View Full Version : G-AWHU - where was it first used?

8th Jul 2012, 14:40
Another BOAC question!

707 G-AWHU was delivered in 1968, and from 1969 it started the LHR-ANC-TYO route

Was it used on any particular flights before this time in 1969? And did it have a normal BOAC cabin configuration?

9th Jul 2012, 11:23
During the late 70's it did a lot of LHR/BDA/NAS/MEX work, then in the early 80's was relegated to middle eastern services while BA decided what to do with the fleet and the crews. It did the "last scheduled 707 service" from CAI to LHR on 24th May 82 with Hugh Dibley in command. I did my last flight on it in May 83 LHR/AMM/LHR. 5 day trip...10hrs in the logbook...gentleman's work.
Standard BA config from what I remember, 12/144.