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Jolly Hockeysticks
3rd Apr 2002, 11:36
As I promised in the Quiz Ideas thread ... let's have a go and see what you think.

Questions are a mix of History and Geography or thereabouts.

1. Questions posted on Wednesday about midday UTC. Answers posted on Sunday or whenever I feel like it.
2. 1 point for each correct answer. Multi-part questions require all parts answered correctly for the point. Bonus points may be awarded additional relevant information.
3. There is no Rule 3
4. Judge's decision final.

Where a question asks about a “State” this means a country, nation, principality, any territory wholly independent. If the question refers to one of the United States of America, then it will say “US State”.

1. Which was the first country to abolish capital punishment?
2. Which country has an AK-47 on its flag?
3. How many US Presidents are not buried in the USA?
4. Who was the last person to be executed in the Tower of London?
5. What disaster was allegedly started when Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicked over a lantern in her barn?
6. What was recognised on 24 October 1980, outlawed in 1981 and re-legalised in 1989?
7. Who said "Speak softly and carry a big stick."?
8. Who, on 05 January 1919, attempted to take over the German government by seizing a number of buildings in Berlin?
9. Which two states have a territorial dispute over the Hawar Islands?
10. Who was arrested in Bolivia on 19 January 1983?
11. Who formally opened the Aswan High Dam in January 1971? (2 names)
12. What is the flattened floor of the deep ocean offshore from the continental margin called?
13. What do the following have in common: Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Lake Nassar?
14. What is the only true desert in Europe?
15. Who excommunicated King Henry VIII and why?
16. Who was sentenced to life in prison by a court martial and later had his sentence commuted to three years of house arrest?
17. Which ship was seized by Palestinian terrorists in 1985?
18. Where was slavery was abolished on 01 August 1838?
19. Japan's Emperor Hirohito renounced his divinity in 1946. What interest did he then pursue, becoming a recognised authority in the subject?
20. In 1999 whose body was discovered 600 metres from the summit of Mount Everest?

Who arrived in this life on:
a. 06 January 1412
b. 08 May 1884
c. 18 July 1918
d. 28 October 1955
e. 07 September 1533

Who departed from this life on:
f. 22 September 1828
g. 15 March 44 B.C.
h. 12 April 1945
i. 21 August 1983
j. 8 February 1587

Just out of interest
If you entered a dark room and had only a match, a kerosene lamp, an oil stove and a candle, which would you light first?


3rd Apr 2002, 11:39

The match ;)

3rd Apr 2002, 11:46
h. Adolf Hitler?

3rd Apr 2002, 12:16
7. Think Pres 'Teddy' Roosevelt, circa 1904?

10. SS Oberst Eduard Roschmann (spelling?), Nazi War Criminal & commandant of the Riga Death camp...:eek: I think he was mistaken for Joseph Mengele? :eek:

16. Maj Albert Dreyfuss, French Army (think Corps of Artillery?). Falseley accused of spying and imprisoned on devil's island. :eek: Caused a bit of a stink in French society late 19th century.

18. Think slavery was abolished 'throughout the British Empire' on this date?

20. Edward Malory. Did he get to summit in 1924? :confused:

Sure ********* is right - thats when he shot himself in bunker. Early hours of, I think?

...Oh, and the MATCH of course!!! :D:D

3rd Apr 2002, 12:45
1. Austria
2. Mozambique
4. Robert Devereux 2nd Earl of Essex
7. Teddy Roosevelt
10. Klaus Barbie
17. Achille Lauro

a. Joan of Arc
c. Nelson Mandela
e. Queen Elizabeth I

g. Julius Caesar
h. Franklin Delaney Roosevelt
j. Mary Queen of Scots

3rd Apr 2002, 13:03
5...The Great Fire of London??

Jolly Hockeysticks
3rd Apr 2002, 15:09
Well done cargo rodent

Correct answers so far

1. Austria (in 1787) - CargoRat2
2. Mozambique - CargoRat2
7. Theodore Roosevelt - swashplate
10. Former Gestapo official Klaus Barbie, known as the "Butcher of Lyon," - CargoRat2
17. Achille Lauro - CargoRat2
20. English explorer George Mallory - swashplate (He disappeared while climbing through the mists toward the summit on the morning of 08 June 1924). Bonus point for swash for getting 1924

a. Joan of Arc - CargoRat2
c. Nelson Mandela - CargoRat2
e. Queen Elizabeth I - CargoRat2

g. Julius Caesar - CargoRat2
h. Franklin D. Roosevelt - CargoRat2
j. Mary, Queen of Scots - CargoRat2

Current score
CargoRat2: 10
swashplate: 3

re 4 – yes he was executed in the Tower but he wasn’t the last, by a long way

cooda – no

re 16 – much later.
re 18 – nice try. Wrong, but nice try. (Slavery was abolished throughout the British Empire in 1833)

There are no points for the match. Only mega minus points for any other answer

Keep going….


