View Full Version : I am BEGGING for forgiveness!!!!!

1st Apr 2002, 23:06
I thought that "small dick" and "*******" were on the same level of lowness in humour. Obviously I was wrong. Now I SWEAR ON ALL I HOLD DEAR that I will NEVER again be drawn into a slagging match on PPRuNe chat!

I'm verrrry sorry, please, don't ban me!

Gash Handlin
1st Apr 2002, 23:15

Moritz Suter
1st Apr 2002, 23:54
Well, call me old fashioned, turn me over and spank my behind (please, Nosey!), but I think the odd venting of one's spleen to me rather cathartic.

Far be it for me to propose a cleansing!

Let the boy stay.....one can never have too many seventeen year olds, I always say! Besides, he wants to be a pilot, and that can't be bad.


2nd Apr 2002, 00:16
It wasn't the fact you were talking about small penises and stuff like that, it was the personal abuse you gave to Locky. That was well out of order and that is why you got booted.
The subjects raised in chat sometimes are a bit close to the bone and everyone in there can take a bit of banter but not on a personel level as you did. We all respect Locky and know her well enough never to say anything like that to her.
I hope you have e-mailed her an apology.

2nd Apr 2002, 09:04
Hey BRL, take note of what you wrote and how some of the things you have said can hurt people.

2nd Apr 2002, 11:43
Reddo Are we talking about the post above this or what i said in the chatroom that i took a lot of grief for........?:confused:

2nd Apr 2002, 11:59
Well, what you said repeatedly in chat. Once was enough last night. Unfortunately once was really too many times last night.
Some things just should never be discussed in public. :mad:

2nd Apr 2002, 13:48
Hiya Reddo Point taken.
I have been man enough and appologised a thousand times to the person concerned. I do realise where to draw the line now and you are spot on. :)