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9th Sep 2001, 04:17
No disrespect intended but in between starting up these new airlnes, what do you do for a living?
I mean we all have our dreams(and mortgagess) so what do you do mon-fri?

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9th Sep 2001, 04:35
After doing some research it looks like Neil Robertson writes for newspapers and what not. It really does not surprise me that much as he is very well spoken.

Here is something I found written by him!

by Neil Robertson
Rugby fans throughout Europe are licking their lips in anticipation as the final countdown begins to the most-eagerly-awaited event on the sporting calendar, the Six Nations Championship.

The premier tournament in Northern Hemisphere rugby has had its standing and importance questioned in recent years by those obsessed with the four-yearly cycle of the World Cup and indeed, its very existence has even been threatened, most notably on those occasions when the English RFU have indulged in unwarranted brinkmanship over TV deals.

But once again this year, thousands of fans will travel all over Europe, to Paris, Rome, London, Cardiff, Dublin and Edinburgh, renewing friendships, enjoying the “Craic” and revelling in rugby of the highest quality.

Forget the “superiority” claims of the Tri-Nations, it is the social element that makes the Six Nations such a unique event — but while the fans can still indulge in the true amateur “spirit” of the game, for the professionals on the pitch, it is very much a serious business.

The pressure has of course, been turned up several notches for the players from the Home Unions, with this season’s campaign doubling as an extended series of trial matches for the Lions tour squad that will be announced soon after the final Six Nations fixtures are played.

Every missed tackle, try scored and advantage gained in scrum and line-out will be scrutinised and dissected by the army of selectors at Graham Henry’s disposal — as well as millions of amateur experts around the British Isles.

The Lions debate will no doubt rage throughout the tournament but of more immediate concern, is the likely outcome of the campaign and the fortunes of the relevant national sides.

Will anyone be able to stop the English juggernaut from securing what their supporters believe is a seemingly-inevitable Grand Slam? Can France prove that their autumn win over the All Blacks was not just another glorious flash in the pan? Can Wales and Ireland show that the “Celtic Fringe” is finally ready to play a leading role? Can Italy cause more seismic shocks on a similar scale to their victory over Scotland last year?

And, most importantly from a Scottish viewpoint, can we improve on last year’s dismal fifth place by at least winning all three of our home matches against Wales, Ireland and Italy?
http://www.scottishrugby.com/sixnations/sixnations_tea ms.cfm (http://www.scottishrugby.com/sixnations/sixnations_teams.cfm)

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dallas dude
9th Sep 2001, 05:06
Allow me to ghost write this one on behalf of Walter Mitty.....

Mon 8.30-12.00
Let Rod Eddington know where he went wrong with his weekend pools' picks (I told him Chelsea and Arsenal were going to draw!).

Lunch of wildebeast in a mustard sauce followed by haggis ice cream.

Tell Don Carty (AA) how to squeak his AA-BA immunity application by the regulators (and offer saucy pics of Ministers for a small finders fee).

That's all the work I'll have time for on Monday. I'll need to save my energy as I'll be busy that evening sorting through thousands of Jamboree bags looking for a pilot license.

Spend all day on Pprune.

Wednesday 8.30-12.00
Enjoy a working breakfast with Mario Corti of Swissair, figuring out how we can blame SAir Group's misfortune on its pilots.

Working lunch with Sir Jimmy Saville to see if he's received my letter about "dreaming of becoming an airline exec". Apparently, he hasn't yet.

Devote myself to fixing LanChile's problems by offering my fleet of L1011s thereby negating the need for LanChile to actually employ any pilots (note to self...better be quick before Ladeco steals my thunder), i.e.
no airplanes = no pilots etc etc.

Ppruning all day

Friday 8.30-12.00
Sort out that mob in Hong Kong so Tony Tyler'll think I'm the business (while others think I'm pants). May even have time to get Mr Lee to knock up some new pilot shirts (my others were eaten by moths before I had a chance to wear them).

Tell John Findlay, of HKAOA fame, that he's messing up my masterplan of running my virtual airline out of Hong Kong (where nothing's quite as it seems).

Spend all afternoon on the phone with Sears explaining that when I ordered a shed I meant a Flying Shed, not one that sits at the bottom of my garden.

As you can probably tell, I'll be so exhausted by week's end that I'll give myself the weekend off. However, Richard Branston (sic) and I may spare an hour or so looking for the perfect field for us to go sit in the middle of and bark at the moon.

It's not as easy being me as you think!

dd(Not guv)

9th Sep 2001, 05:15
The Guvnor as a rugby correspondent? I think it must be a different Neil Robertson, Iain... :eek:

9th Sep 2001, 06:45
Actually I'm a pilot, but I won't post unless I'm spoken to usually.


9th Sep 2001, 07:44
I wish Guvnerd had some time to save my world and help me be a better Slacker.

9th Sep 2001, 10:44
Actually there was a very interesting post some time back about The Goober, who he was, what he had done, (and even more interestingly what he HADN'T done)....I think it was from some guy on the tripod network...made very interesting reading. Tristars supposedly about to go into service actually engineless in the desert, Walter Mitty assertions of previous airline management experience....perhaps if the Ppruner who originally posted it could find it again he could repost it here....... :p

9th Sep 2001, 12:12
You'll find the post on http://flytristar.tripod.com/article/art06.html. Makes interesting reading. :rolleyes:
I'm surprised the Guv. hasn't offered to get Ansett off the hook; probably because they don't operate L1011s. :D