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2nd Apr 2002, 10:18
Been away, and failed to notice this, and I am saddened, he was a very nice man...

Sad to report, the death of Ken Wolstenholme, veteran football commentator and Pathfinder pilot of renown. In recent times, he will be remembered for his commentary on Channel 4's "Football Italia" but most famously of course, for his 1966 world cup commentary "They think it's all over" in the dying seconds of the England v Germany game.

I remember an episode of KYTV, when Ken was being interviewed, as to what went through his mind, as he got more and more excited, as it was obvious, that England had won the world cup. He said .......

"There are people on the pitch, they think it's all over, it is now....."

"Is that all Ken?" said the interviewer

"No, I also thought...... Take that you sausage-munching ******s, that's for Dunkirk" ......lololol

I had the chance to speak to him about 7 years ago, at a book signing or some such, a really really nice guy, but who didn't want to talk about operations, but loved talking about the Mossie.. It is little known, that Ken flew as a bomber leader , and a Pathfinder leader of note , completing over 50 "Marker leader" missions.

So, another one passes.... anyway, here is the obituary. It goes to emphasise my point, if you know a veteran, speak to them quickly, and get their story down,

Tony .




2nd Apr 2002, 11:43
:eek: Been away????? :eek:

Errrrrrrmmmmm Tony,..... where ya been like????

...or need I ask? ;)

2nd Apr 2002, 19:39
Errrrrrrrr doing "Green" stuff Brite me Darling......
But looking in from now on, and u know what the phone number is, so start ringing, and didn't I phone u last night?


2nd Apr 2002, 20:40
I thought Ken was all over.

He is now!!

No disrespect.

2nd Apr 2002, 20:46
:( Noooooooo wasn't last night,......

... was Sunday!!! :D

<<looks for fone number>> ;)