View Full Version : Entering US Airspace

6th Oct 2001, 20:20
I entered Miami's FIR boundary from Cuban airspace a few days ago. Misunderstood the handoff from the (normally excellent) Havana control, and used the wrong freq. Thinking I was just slightly out of range, I did not go back to recheck the freq until about 35 miles north of the boundary.

Upon dialing the correct number and establishing contact with Miami Center, I was blasted with abuse, turned and descended, and given the impression that I had elevated more than a few pulse rates. Even approach and tower were actively rude and biting, so my guess is the whole ATC community had been alerted to a widebody inbound to KMIA and not talking.

I shall henceforth establish two-way comm at least 5 minutes prior to entering US airspace, as is done in many parts of the world. I'd hate to tangle with the zoomies just for a mistaken frequency.... :eek: