View Full Version : A womans wish!!!!!

3rd Apr 2002, 12:16
A womans wish!!! (http://www.tractorjunk.com/sexist/items/5.jpg)

Sorry in advance ladies!!:p :rolleyes: :p

Alas para Volar
3rd Apr 2002, 14:57
Be Very Careful if you use the link above - there is a virus lurking on the home page (tractorjunk.com).

It is the JS.Exception.Exploit virus.

the link itself seems OK

Alas para Volar
3rd Apr 2002, 15:01
Hope you haven't caught anything Rowley. :rolleyes:

3rd Apr 2002, 15:10
Ohhhhhhhhhh.... he bin fishin' like ....Alas?

(or ya fink he's got the Chicken 'Pox'??? ;) )

3rd Apr 2002, 22:59
Y'know what I really wish for?

Well... I just wish that..........