View Full Version : Congratulations You've Won the Aircraft of Your Dreams!

Hasel Checks
11th Jul 2012, 13:00
Now you can choose, and explain your choice.

What aircraft would you like to own, and fly, and why?

It has to be a particular machine, not some imaginary chimera.

Hasel Checks
11th Jul 2012, 14:24
My choice lies between a Mk VB Spitfire, Amy Johnson's "Jason", and Bert Hinkler's Avro Avian.

I'll have a test flight in each before deciding, but suspect the Spit will frighten the life out of me, and I'd be too overcome with nostalgia to see straight on landing, so I'll probably drop that choice. Plus servicing and insuring it would be too expensive.

"Jason" would be my choice on compassionate grounds. I feel so sad to see the old boy strung up in the Science Museum, like a dusty Airfix model in my bedroom. I suspect Our Amy would approve of letting him loose at weekends.

I saw Bert's Avian in Brisbane Museum, stuck on a wall. Shame on you Aussies!

For me, it's my perfect aeroplane. I could fettle it, fly it safely, and keep it in my garden.

It was also built not far from where I was born. But above all, it's got glorious history, whilst still begging to be flown.

Can I have it serviced and hangared at Biggleswade please?

11th Jul 2012, 14:37
Maule M7-235.
Or SR71.
Can't decide between the two.

11th Jul 2012, 14:51
Maule M7-235.
Or SR71.Can't decide between the two.

You might have won it - but can you afford to operate it?:ok:

Hasel Checks
11th Jul 2012, 14:54
Measure your garage.

11th Jul 2012, 14:54
Well assuming the prize also covers all the running costs, including a pilot, as I'm not one, a Starliner, a DC-7C or a Vanguard.

Hasel Checks
11th Jul 2012, 14:59
Well, you'd turn a few heads at Ringway, but imagine landing a Lockheed Starliner at Barton!

Good excuse to an post image of those high aspect ratio wings and triple fins...


And Mr. DarkRoomSource apparently has a thing about aeroplanes with big feet... (they call them Tundra tyres!)


11th Jul 2012, 15:35
Yes, saw a lot of aircraft with those when I visited Alaska in 2005, eg:

652 Chena Marina 26-9-05 Beaver 1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6564847809/)

PPRuNe Pop
11th Jul 2012, 15:44
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