3rd Apr 2002, 15:31
12. Continental Shelf
15. The Pope (forget which one) because he (H VIII) had divorced Catherine to marry Anne Boleyn.

b. Harry Truman

Jolly Hockeysticks
3rd Apr 2002, 18:29
Well done Kilted

b. is correct, it was indeed Harry S. Truman. 1 point.

12. No. I want the deep flat bit that comes after the continental shelf (the shallow flat bit).

15. Well, yes, it would be a pope... :rolleyes: but which one. And that's not the reason either.


3rd Apr 2002, 19:11
12 The abyssal deep
The abyssal plain
The abysmal sleep
The deep bit before the mid-ocean ridge hot thingies.

3rd Apr 2002, 19:16
9 Japan/Russia?

3rd Apr 2002, 19:18
19 Marine biology? (wasn't he publishing before 6th August?)

3rd Apr 2002, 19:22
Just out of intersest...

None; I'd turn on the electric light switch....sheesh, I've gota go fishing!!


Squawk 8888
3rd Apr 2002, 21:43
3. Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr.

Cisco Kid
3rd Apr 2002, 22:14
Wild guesses I´m afraid!

4. Ruldolph Hess
10. Che´Guavara
11 Gamal Abdul Nasser/ Nikita Kruschev
13. All these Lakes are man made as a result of Dams.
14. Interior of Iceland.
18. . English Public Schools,although flogging continued

3rd Apr 2002, 22:22
13. They're all in deserts

3rd Apr 2002, 22:25
10: Klaus Barbie
13: Man made lakes
18: British Empire
j: Mary Queen of Scots

What's left?

3rd Apr 2002, 22:38

The Bledowska Desert in Poland is generally claimed to be the only desert. However some, mostly Spaniards, suggest Tabernas in Almeira, Spain is the holder of this title. :D

For a bonus point, for what else is Tabernas known ?

3rd Apr 2002, 22:42

Send Clowns
3rd Apr 2002, 22:44
Last person executed in the Tower was a German spy in WWII, and a fairly incompetent one from a dull profession (a dentist?). Can't remember the name though.

3rd Apr 2002, 22:45
Josef Jakobs was the last person executed at
The Tower of London on 15 August 1941

4th Apr 2002, 04:27
#5 - The Great CHICAGO fire. On the north side of town. The Water Tower is the only remaining ediface from the fire area that has survived. Bonus points for details?

10. Yes - Che Guevara

13. All made by dams on rivers. The Nevada lakes are NOT in "deserts" (Mead & Powell).

er - the MATCH? :D

Jolly Hockeysticks
4th Apr 2002, 04:47
More correct answers

3. Squawk 8888 has the right idea, but not the complete list. Have a point anyway
4. Josef Jakobs, a German spy, was shot by an eight-man firing squad on Thursday 14 August 1941 - 1 point for Send Clowns for getting the right idea, 1 point to Chickenhawk66 for the details
5. The Great Fire of Chicago October 8, 1871 - AA SLF
13. They are man made - Cisco Kid
14. The Bledowska Desert, Poland - FlyingV
12. The Abyssal Plain - rainbow
19. Marine Biology - rainbow

Rainbow - 9 is wrong

4. No.
10. No (but CargoRat2 already got it)
11. Right idea.. but wrong.
14. No
18. No, but I love the answer – so have a bonus point… :cool: .

Current Scores
CargoRat2: 10
swashplate: 2
rainbow: 2
Cisco Kid: 2
Squawk 8888: 1
Send Clowns: 1
Chickenhawk66: 1
FlyingV: 1

What’s left?
5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18, (and 1 point for the full list in 3)
Arrivals b, d.
Departures f, i.

Keep trying.


4th Apr 2002, 06:27
8. Adolf Hitler
b. Winston Churchill
Ooh that's spooky if they're both correct. :eek:

Jolly Hockeysticks
4th Apr 2002, 07:49
It's not spooky Eagle ... they're both wrong ;)

4th Apr 2002, 08:16
3: Of those who have died - none!

6: Palestinian State / PLO

9: Bahrain + Quatar

11: President Sadat (Egypt) + President Podgorny (USSR)

15: Pope Clement VII. There is disagreement as to whether this was because Henry had alraedy been divorced (see my earlier post) or whether it was because he had declared himself head of the church of England (which he supposedly did later).

16: Lt William Calley (My Lai massacre), in the longest Court Martial in American military history (bonus point?)

