View Full Version : Aviaton accident/incident the 13. of october 1953

15th Jun 2012, 21:59

I'm trying to gather some information about my late grandfather, who was involved in an aviation accident/incident the 13. of october 1953 in the states. This was through the military.

Anyone here who knows anything about this accident, or know where I can direct myself to get information in general about my grandfather?

Some information about him:
His name was Ola Dan Eide, born in Norway. As far as I know he graduated as a pilot in the states, but I don't know which school he attended. Probably a military one?
He didn't die in the accident, but got injuries that later caused his death back in Norway. (Again as far as I know)

I found a webpage that has accident reports, where they had his name in their register. I have sent an inquiry after the report, but so far I havn't got any answer.

Hope someone here can be to my assistance, it would be nice to know my grandfathers exciting background.

Tonje E Skj°rtvedt