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1st Apr 2002, 07:58
dear helper,
i write to you all with a heavy heart for after reading the postings, i realize that most/all of you are incredibly peeved at SIA management.
i am in my early twenties and have a respectable uni degree which is non aviation related. however, always during a flight as a student pilot (working towards my ppl license), i am at peace in the skies... (sorry to sound a bit delusional). i wish to pursue this as a career and thus plan to apply for the SIA cadet recruitment program.
thus, i would be extremely appreciative of anyone who could advise me on what sort of qualifications that they (SIA) are looking for. i guess what i am really eluding to is that: would a PPL license + commitment + youth be enough?
CPL would be great but i can't afford the lessons.

thanks for reading,

voluntary lamb to the slaughter