staggering! (like' Alien', and 'Aliens' both also Ridley Scott productions)
but also, in no particular order
'Fellowship of the ring'. for showing places only read of and putting a lump in ones throat.
'Pulp fiction' clever storyline+gratuitous violence
'LA confidential' see above
'Heat' errr see above
'Battle of Britain' Brill! a boyhood fave
'Gone with the wind' see it on the big screen to appreciate it properly. same goes for
'Dances with wolves'
'Blazing saddles'......'is it twoo what they say about you people being ah, 'talented' zzzzzzzzip. 'its twoo! its twoo! its twoo!' is ripper (my only DVD!) but don't forget the twuly brilliant
'Young Fronkenstien'....Frau. Bluecher!

West Coast
13th Apr 2002, 07:03
1 Blazing Saddles
2 Search for the holy grail
3 Animal House
4 Space Balls
5 Caddyshack
6 Blues Brothers
7 Fast times at ridgemont high

13th Apr 2002, 08:02
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - I saw it at the drive-in when it first came out in '75 or so (I was eight!) as part of a double feature, and I loved it! (Now what does THAT say?!:confused: )

I watched 2001 on video in fast forward, you don't miss much, and this way the whole films takes five minutes, it makes a pretty good short film, but watching it in real time is a yawn!

13th Apr 2002, 08:43
Yeh heres mine in descending order:

1. *****BATTLE OF BRITAIN*****
2. 12 O'clock High (Greg Peck)
3. Memphis Belle
4. Apollo 13
5. Maltese Falcon
6. Ben Hur
7. Shawshank Redemption
8. A Day in the life of Ivan Denisovitch
9. On the Beach (original classic)
10. Airplane

13th Apr 2002, 09:08
This is soooooooo difficult, but in the following categories:

'Films Me And The Boys Watch Repeatedly':
The Fifth Element;
Air America;
Blues Brothers;
Hot Shots:
The Matrix;
Star Wars Trilogy.

'Films I Like To Watch Late At Night On My Own':
Alien (the original)
Blade Runner (NOT the Director's Cut)
Apocolypse Now;

'All Time Favourite Film'

NB Wasn't the 633 raid sequence used for the raid on the Death Star in Star Wars??


13th Apr 2002, 10:49
I can't just pick one movie and say that's my all time favourtite. It all depends on the mood that I'm in.

so far my list of all time fave movies goes as follows.

Twelve Angry Men.
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.
To Kill A Mocking Bird.
Catch 22
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.
Dr Strangelove
Hound Of The Baskervilles (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore.)
Wait Until Dark.
The Five Pennies
Disney's Jungle Book (The bit where they think Baloo has died always makes me sniffle a little)
If I can think of any more I'll add them to this list

Hoss Cartwright
13th Apr 2002, 11:50
Hi folks.

Bloody hell, there have been dozens and dozens of terrific movies mentioned on this thread- read it in one go and took me bloody ages. Now stand by while I don my flak jacket and helmet and give you mine. The tricky bit is there are so many different categories that could claim to have the best movie, but my all time favourite is " The Wizard Of Oz". Odd choice you may say, but it brings back so many great childhood memories that I just could,nt help myself.

Hoss is on stand-by for incoming

Moritz Suter
13th Apr 2002, 13:09
Suddenly, Last Summer. (http://www.filmsite.org/suddl.html)

Flight Detent
13th Apr 2002, 13:11
Hi all,
- The Cruel Sea - was very, very good,
but my absolute favourite must be -
- In Search of the Holy Grail,
just to good for mere words!

13th Apr 2002, 15:05

No need to batten down; only the ignorant would deny the Wiz its place. And even these days, if you get your kids to watch it before they are corrupted by the superficiality of music videos, they are still enchanted by it. Likewise Mary Poppins.


13th Apr 2002, 16:50
I have just read all 8 pages in one go and my eyes hurt so badly I can't even think of a good film anymore!

However, Catch 22! is on BBC2 tonight at 23:35 so that has to be in there.

Blues Brothers
The Wrong Trousers
LOTR Trilogy, I know the second two arn't out yet but hell, if they're half as good as the first!

13th Apr 2002, 19:36
*All* the films mentioned in this long thread are great, in my humble opinion. :)

My favorites in particular:

Kelly's Heroes - "Oh, don't hit me with those negative waves so early in the morning"

Blade Runner - "Those are my friends. I make friends"

My favorite comedy - Young Frankenstein - "Abby, someone. Abby - Normal"

So many other great flicks, though. :cool: