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3rd Apr 2002, 04:23
This story is going relatively unnoticed here in Canada, but I think it's worth mentioning. On the evening of March 31st Canadian aviation pioneer, 69yr. old Kenn Borek died with his 39yr. old daughter in a two-car collision near Beaverlodge, Alberta. Weather that evening was less then perfect as winds were strong and visibility was minimal. For those who are not familiar with Kenn Borek and Kenn Borek Air Ltd, the company was headquartered in Calgary, Alberta but had business around the world, and most notably was the first operation to fly to the south pole in the winter months. I'm not affiliated with Kenn Borek Air, but as a Calgarian, Canadian and a member of the aviation community i wish the best to Kenn Borek's family during this difficult time and know that his name will live on in his legacy.:(


Cyclic Hotline
3rd Apr 2002, 05:17
Very sorry to hear that sad news.

Ken and his organisation have been discussed here on PPRuNE on various occasions, not least the mid-winter medevac from the South Pole.

Very well known and respected Gentleman. An Aviation legend.

Web-Footed Flyer
3rd Apr 2002, 12:51
:( :( :(

Indeed very sad news! The Canadian aviation community has lost one of its piers.

Condolences to family & freinds.

:( :( :(

3rd Apr 2002, 12:55
Sad news indeed. My respects to the family and friends.
Kenn got into aviation quite by accident. He was initially in he construction business, I believe, and bought an aircraft to get around the various construction sites. The rest, as they say, is history.