View Full Version : The "i applied for QR but did not get an interview" topic.

25th Jun 2012, 12:52

I just started this topic. I was wondering who is belonging this category and also what experience you have.
Well i am one of them. Got +2000 on corporate jet. Applied in dec 2011. Never got invited. What about you??

25th Jun 2012, 17:00
I had 3000 hours flying 737 and A320, post graduate education, speak a few languages, prior experience as airline ground staff, crewing and supervisor roles and didn't get the call. Then some clown from a recruitment agency emailed a year later saying if you update your application you might be lucky enough to get an interview.

Thankfully I received the email just as I was boarding the flight to Dubai to join Emirates, needless to say I am pretty glad I missed the QR boat!

25th Jun 2012, 18:14

That sounds so so familiar to me.


Thank you QR!!!! :ok:

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