18: British Guyana (Guiana)

b: Henry Truman (I already got this!)

d: Bill Gates

f: Shaka Zulu

i: Ninoy Aquino (Leader of Phillipino Opposition)


4th Apr 2002, 08:18
9. Bahrain & Qatar

4th Apr 2002, 08:23
11.Sadat & Kruschev
16. Clement VII

Jolly Hockeysticks
4th Apr 2002, 09:23
More correct answers

9. Bahrain and Qatar - Kilted
11. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and President Nikolai Podgorny of the Soviet Union - Kilted
15. Pope Clement VII. There are differing opinions of the reason. One says because he married Anne Boleyn regardless of Rome’s refusal to annul his marriage to Catherine. Another view is that he was excommunicated after declaring himself supreme head of the English church in order to grant himself an annulment of his marriage to Catherine. - Since I’ll accept either – Kilted gets the point
16. Lt. William L. Calley - Kilted - and a bonus point for the extra info
b. Harry S. Truman - Kilted (sorry I missed this in your first post :o )
d. Bill Gates - Kilted
f. Shaka, chief of the Zulus – Kilted
i. Benigno S. Aquino, Jr (Ninoy Aquino) - Kilted

3. Yes, but how many/who?
6. No
18. No

2 out of 3, but Kilted beat you to it. :(

Current Scores
CargoRat2: 10
Kilted: 9
swashplate: 2
rainbow: 2
Cisco Kid: 2
Squawk 8888: 1
Send Clowns: 1
Chickenhawk66: 1
FlyingV: 1

What’s left?
6, 8, 18, (and 1 point for the full list in 3)


4th Apr 2002, 09:59
8. Spartacus League
18. Slavery abolished throughout the British Empire

4th Apr 2002, 10:10
6. Solidarity (Polish Union)
8. Spartacist League (Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Leibnecht)
18 British West Indies

4th Apr 2002, 10:13
Many thanks JH.

Re question 18, Slavery WAS abolished in British Guyana on the specified date, although it may not have been the country you meant (see later) :D

3: In retrospective order - George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford,

18: Slavery was abolished in Britian in 1807 and in the colonies in 1833. The answer you want to the original question, I believe is Jamaica, as well as the rest of the Carribean

I'll keep trying on Q6, unlessss the previous posters answer is correct!

Jolly Hockeysticks
4th Apr 2002, 18:00
All the rest of the correct answers

3. Kilted has supplied the correct full list - 1 point
6. The Polish trade union "Solidarity." - LowNSlow
8. German Communists (also known as the Spartacus League) led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht - CargoRat2 and a bonus point to LowNSlow for the names
18. Jamaica - Kilted

Kilted, I won’t argue too much about 18. That’s the problem with history - too many differing “authentic” sources, however, slavery was abolished throughout the British Empire which includes the British Caribbean (which in turn includes British Guyana) in 1833 (or quoted occasionally as 1834), but never, as far as I can find, as 1838, which was the year in question. However, since you got it anyway, it’s all a bit academic. Regardless of all that … well done.

Final Scores
CargoRat2: 11
Kilted: 11
Cisco Kid: 2
LowNSlow: 2
rainbow: 2
swashplate: 2
Chickenhawk66: 1
FlyingV: 1
Send Clowns: 1
Squawk 8888: 1

So that’s the lot.

Well then … it’s a tie between the freight rodent and the tartan skirted one…..

Well done people, great effort, less than 23 hours for the lot. Perhaps a bit too easy ???

See you next Wednesday… or Monday if you play scan’s music quiz.


PS. This is an edit...
scran - if you're reading this - have you noticed in this new software that the nice Mr. Fyne has upgraded to, that the editing of posts is not shown !!!

Another edit ... OK so it is now. But it wasn't the previous time I did it.

5th Apr 2002, 06:12
Jolly, old chap,

How about, when you get a correct answer, you edit your original post by inserting the correct answer beneath the original question.

That way we only need read the first post to see which questions are still going begging.

5th Apr 2002, 06:23

Have been flitting around, and yes, have noted the Edit thing. It only shows the last edit, not a list as it did before. I think I'll put a note on the Music Quiz along the lines that editing is not allowed. Hopefully, that will force people to wait till they get a greater number of answers before they post.

We'll see I guess.

Jolly Hockeysticks
5th Apr 2002, 14:37
Checkboard, not a bad idea. I might give it try next time. Cheers.


5th Apr 2002, 22:34
Presidents Bush, Reagan,Carter and Nixon ain't buried in the US

5th Apr 2002, 23:06
And were did they bury Mr. Nixon my friend?

6th Apr 2002, 13:00
So my rat is the winner??? :D :D
What do we get as a prize???? a week for two in the Maldives???