View Full Version : PPrune bashed OZ!!!!

2nd Apr 2002, 16:46
hello all,twas terrific talo,exo ,blue sky baron and meself the last bunch.....had some chinese food (as opposed to northerners curries???).....
gawd but what a night!!!!!

2nd Apr 2002, 17:48
Coco my dear! Don't rub it in... gonna be ages before I can afford the time/money to come over :( :(
Glad you all had a good time though. Can't wait to see the photos ;)

Feeton Terrafirma
2nd Apr 2002, 23:22
And let me tell you lot, Coco went NUTS!!!

Where did those pints of scotch & coke with a double whiskey chaser come from?

Feeton Terrafirma
3rd Apr 2002, 00:35
I wish to categorically deny any and all rumours about me stripping at the Bash. :eek:

Further, any photographic evidence that OzExpat may have has obviously been falsified!!


the wizard of auz
3rd Apr 2002, 00:48
we had Japanese when we eat and it was damn good..........cept foir the woosies that dont like raw fish and hot sake........me and ozex had a fat time though.
all you sick suffering people are big girlies, you should be out amongst it now like me.......Hey ozex, that G&T for breakie was good....pity you were asleep.:)
seeya all tonight.IF YA GAME ;)

P.S. Feet, you look bleeding awful without clothes, and the camera dont lie.

3rd Apr 2002, 00:53
Hope you guys have been looking after a certain lady pruner over your way..... (OzEx knows who i mean.... ;) )

the wizard of auz
3rd Apr 2002, 00:57
Oh I have, I have and she's fine ;)

3rd Apr 2002, 01:06
:) As long as she left her PANTS on....... ;)

3rd Apr 2002, 01:11
Coconuts is awesome!!!!

Feets hon, I loved the strip, it was unbelievable................... ;)

Thanks to Blue Diamond's timely intervention the wx is now Australian perfect.

Flaps, we toasted your absence several times :D

All I can say is it was worth the 23 hour trip and I'm not sure I'm coming home.

GG and Binos deserve all the accolades for their organisation, hard work and sheer determination to ensure we all are having a great bash - well done guys.

I'm sorry you didn't get to go to the Zoo Wiz, but you've done your best to entertain us and suceeded. I still think I should have taken that photograph of your assets!!!! ;)

3rd Apr 2002, 02:59
sorry feets i admit to buying every body pints of their favourite drink....but the chaser thing was because pubs are only allowed to sell doubles........so the third shot had to be taken separately....
when u frequently drink triples at bars this is the legal way of drinking em ...hehehehe
hope your coke tasted good though.... lol

blue diamonds triple oj's were really expensive lol

John Eacott
3rd Apr 2002, 03:11
Special offer for a flight tomorrow, posted on Prune Bashes.

3rd Apr 2002, 04:05
BRL ... there's no shortage of people here who have been happy to take extra special good care of that delightful young lady with the captivating eyes ... and other even more generous assets ! :D

Piccies should be available tomorrow and will highlight many sights never before seen at ANY bash! ;)

I wouldn't exactly call FT photogenic, but since I've now made some "enhancements" of the photos ... well, I'll just let the results speak for themselves, in due course! :p

Day 2 has begun...! :) :) :)

3rd Apr 2002, 04:25
Difficult words to say when you are drunk......

* Innovative
* Preliminary
* Proliferation

Impossible words to say when you are drunk.....

* Thanks, but I don't want sex
* No, I don't want another drink
* No Kebab for me, thanks
* Sorry, but you are not quite good looking enough for me
* Good evening officer

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :p

3rd Apr 2002, 04:27
It's probably just as well that we have a couple of cameras here because there are some who might not remember too much of OzBash at all without the photographic evidence.

What an awesome bunch!!!!!

Feets ... yes you did! But then so did JT.

Coco-nuts and Talo ... wonderful to meet you both. Two great guys and sorry to put you to all that expense, Nuts, orange juice is SO expensive these days.

Some very fragile heads around the traps this morning but then what can you expect after a session that kicks off at 1630 and is still going at 0100 the next morning.

Same again tonight!!!!!

Flaps ... several toasts to absent friends and you specifically ... we didn't forget.

:D :cool:

the wizard of auz
3rd Apr 2002, 07:01
DING DING!!!!. let round two begin................cmon ozex, it wont hurt that much (OH by the way, your irish dancing is shockingly bad, but the gals you were trying to impress were tidy).
BINOS, you sure did look bad this morning but you look like your r4ecovering well.......we gunna fix that...............see ya all there in a minute:) ;)

3rd Apr 2002, 11:43
Wouldn't ya know it. Wiz and yours truly are in the internet cafe right next to the curry house where all the others have been taking their bloodey time with dinner. Hey guys, we need more booze now!

What we don't need is to hear Binos in some sleazy karioke joint!:eek:

We've now officially welcomed the latest Ozbash arrivals ...

Kaptin M, Mrs M and Jnr M;
Fox Fire; and

Hail hail, the rain's been fallin!:D

the wizard of auz
3rd Apr 2002, 11:46
What sort of people would prefer to eat than drink........what sort of people are we hanging around with ozex? sheesh, HURRY UP YOU GUYS.

3rd Apr 2002, 16:05
hahahaha, yeah, womans' not a camel ya know :D

Very untidy so far guys, very untidy :eek: :p

OzEx you and I are gonna rake in the dollars with the pictures we've got mate ;)

It's taken 2!! days to recover from Monday, and now I have to contend with the likes of Kaptin M & tribe, Gaunty & Foxy!!!

All's not lost yet :cool:


3rd Apr 2002, 17:13
Onya folks.
You are doing us Ozmates proud!
Kinda wish I was there... but then again, just had a huge weekend in EDI... :D :cool:

Off to menace London soon ;)

Celtic Emerald
3rd Apr 2002, 17:43
Where are the pics

I expected to log on after my lengthy absense over the Easter hols & to be greeted with loads of pics from the Oz & Edinburgh bash & what do I get nought :mad:

Tis not fair

Was Kaptin M misbehaving GG? tut tut


4th Apr 2002, 02:31
Oz, check yer e-mail.:D :D :D