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28th Jun 2012, 20:13
A new website on the de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter. TWINOTTERARCHIVE (http://www.twinotterarchive.com)

This site was created as a memorial to Michael J. Ody. Mike had researched the Twin Otter for many a year. In order to preserve his records (20,000 pages) and huge image collection, Neil Aird (DHC-2.COM), Erik Johannesson, and Ian Macintosh have undertaken this massive project. The initial site gives data on the first 150 machines off the DHC Downsview production line. Data is added daily and some aircraft will have up to 15 photographs documenting it's career. A printable PDF is available on each page.

A companion blog is already up and running which documents "current events" in the Twin Otter World.

Have a look .

Neil Aird
Kingston CYGK

Aye Ess
9th Jul 2012, 01:04
Aviation art. Acrylic on stretched canvas 40cm x 50cm.


10th Jul 2012, 20:24
I see the link for Erik's fantastic Blog did not "make it"

As up to date as is possible on DHC-6 deliveries, movements and events around the world. If you spot a Twin Otter at your field, let us know ;-)


best wishes


TWINOTTERARCHIVE (http://www.twinotterarchive.com)
CURRENT COVER PAGE (http://www.dhc-2.com/current_cover_page.htm)

India Four Two
11th Jul 2012, 00:50

Nice site. One of my favourite aircraft. Here is a TinyURL link - Twin Otter Spotter (http://tinyurl.com/6nrfbql)

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India Four Two
11th Jul 2012, 01:00
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13th Jul 2012, 19:54
Seems to be well received, thanks for your efforts on our behalf. Not sure of my own posting here.



4th Dec 2012, 17:55
My chief pilot and I took del of DH6# 39 in 1967 and ferried to Guyana.

The caption of #39 in your records indicated it crashed into a mountain en route Georgetown to Lethem which is incorrect since I was the Capt of a DH4 Caribou flying in the area when 8R-GCP disappeared and was involved in a search of this flight that evening.

On Monday 3rd. December 1973, the Guyana Airways Corporation Twin Otter Aircraft 8R-GCP, crashed during a flight from Ekereku to Kurupung (about 140 nm SW of Georgetown). It did hit a mountain top on descent to Kurupung.

Great job putting together the website of DH6s. After leaving Guyana in 1974 I flew DH6s and DH8s for NorOntair based in Sault Ste Marie,Ontario from 1976 until 1987.

Keep up the good work.


4th Dec 2012, 19:55
Thanks for the correction Tony. I will pass the info along to Erik. I remember the neat colors of the NorOntair Loon design livery. Very striking. I used a sketch of one to accompany the DHC-6 Twin Otter Coin I did for the Royal Canadian Mint back in 1999, they used it on the certificate.



P.S. Sorry I did not catch this letter sooner.

5th Dec 2012, 19:03
Hi Neil,

I have a model painted in the original NorOntair colors prior to the Ontario Northland colors .Not sure if you will be able to pull it up.

Take care

/Users/tonymansonhing/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2012/NorOntair Twin Otter/DSCN7245.JPG