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Cyclic Hotline
1st Apr 2002, 07:39
Anyone tried any of these. I would imagine you could save a fortune with these products! :)


New Products for 2002.

Aviann has purchased this product line from AviSpectrum, for a range of products previously unavailable outside the United States.

Developed for the US Military and used extensively by American Commercial and Military operators, these products provide the finest in prepackaged aviation maintenance supplies from the finest chemical engineers in the world. Guaranteed!

Vibe-awayTM. Eliminates all vibration problems, in any application. Simply spray on, from the handy 12oz Aerosol and the vibrations are gone. (Contains no CFCs).
Specify; Propeller. Main Rotor or Tail Rotor. Wheels. Turbine Engines.

Leak-GoTM. This incredible product was derived from the Space Shuttle programme. Simply add to any oil lubricated system, (natural or synthetic), and any leaks will immediately stop, as soon as the system is operated. Works in all engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems. Never replace a leaking seal again. Save thousands of dollars on maintenance and parts costs. (Will not work on Allison or Rolls Royce products).

Turbo-tankTM This revolutionary product will save you thousands of dollars in fuel and modification costs. Simply add to your aircraft fuel tank and get power increases of 15-45%. Has no effect on fuel or power management systems. Get that needed power boost for hot and high operations, without the unnecessary expense and downtime of re-engining or modifications. Specify; Reciprocating Engine, Turboshaft, or Jet. (May affect TBO).

Bottle-o-balanceTM Automatically balances any rotating component. Save thousands on expensive balancing equipment and maintenance. Simply pour onto item requiring balance and the problem is immediately remedied. (Not recommended for McDonnell-Douglas helicopters).

Simply-GoneTM This incredible detergent has never been available before in North America. Simply spray on anything and wash off within 30 seconds and the item is as good as new. Works on metal, rubber, fabric etc. ( CAUTION. Over-application may result in damage, deformation or dissolving of most known substances and metals).

CorrosiomeltTM This unbelievable technology allows the restoration of any metallic object, to its ORIGINAL dimensions and material specification, without engineering, machining or heat treating. Simply pour on the corroded material and before your eyes, the item will return to its original manufactured state. Unbelievable but true! As used by Navy’s around the world.

RumourmillTM Everybody’s favorite aircraft party board game. Simply deal the cards to the players and watch the most outrageous story lines develop. Hysterical fun for all the family. Watch as deals collapse, careers are jeopardised and utter nonsense is circulated amongst the participants. Millions of combinations, each one more defamatory and ridiculous than the last. The game that never ends. Lasts a lifetime! (Sort of a PPRuNe without the Internet!) :)

As a special incentive to all current and new Aviann customers this entire product range will be on sale for 75% off RRP, for 24 hours on 4/1/2002 only. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We know you will be impressed with these phenomenal products and invite you to try them at these deeply discounted, introductory prices. Please call us, or your closest Aviann distributor for full product details and prices.
Happy Flying

DX Wombat
1st Apr 2002, 15:58
Don't forget the Dihydromonoxide, very useful but VERY dangerous.:D

1st Apr 2002, 20:15
Bwahaahahahahahahahahahahhaha :D
I usually dilute that stuff with EtOH

1st Apr 2002, 22:07
that fooled me initially :)
never heard of it..........