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16th Jul 2012, 01:57
As I was sorting out loads of paperwork in preparation for a house (and country) move I came across the attached newspaper cutting. I was living in Norfolk at the time so the cutting is probab;ly from the Eastern Daily Press.

I am curious to see if anyone knows anything of this incident, I cannot seem to find any thing that ties in with the time period. The aircraft serial cannot be read from the picture and the fact that there does not appear to be a loss recorded that fits the bill, i guess the damage was repaired.

Do any of you know the story behind this picture. I am intrigued.



India Four Two
16th Jul 2012, 03:13
"... the pilot scrambled clear of his tiny cockpit and jumped to safety."


16th Jul 2012, 07:57
Flight Global archives mention it - Date 5th August 1969 - very badly damaged. But no S/N given. (Ref 1969-2627)

air pig
16th Jul 2012, 11:41
Is this the one that the late Lt Gen Gerhard Barkhorn of the Luftwaffe 'dropped' and jokingly said he should add it to his tally of 301 kills.

16th Jul 2012, 11:59
The aircraft serial cannot be read from the picture and the fact that there does not appear to be a loss recorded that fits the bill, i guess the damage was repaired.

Correct. Harriers are pretty tough and in extremis can always be fitted with a new wing (it's designed to be removed for an engine change).

The airframe is question was XV751, which flew subsequently with several squadrons, then went to the Navy as a GIA, and now resides in the museum at Charlwood, adjacent to Gatwick.

Here it is with 3 Squadron at the Finningley Royal Review in 1977:

http://www.aero-pics.co.uk/gr-attack/images/Harrier%20GR%20Mk.3%20XV751%20(M)%20Finningley%2029071977%20 D094-22.jpg

16th Jul 2012, 13:25
Many thanks for your contributions chaps. Nice to have another mystery solved.

What a great resource is PPRuNe.


Kieron Kirk
16th Jul 2012, 13:49

A newspaper cutting that I had not seen, great spelling of RAF Turnhill!

A few extra details: departed HSA Kingston March 1969, first flown at Dunsfold on 28th May 1969 by John Farley, delivered to RAF Wittering on 2nd July 1969, flown by Harrier Conversion Team.

Returned to HSA Kingston, somewhat bent and battered in October 1969, first flown (again) at Dunsfold on 22nd October 1970 by Andy Jones.

XV751 had a long and largely uneventfull life with the RAF, my last sighting was on 20th May 1989 at Cambrai, France.


John Farley
16th Jul 2012, 15:19
Barkhorn had his interesting sortie in a Kestrel

air pig
16th Jul 2012, 15:36
Thank you JF, somewhat before this Harrier crash then. Did Barkhorn walk away from the crash or did he require the ubiquitous M&B let down, and why did it crash.


Air pig

Sir George Cayley
16th Jul 2012, 16:46
I've been to Charlwood and seen this Harrier. The place has a sad air of neglect and decay and I left feeling somewhat down.

It was a summers day; overcast, cold and spitting.


John Farley
16th Jul 2012, 17:23
Yes he walked away. Chopped the throttle a little high on a SL approach.

16th Jul 2012, 19:36
I have seen the pictures before, here is another showing a crane "recovering" the airframe shortly after.


Here is a picture taken a couple of years ago at Gatwick Aviation Museum.


As you can see she looks fine, mind you it was a summers day, warm, no rain and not a black cloud in sight!

pm575 (GAM)
Link to Museum:-
Gatwick Aviation Museum (http://gatwick-aviation-museum.co.uk)